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A montrer à Daphnée

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Montreal Spots Where Ladies Can Eat And Drink For FREE. For More Stories Like These It’s nice to be a lady in Montreal for so many reasons.

Montreal Spots Where Ladies Can Eat And Drink For FREE

One of them being – you can eat and drink for free at a bunch of places. Ladies’ nights are happening all over town and you should take advantage of them ASAP. So perfect for a girls’ night out! Photo cred – Santos 1. 191 Rue Saint Paul O Every Tuesday at Santos, from 6 to 10pm, girls get to drink unlimited amounts of alcohol for free at a purchase of $20 worth of delicious tapas. Website Photo cred – Moomba 2. 1780 Avenue Pierre Péladeau Every Wednesday ladies eat for free and get free admission at Moomba supperclub. Website Photo cred – Tonresto 3. 600 William street Every Wednesday, ladies can enjoy a free table d’hôte at a purchase of half a bottle of wine or two drinks per person.

Website Photo cred – Pizzacorneli 4. 6741 Boul St-Laurent Corneli is a charming restaurant in the Little Italy neighborhood. DIY: This Baking Soda Shampoo Saved My Hair - Did you know that baking soda is an incredibly easy way to clean your hair?

DIY: This Baking Soda Shampoo Saved My Hair -

Yep, the rumors are true. What shocked me even more than the fact that this actually works is how much better my hair began to look when I started using baking soda compared to traditional shampoo! I’m a complete DIY gal when it comes to my beauty routine and I’m always on a mission to reduce my exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, so I was psyched that this method gave me such great results. You might be wondering: what's so bad about regular shampoos? Well, they can contain a lot of harmful ingredients. Sodium Sodium Lauryl Laureth Sulfate DEA/Diethanolamine Parabens Fragrance The word fragrance might not sound so bad, but on a label, it can mean the presence of over 4,000 separate chemical ingredients. There are lots of great natural brands of shampoo that don’t contain these ingredients, but as my short hair began to grow, it became really limp and flat due to the rainy weather here in Seattle.

Ugh. 23 choses à savoir pour comprendre l'austérité. Austérité pour certains, rigueur ou effort budgétaire pour d'autres, la quête du gouvernement vers l'équilibre budgétaire ne laisse personne indifférent.

23 choses à savoir pour comprendre l'austérité

À quelques heures du dépôt du deuxième budget Leitao et d'une nouvelle manifestation des étudiants mobilisés contre les mesures d'austérité, voici un portrait des mesures prises par le gouvernement Couillard visant à réduire les dépenses de l'État. Lors de sa dernière mise à jour économique, en décembre dernier, le ministre des Finances, Carlos Leitao, a affirmé que Québec était sur la bonne voie pour atteindre l'équilibre budgétaire en 2015-2016, comme prévu. Avec des mesures comme l'étalement de la hausse de la rémunération des médecins, la fin du tarif unique dans les garderies, le pacte fiscal transitoire conclu avec les municipalités, 85 % de l'effort aurait déjà été complété. Pour atteindre son objectif, le gouvernement Couillard devra pourtant sabrer un milliard $ supplémentaire dans la prochaine année.

Illustration Johanna Reynaud. 5 Things Done Differently in Healthy Relationships. ~ Laura Brown. Get elephant's newsletter One of the things I am quite frank about is the fact that I have had my share of screw ups in the romantic department.

5 Things Done Differently in Healthy Relationships. ~ Laura Brown

If there was a mistake to make, I made it. If there was something I was told I shouldn’t/couldn’t do, I did it. And I suffered a great many heartaches because of it. I began to correlate drama and dysfunction with love and romance and nothing could be further from the truth. TV Pilots 2015: Ethnic Casting Trend Hits Peak. There was a noticeable shift toward ethnic castings last season with more parts opening up to minority actors.

TV Pilots 2015: Ethnic Casting Trend Hits Peak

It was a concerted effort, with more than one instances where a family member role was rewritten as adopted to make them ethnic. Then, following the success of freshman series How To Get Away With Murder, Black-ish, Fresh Off The Boat and especially Empire, which launched to huge ratings at the kickoff of pilot casting season, ethnic castings exploded this season. The change is welcomed by talent agents who no longer have to call casting directors and ask them if they would possibly consider an ethnic actor for a part, knowing they would most likely be rejected.

9 Mantras For A Lasting Marriage. 14 Tips For Healthy Co-Parenting With Your Ex As divorced parents, we all wonder how the divorce will impact our kids.

9 Mantras For A Lasting Marriage

Our job as parents, divorced or not, is to ensure that our kids have a happy, healthy, stable and balanced life. But for many Read The first time I saw my wife my heart stopped. OK, not literally, but I did feel like I couldn't breathe. I admit that I was arrogant back then, but over time, my (now) wife and I developed a friendship. We were married six months after we met. But I'm not here to tell you about my storybook marriage. 1. We are taught to think that love is just a feeling that wells up within us organically. It took years for me to realize, but I finally learned that all feelings come and go.