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Importance & Benefits of Sports on your Health. The Importance of Sports & Games for Kids. As children start developing, their innate talents begin to show and they are drawn towards particular activities.

The Importance of Sports & Games for Kids

Many children start using sports and extracurricular activities to achieve success. What Are the Advantages of Sports for Kids? Today, very few children are taking active part in sports, thanks to the advent of the digital entertainment media. All these things are taking precedence over outdoor activities . For many children, playing football or netball in the park is absolutely uninteresting. FCE SPEAKING MATERIAL (VIDEOS AND PDF-FILES WITH SAMPLE EXERCISES) - englishoms homepage! Official Cambridge English C2 Proficiency resources for Teachers. Official Exam Preparation Material for C2 Proficiency: Free: Paper-based sample test Download sample papers for C2 Proficiency Free: Computer-based sample tests You will need to use the Firefox browser to access these sample tests.

Official Cambridge English C2 Proficiency resources for Teachers

You can download Firefox for free here. Watch this tutorial before you start to help you understand what you need to do. Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) mock test. Amazon in flames: Record 73,000 forest fires in 2019. Free English Lessons. Professional Development Workshops Survey - Formularios de Google. Plasticity, variability and age in second language acquisition and bilingualism.

Tim Keeley – The Age Factor in Foreign Language Acquisition. Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning: Log in to the site. About IT4ALL: About IT4ALL. Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is a professional development network that caters to educators, students, administrators, and IT leaders.

About IT4ALL: About IT4ALL

IT4ALL offers academic courses for everyone interested in learning to teach and learn with technology. Click on the following link to access the categories and list of courses available on IT4ALL. IT4ALL was founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) in 2006 to help educators learn about, use, and teach with technology. Dr. Her speaking engagements include technology for instruction and learning, collaborative learning, mindfulness, self-compassion, and authenticity.

Here's more about Dr. About Nellie Deutsch – Teaching as a Way to Learn. Dr.

About Nellie Deutsch – Teaching as a Way to Learn

Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is a Canadian educational leadership, technology and curriculum and instruction con sultant. She coaches teachers and admin on how to teach with and manage Moodle courses and websites. She’s internationally known as a relationship-based academic and doctoral dissertation writing coach, mentor to educators, researcher, author, speaker, community builder, instructional designer and facilitator of fully online and blended learning programs using Moodle, WizIQ, Adobe Connect, BB Collaborate and Congrea (on Moodle), ZOOM, Google drive, Wikieducator, YouTube, Vimeo, Screencast-o-matic, and active learning presentation tools that focus on teaching as a way to learn.

Dr. Please read on for further information. Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS) Research Award: Virginia Merrill Bloedel Scholar, University of Washington, 1992–1994 Endowed Professorship: William P. and Ruth Gerberding University Professor, 1997–2005 Research Award: Kenneth Craik Award: University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England, 2005.

Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-LABS)

Language Learning Theories. Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies. 13º Congreso Latinoamericano de la Enseñanza de Idioma. The S.H.E. Network - Women's Sports Foundation. Teaching resources - Tes. Tim Goodier & Mike Mayor - Job applications in 2030. PET SPEAKING PART 2: Listen carefully. Во второй части устного экзамена PET проверяются Ваши коммуникативные навыки, поэтому, на мой взгляд, она является самой сложной из четырех: Вы работаете в паре, должны использовать правильную лексику и Вам с собеседником нужно придти к единому мнению.

PET SPEAKING PART 2: Listen carefully

You should talk to your partner, but make sure you speak clearly so that the examiner can also hear you.Talk about all the ideas in the task, and suggest others if you can.Remember to talk about the things in the picture - don't just talk generally.Make sure you show interest in what your partner is saying. Try to respond to what they say.You will need to keep this discussion going for two to three minutes.If you have time, try to summarise the reasons for your final choice in the end.Remember to look at your partner when you are speaking - not the interlocutor. Starting: Let's start with this one, shall we? ESOL Courses - Free English Lessons Online. Song Worksheet: Titanium. Teachers Share Their Favorite Educational Songs … Did Yours Make the List?

Editor’s Note: Back by popular demand!

Teachers Share Their Favorite Educational Songs … Did Yours Make the List?

Originally this blog featured eleven ideas for using music in your lessons. But the post was so popular we’ve added 34 more ideas below — all from our teachers on the Teacher HELPLINE! ! Enjoy! Songs and Activities for English Language Learners. Marian Hill, 2017 It’s not easy to find a contemporary song that works for beginners.

Songs and Activities for English Language Learners

The song “Down,” about a woman who wants to go dancing, worked well in my class of adult learners. I told my students not to worry about understanding every word of the song. Songs and Activities for English Language Learners. International Women's Day. GAMIFICATION. GAMIFICATION AS AN EDUCATIONAL TOOL.


Nina MK, Ph.D. All the world is a stage, and all the people are merely players. To play a role, to use games in everyday life is in the human nature. It is no wonder that using games in education is a subject which keeps cropping up, to the extent that a new term, gamification, was coined circa 2002; it has been floating around ever since. ESL Teachers Ask: How Can I Gamify My ESL Classroom?

OBJECTIVE PET CD 1. Exclusive Membership Packages. No longer will you have to spend hours looking for suitable teaching materials that will engage and motivate your students.

Exclusive Membership Packages

Our Exclusive Membership Packages make your lessons quick and easy to plan and fun to teach, saving you time and money. Unlimited AccessInstant Access to over 1,200 Editable PDF Teaching Activities, Worksheets and GamesNew Resources Added Daily! $18That's just $6 per month! Unlimited AccessInstant Access to over 1,200 Editable PDF Teaching Activities, Worksheets and GamesNew Resources Added Daily! $26That's just $4.33 per month!

Understanding speaking assessment: what every teacher should know. Project based learning extended. Applying PBL to English Language Teaching and Learning. TBL and PBL: Two learner-centred approaches. It is also usually the best way of covering all the lexical areas and grammar points in the course book or syllabus. All good and well. The problem is that PPP serves the teacher’s needs but it is debatable whether or not it fulfills the needs of the learner. TBL and PBL: Two learner-centred approaches. Project-Based Learning: A PBL Lesson Plan for the Classroom. PBL with English Language Learners: A Vital Need. Try project based learning with English language learners. Aletha Williams is a STEM teacher and Instructional Technologist in Houston, Texas. As a TED-Ed Innovative Educator, she is passionate about the power of project-based learning.

Recently, she explored the benefits of project-based learning in the context of teaching English language learners. Below, learn more about her findings, and get some tips on how to try project based learning in your school. Project-based learning requires a shift in mindset for many students. Unlike the traditional classroom model, in which the emphasis may be placed on an individual student’s ability to memorize and recite facts without assistance, the emphasis in project-based learning may include: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and research skills, and the ability to learn new facts and skills via hands-on experiences.

Shoulders of Giants - Democratizing learning. Roberto Guzman on ‘Teaching English without Teaching English’ Anyone tried using Roberto Guzman's method of teaching? : TEFL. Teaching English without teaching English. by Paula Hernández on Prezi. Language Resource Center Cornell Arts & Sciences. Language Resource Center Cornell Arts & Sciences. Why is a Language Lab Used for Language Learning? – Divine Word College. EN. Publications — Bilingualism and Language Development Lab. *Denotes a student or postdoc author In press Fernandez*, C. B., Litcofsky*, K. A., & Van Hell, J. G. BiLD Lab — Bilingualism and Language Development Lab. Language Lab in Hyderabad, India. Home - Language Learning and Technology. Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures. IDFR - Language Labs. FlipIT Language Lab Headset Control Grommet - Surface Mount Power Data - Power & Data.

Classroom Design Ideas at Work. Collaborative Learning Environment Classroom Furniture. The Language Center – RADA. Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures. From its design to the selection of furniture and technology, this classroom is designed to encourage and facilitate cooperative, collaborative learning between and among language and culture students. In The Space, the role of the instructor changes dramatically: rather than taking center stage, he or she assumes a facilitative, assistive role and organizes instruction to maximize student independence and interaction through the use of available technologies. For example, small or large groups of students can create digital projects and stories using movie-making software adding images, music and narration. Also, publishing software can be used to load online newsletters with images, links and short stories as outreach to the community.

The Space offers five state-of-the-art collaborative learning pods for 2-6 students with a capacity of 30. Please contact Sujan Manandhar for more information about The Space. International Language & Culture Studies-Language lab - Purdue University Fort Wayne. Teaching Foreign Language Skills Rev Ed - Wilga M. Rivers. Language Laboratories - Language Learning Facilities - School of General Education and Languages - Faculties and School - THEi - Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong.

Language Commons. Skip to main content Lab Activities Interesting Cities Blog What's the Story Finish the Picture Help the Tourist Furniture Shopping Write a Script Audio Book Discussion. Lab Reservations. Reservation System: The reservation system can be accessed through (sign in is required). If you teach a course with multiple sections, we encourage you to coordinate with colleagues and course leaders. The Digital Language Lab. Digital Language Lab. Mission Statement. A Language Center Design Primer - The FLTMAG. Immigrants at Ellis Island. North Star. Northstar. What happens when a language dies?

Only one person in the world speaks Amurdak, a nearly-lost language in northern Australia—and one of the more than 3,000 languages that experts predict will disappear by the end of the century. Technology has made it possible for different cultures to communicate, but several “bully” languages have dominated the conversation, according to Bob Holman, a poet and host of “Language Matters.”

“English and Mandarin and Spanish are gobbling up languages, as people decide they need to have this in order to assimilate into a culture,” Holman said. How can artificial intelligence enhance education? UNESCO. Quechua Language Homepage. LIVING QUECHUA ~ A Short Documentary by Christine Mladic Janney. A Short Guide to Adaptive Learning in English Language Teaching.

This is a free title. ¿La tecnología mejora la educación? Digitalizar el aula no es "transformar un libro en un dispositivo" es "aprovechar la tecnología para el aprendizaje" El sistema educativo sí está un paso atrás del desarrollo tecnológico, "en el sentido de democratizar la tecnología en el aula" Digitalizar el aula no es "transformar un libro en un dispositivo" es "aprovechar la tecnología para el aprendizaje" Digitalizar el aula no es "transformar un libro en un dispositivo" es "aprovechar la tecnología para el aprendizaje" El director de operaciones de Ikasplay UNIR El director de operaciones de Ikasplay, Joannes González de Chávarri, ha explicado que la introducción de la tecnología en el aula no se basa en "transformar un libro en un dispositivo digital" sino en "aprovechar la tecnología para facilitar el aprendizaje".

González de Chávarri, en una entrevista concedida a Europa Press en el marco del Congreso Internacional de Tecnologías Emergentes de la UNIR, ha relatado cómo "el profesor puede dinamizar la clase" haciendo uso de tecnologías como la realidad mixta. Uso de estándares aplicados a Tic en educación. LABDEI. ENTORNO VIRTUAL DE APRENDIZAJE - Tecnología de la Educación Virtual. Ova-henry.: Entornos Virtuales de Aprendizaje (EVA) ¿Qué es un Sistema de Gestión de Contenidos (CMS)? - saigrupal3. Dise%f1o de la metodolog%eda AVA para la materia de Derecho Internacional P%fablico. SOPORCOM CUERNAVACA MORELOS: ¿Cómo Montar o implementar un Laboratorio de idiomas? Recursos educativos para la educación primaria e infantil. Stand and Deliver, Part 3. Educating Her World. A single-display groupware collaborative language laboratory: Interactive Learning Environments: Vol 24, No 4.

Analyzing the Effect of Technology-Based Intervention in Language Laboratory to Improve Listening Skills of First Year Engineering Students. Students’ Perception on the Utilization of Language Laboratory for Speaking Performances. The Effect of Using Language Laboratories onLearning English Language Pronunciation. Managing an Effective English Language Laboratory in a Polytechnic. ENGLISH LANGUAGE LABORATORIES: A COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL - NIRA KONAR. 212 755 1 PB. Let's take a trip!