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4 Reasons Why Alternative Financing Is The New Preferred Option For SBOs. The financial landscape is constantly changing.

4 Reasons Why Alternative Financing Is The New Preferred Option For SBOs

I'm A Small Merchant – What Will Apple Pay Cost For Me To Get Up And Running? Overcoming Inertia: Getting Consumers to Switch Banks. Regulators Next Target? Lenders Digital Marketing Compliance. Marketing and advertising compliance have always been low-hanging fruit for regulators.

Regulators Next Target? Lenders Digital Marketing Compliance

After all, they get the same fliers in their mail at home and see the same television and newspaper ads that regular people do. Technology has unlocked a host of new options for how mortgage lenders solicit and generate customer leads. But with these new digital marketing channels comes a host of new compliance concerns. Long-standing regulations that dictate how lenders interact with borrowers have taken on new meaning in the age of robust customer-relationship management platforms, digital marketing and social media.

And even though the legal framework hasn't kept up with the times, regulators haven't been shy about dropping the hammer on lenders for rules violations. Amerisave Mortgage Corp. was hit with a $20 million fine last year after the CFPB accused it of posting inaccurate and inconsistent interest rates in banner ads and rate tables shown on third-party websites. Working Capital Loans - Advantages and Disadvantages - Why get a Working Capital Loan. Working capital loans are a great way for businesses like yours to generate capital and to start being laser focused on business growth.

Working Capital Loans - Advantages and Disadvantages - Why get a Working Capital Loan

To get anywhere in the world of business, it is extremely important to have capital on hand to cover marketing costs, payroll, and any other financial expenses that occur within the daily operations of your business. Working capital is the money available to operate the immediate and short-term needs of your company. Your capital is often in the form of cash at bank or redeemable notes. And, many times a small business like yours might not have enough it. Working Capital Loans: The 8 Best Financing Options for Existing Businesses. Equipment Leasing Blog. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and that spells great news for restaurants, flower shops, candy stores, movie theaters and jewelers.

Equipment Leasing Blog

The results of a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF) indicate that 55% of Americans will celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, and total spending for this popular holiday will reach $19.7 billion, which is an all-time high. If you own a small business in the retail, food or hospitality industry, this is a big weekend for you. This Balboa Capital small business blog article explains. Americans Spoil Loved Ones… and Small BusinessesIt’s business 101: Increased consumer spending in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, and on Valentine’s Day itself, helps increase sales and drive profits for small businesses. Just where will the money be going this Valentine’s Day? Are Big Retailers Losing Ground?

As you can see, small business owners have every reason to love Valentine’s Day. Business Loans – What Lenders Look for and Tips for Winning Them Over. Securing small business financing can be challenging.

Business Loans – What Lenders Look for and Tips for Winning Them Over

Whether you are just starting out or looking to grow, banks and lending institutions can be rigorous in their lending review practices. For example, businesses with few assets to their name may find it hard to secure a traditional loan. How to Write a Business Plan Lenders Can't Shrug Off. Ah, the dreaded business plan.

How to Write a Business Plan Lenders Can't Shrug Off

A frightful phrase for many, the very idea of having to write a business plan to apply for bank financing or equity crowdfunding can conjure up feelings of frustration or even dread! 10 Things the Bank Will Ask When You Need a Business Loan. That bank loan you want for your company?

10 Things the Bank Will Ask When You Need a Business Loan

Well, the bank is going to want a lot before they give it to you. Do you find this daunting? What is peer to peer lending? Since writing the article about different ways to raise capital for your business, I’ve been getting more and more questions about what this whole “peer to peer lending” thing is and how you can use it to finance your startup or small business.

What is peer to peer lending?

Considering that Prosper, the first peer to peer lending company, only launched in 2006, there’s good reason that you haven’t heard the term yet – it isn’t mainstream! But, LendingClub, the largest US p2p lending company out there, is now valued at upwards of $8 billion, meaning that it’s definitely something that you should be paying attention to. So – What is peer to peer lending? Traditional Lending Model Most of us are familiar with bank loans, so let’s start there. Likely, there is some kind of collateral, should you default on the loan, to ensure that the principle will be paid back. One key part here is that banks are financial intermediaries, meaning that they are not letting you borrow their money. Well, not all of the funds. A guide to peer-to-peer lending. Are you searching for the best rate on your cash?

A guide to peer-to-peer lending

One option is to sidestep the banks, and consider a peer-to-peer (P2P) lender. This way, you lend your money to borrowers via online companies such as Zopa, Ratesetter and Funding Circle, in return for a juicy rate on your savings. These websites can be considered a kind of broker, uniting lenders and borrowers in search of a good deal. Here we explain how P2P lending works, and the pros and cons. Understanding Peer to Peer Lending. 7 things small businesses should know about accepting mobile payments. While mobile payments are still not nearly as commonplace as Apple and other players may have hoped, they are becoming more popular.

7 things small businesses should know about accepting mobile payments

The majority of retailers offering mobile payments are big businesses, with roughly only 32% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) currently using them. But SMBs are always behind large enterprises when it comes to using technology, and for many small and local retailers it's just a matter of time — and consumer demand — before they get on board with the budding trend. That time should be coming sooner than later considering the soaring growth trajectory of mobile in general, which pretty much nobody can argue. What's more, mobile payments make life a little easier for many customers who appreciate the security and convenience of the system. If you're looking to roll out mobile payments in your business, here's a list of must-knows. 1. 2. 3. 4.

We're all well aware of the proliferation of smartphones, but not all smartphones can come with mobile wallets. Alternative Lending and the Changing Face of Small Business Financing. 40 Inexpensive Small Business Tools. Small Business Blog - Kabbage. ATM FAQ: frequent ATM questions answered. 9. I want an ATM that works on DSL or wireless. Do you sell those? Yes, we sell those. Our recommendation has always been to stick with a standard phone line. However, we are rapidly moving towards recommending wireless technology. What Banks and Credit Unions Must Do to Find Sales Success. Here are 12 tips, predictions and critical insights that should shape your sales strategy in the months to come.

By Jack Hubbard, Chairman and Chief Sales Officer at St. Meyer & Hubbard Nostradamus I am not. Heck, for the past 50 years I have predicted that the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series. But I am out talking with bankers every week, and through these conversations I’ve come across a few key themes that will drive success with sales in the next year. 1. Banks migrate away from outmoded sales cultures focused on products, ticking boxes, and ceaseless campaigns. ATM Management from Gateminder and 1st NC Bank. ATM's don't have to be just at banks anymore. Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Gateminder Corporation, 1st Bank now offers complete ATM management services. Remote ATM's are ideally suited for high-traffic commercial places like convenience stores, malls, college campuses, hospitals and gas stations.

ATM's provide added convenience to your patrons and employees. Inbound for Financial Services: Avoid ‘Boring’ Content and Jargon. Financial services and insurance companies have an important message to share. One that personally impacts their target customers’ businesses, lives, and even their descendants’ lives in the future.

But how do they go about communicating their messages to generate leads for their own firms? How do you get the right message to the right person, at the right time, in a way that resonates and fosters trust in your company? I totally understand the challenge. I spent the better part of a decade at a large financial services firm communicating about retirement plans, specifically Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). Why Protecting Your Small Business Against Cyber Attack Is Crucial. Small business owners who don't prioritise the online security of their business risk becoming one of the 60 percent that close down within six months of a cyber attack.

Research commissioned as part of last week’s Stay Smart Online initiative shows that only 2 percent of Australia's two million small business owners see the online security of their business as a priority -- and cyber criminals are cashing in. The Australian Cyber Security Centre last year responded to 11,073 cyber security incidents affecting Australian businesses, and that figure is rising. One small business that did not survive a devastating cyber attack was domain registrar, Distribute It, which was targeted by a hacker in 2011.

Untitled. Corporate Account Take Over (CATO) - Legacy Bank. What is Corporate Account Takeover (CATO)? Corporate Account Takeover, or CATO, was first identified in 2005 and is a type of business identity theft where malware is utilized to infect account holder’s computers to steal online banking credentials, hijack online banking sessions and commit electronic wire fraud. Listed as #1 on the FDIC fraud threat list, CATO is an extremely prevalent issue. 2015 FHA Loan Update - Rates, Requirements, Changes and More. It happens every year at this time. Right now, a lot of would-be home buyers are shelving their purchase plans until after the holidays. 5 Smart Steps To Getting an FHA Home Loan. Despite today's economy, even minimum wage workers can achieve the American Dream of homeownership.

The Federal Housing Administration offers you the ability to generally bring the least amount of money to the closing table possible. The 6 Steps of a VA Loan Approval. Posted May 8, 2014 in VA Loans. VA Loan Forms. Glossary of VA Loan and Mortgage Terms from Veterans United Home Loans. With any industry, oftentimes there are a variety of terms that just aren't common in our day to day lives. Fortunately, with our glossary of terms, we make the languages of loans and mortgages easier to understand. VA busts four home loan myths that hurt Veteran homebuyers. 6 Standard Falsehoods Said About FHA Mortgages & FHA Mortgage Rates. F.H.A. Loans More Affordable. 5 VA Loan Myths Dispelled. Shattering 4 myths about VA loans. The VA Loan Process - Veterans United Home Loans. VA Loan Closing Time - How Long Does It Take? CRST Dedicated Services. Google. FHA Loans – Part 2: Is an FHA Loan Right for Me?

FHA Loans - 7 Crucial Facts About FHA Loans. FHA Loan Requirements. What Are the Benefits of an FHA Loan? Pros And Cons of a North Carolina VA Loan - Carolina Home Mortgage. CFPB Nails Mortgage Lender for Misleading Advertising of FHA, VA Loans. Mortgage Rate Forecasts For May 2015 (FHA, VA, USDA & Conv) VA Funding Fee - Are You Eligible for a Refund? Want to Get a VA Loan? Here are Five Things to Know. D.M. area home sales jump 19 percent. Millennials on the Homeownership Path. New FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Policy, Reviewed-In-Full. FHA Down Payment Gifts from Family: Update on 2015 Rules, Requirements. Va Loans - mortgage. 5 Steps to Getting a VA Loan. Federal Benefits. Low VA Rates reports over $600 million of funded loans in 2014; is there a new kid on the block? What is the difference between a conventional, FHA, and VA loan? Regulatory Compliance. Veterans United Home Loans. Available With a Fixed or Adjustable Rate. How to Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Home Loan.

Could an FHA Loan Keep You From Your Dream Home? 3 Myths About FHA Loans Condominium Associations Must KnowReadySetLoan. Ellie_Mae_OIR_OCTOBER2014.pdf. Shattering 4 myths about VA loans. What Are the FHA Mortgage Underwriting Requirements? Lessons Learned About VA Loans. Iowa Finance Authority Announces Launch of 2015 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit. Mortgage lending continues seismic shift from large banks to nonbanks.

Hall Lending Group - Iowa FHA Loans. FHA Home Loans Iowa. VA Loan Limits in IOWA. Facebook.