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Full Disclosure Robert Dean Major

David Wilcock The Source Field Investigations. Opening as a Portal of Light (Amazon Update) We have all experienced what it is like to be ruled by the mind.

Opening as a Portal of Light (Amazon Update)

The ego is constantly wanting to 'do', 'judge', 'evaluate', 'comment', 'relive', etc., keeping us anchored in the past or projected into the future and far away from the present moment. As the Avatars in the Amazon adjusted to the fact that there was nowhere to go and nothing to technically 'do' (which was initially quite challenging for the more fiery Avatars in attendance!) , a blanket of peace descended over the jungle camp.

PERSONAL SUPPORT: Healing and Accelerated Ascension. This is a 5 week personal alchemy process consisting of mind, body and spirit transformation.

PERSONAL SUPPORT: Healing and Accelerated Ascension

It facilitates a group of people through a high science mystery school, following natural and cosmic laws to transmute the lower vibrational patterns in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies in preparation for solar light activation and divine blueprint integration. Each individual journey involves an inner awakening where one is guided to listen to and follow ones own inner radiance of knowing.

Announcing our Accelerated Ascension Program. Why An Accelerated Program?

Announcing our Accelerated Ascension Program

There is so much information available in relation to ascension yet most people don´t know where to start or what is required of them at this time. While the journey towards enlightenment is unique, there is a universal protocol to it. There is a massive difference to understanding that you are a Divine Being, both one with God and an individuation of God... to KNOWING it in every cell of your body. This program will facilitate you to connect with your soul, and FEEL the presence of the Divine, so that you can be guided by YOUR own truth and understand your sacred contract. Positive Words Children’s Book.

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