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Jukka Heinovirta sur Twitter : "#Focus on #Australia: Operart' by flaviancouvreurstudio at #travel #travelpics #ttot. Flavian Couvreur. Intrepid Travel sur Twitter : "This is the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in #Australia. Pretty special. #travel... BBC Travel sur Twitter : "This place in #Australia used to attract thousands of visitors, but has since been forgotten: Travel - Exploring Australia’s forgotten Aboriginal rock art : National Parks, Australia. Away from the sun’s glare, my eyes needed a moment to adjust. I heard my daughter and husband making their way up the rocky trail behind me through the oppressive heat. “This better be worth it,” my daughter Maia called out.

Related article: A journey deep inside Spain's temple of cave art I peered through the dim light of a shallow cave and spotted an array of centuries-old paintings. There was a red ray with white dots overlapping a crocodile. Nearby, I puzzled over sea creatures with feathery fronds. Spotted ray and crocodile. And yet, I was perplexed. I suspected part of the answer had to do with the remote location. After landing our dinghy, we headed up a designated trail through a fragrant orchard, past metre-high termite mounds and rugged cliffs. Coming ashore on Stanley Island. “There might be salties!” Once I found the trail, we trudged into the bush to find the artwork. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Ships on the wall. Page 1 of 2 First | < Previous | 1 | 2 | Next > | Last. Gap Year Travel sur Twitter : "This work & travel package is perfect for travelers who want to earn cash & explore #Australia.

Australia - The Ultimate Aussie Package with Real Gap. Company : Real Gap Activities: Gap year / Career break / Working holiday jobs / Work Placements / Adventure / Extreme Travel / Jobs / Professional Work Country: Australia Location : Sydney Looking for a working holiday in one of the world's most incredible destinations? Our Ultimate Aussie package is the perfect option for travellers who want to earn some cash as they explore Australia!

Travel and earn in Australia! After you’ve landed in Oz, got to know Sydney and your new travel buddies, it’s time for an orientation from our recommended recruitment agency. This will be an overview of everything you need to know about living and working in Australia, the kind of jobs on offer and you’ll get a hand with sorting out your paperwork. Your package includes 5 days in Sydney, then you’ll be free to make your Aussie adventure your own! What's included? What's not included? Start Dates Costs / Benefits Requirements Booking / Enquiry. Beautiful Pictures sur Twitter : "Sunrise framed by the Cathedral Rocks of Kiama, #Australia. Photo by William Patino. Remarkable Travels sur Twitter : "Breakfast with the King Parrots, Blue Mountains, #Australia #animallover4life #animals... Photo by nomadicnotes. Photo by nomadicnotes.

Drebmann : Lunch in #Australia.What's... Am. Am. To The Land Down Under. We took a train to Nehrang, and the supposedly a bus to Surfers Paradise - our HRC quest! We met with this nice friendly lady with the most cutest daughters and adorable son. We chatted to past time. Waited at Nehrang for half an hour (bored to death), finally the bus arrives, got in, another 1 hour drive to HRC…sigh… the train was 2 hours ride (we stopped for half an hour due to some issues involving police at 2 station after Sunnybank), the bus 1 hour ride… talk about passing the time. We must have prayed hard enough that god answered our prayers.

He even gave us a few sprinklers of rain. . : To The Land Down Under. Kylie Fraser: Had a great day at Austral... Day 2 | Perth's Tumbulgum, King's Park & Lake Monger. Lemme first apologise that the old trip pics have way too many pic of moi (dasar perasan!) , hence these entries on old trips will be one that you gonna so say... "Ek elaa, lagi lagi muka dia bersepah". Mind you, it's not intentional, but feel free to compliment my youth and cuteness (and chubschubs-ness, HAHAHHHA). Anyway, continuing with the story (this trip happened in November 2005); we visited the Tumbulgum Farm to catch the sheep sheering (missed this in May 2005 Perth trip as there was a tornado hitting the area), sheepdogs muster the sheep, meet a live emu, pluck oranges etc etc... Briefing was given by the operator, he have his mic and his Kelpie sheepdog next to him, waiting eagerly for his master instruction.

The Kelpie sheepdog showing off his skill of rounding the sheeps back to the shed. Soon after, they ushered us to the auditorium like room where they showcase sheep sheering technic. here, I kinda pity the sheep, being strip naked in public! Eh! Macho ler tuh konon! Top 10 luxury Australian experiences. Australia offers a vast array of incredible attractions unique to the country. But when you visit Australia, don’t just follow the crowds – take your experience to the next level by selecting the VIP luxury option at each destination.

Here’s a top 10 list of Australian VIP luxury experiences. Dinner at Uluru Sitting majestically in the heart of Australia, Uluru is an incredible natural phenomenon. Witnessing the rock with your own eyes is sure to inspire feelings of overwhelming astonishment. Rather than simply observing, consider an al fresco dining experience with the red earth at your feet, the stars in the sky and the rock in the background changing colour as the sun descends to night. Sail the Whitsundays The famed Whitsunday Islands off Queensland’s tropical coast are synonymous with natural beauty. Hot air balloon over the Barossa Valley The Barossa Valley in South Australia, just north of Adelaide is one of the country’s prized wine-making regions. Platinum tour of Australia Zoo. Tourism WA. Gorgonian or Fan Coral.

The Gorgonian or Fan Coral as it is commonly refered to is one of the favourites of the scuba divers on our Great Barrier Reef trips. Best seen from underwater and not on top, it is one of the joys that only diving can truly allow you to appreciate. It is a soft coral that is easily damaged by coming to close so we tell everyone to stay a few metres (6ft) away at all times. The fans are formed by the coral polyps building on top of each other in a vertical formation. The growth of the fan is very dependant on the temperatures and current of the water. The bigger and more flexible of the fans are found in areas with consistent currents while stiffer shorter species are found in calmer areas. Brittles stars, algae and other species often call the fans their home. The use the structure as a great place to sit and feed on the nutrients that pass through the impressive gorgonian structures. Guest Testimonials This has been an amazing trip, even better than expected.

Queensland. Best of East Coast Australia. This classic coastal run takes in thousands of kilometres of coastline. It could take a lifetime or, with just 10 days and a handful of airline tickets, you could taste a few of the east coast’s highlights from Melbourne to Cairns. 1. Melbourne Start this itinerary in the southern capital of Melbourne, a city famous for its nightlife, multicultural mix and diverse dining experiences. Rather than wander far and wide, we suggest you delve into the inner city’s bohemian and mainstream art scenes, linger in the cafe-colonised laneways, go shopping and take in a show. 2. Your next stop is the bright and breezy harbour city of Sydney. 3. Move north to Brisbane, Queensland’s fast-paced capital, where you can board a river cruise to go cuddle a koala or catch a ferry to Moreton Island and hand-feed a wild dolphin. 4.

From Brisbane there are options to head to the Gold Coast with its glamorous beachside developments, great surf and over-the-top theme parks. 5. 6. Spider hunting at Skullbone Plains | Parks Australia. Top 10 Attractions in Australia : Best Of Lists, Local Recommendations, Things To Do | Australia Things to Do. Riding the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth One of the country’s four great train journeys, riding the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth is a visually stunning way to see Australia. Continue reading... Uluru Trips from Alice Springs There are many options for choosing a trip to Uluru from Alice Springs. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider to help you choose which one is right for you. Continue reading... Asha and Brock in Australia On a trip around Asia and Australia, Asha and Brock’s sixth stop was Melbourne, where they spent a week taking tours, making friends with Australia’s wildlife and visiting the major attractions of the region. Continue reading...

Lions Rugby Comes to Australia Twelve years have passed since the last visit of the British & Irish Lions to Australia, and 2013 is shaping up to be the follow-up to top all previous rugby meetups of this kind. Continue reading... Things to Do in Darwin Continue reading... Catching an Aussie Rules Game in Australia Continue reading... Great Barrier Reef Dive Sites - Cairns, Australia. Great Keppel Island - Places To Visit - Capricorn. Responsible Reef Practices While Snorkelling.