CSC--common short code

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US Common Short Codes Who Is Directory - Home. Allocation Search. ACMA's Numbering System provides information about the status of numbers.

Allocation Search

This includes whether a number is spare or allocated, the date of allocation and the standard zone unit to which a block of geographic numbers is allocated. Searches can be performed using number range, service type or carriage service provider. Decoding Short Codes. SHORTCODE SERVICE: shared and dedicated shortcodes. Shortcodes; also know as short text numbers are special mobile numbers, significantly shorter than a full mobile number.

SHORTCODE SERVICE: shared and dedicated shortcodes

They are widely used for direct marketing promotions and advertising campaigns to encourage participation and to provide an immediate brand response. Shortcodes can be used to receive SMS, MMS and now voice messaging. US Short Codes – your source for Mobile Marketing. NeuStar. Neustar, Inc. is a company which provides real-time information and analytics for the Internet, telecommunications, entertainment, and marketing industries, and a provider of clearinghouse and directory services to the global communications and Internet industries.


History[edit] Neustar was incorporated in Delaware in 1998. Short code. Short codes (also known as short numbers) are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages from certain service providers' mobile phones or fixed phones. There are two types of short codes: dialing and messaging. The equivalent for voice calls is known as abbreviated dialing.