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43d : World Sound Mix. FMA on the App Store. I-SAY on the App Store. H _ _ r. Sound Map Hailuoto on the App Store. Window (for John Cage) KORG Gadget - MUSIC PRODUCTION SOFTWARE. In C. Mixkit App. Exploratorium. Steve Reich’s Clapping Music » Improve your rhythm by learning how to perform Steve Reich’s Clapping Music. Melodist - Let your photos flow with melodies. Author - create and edit tabs. Hexaglyphics Noise Generator. BBC Music. White Noise HQ - Natural sounds. Pacemaker. NPR Music. Musi. How to get iTabla Pandit. Music Ball. Loopseque. New Music Ecosystem. Wotja ... think on it : Generative Music Writer App - For Cool Music … Just Add Text. For iOS and Apple Watch Think on it...

Wotja ... think on it : Generative Music Writer App - For Cool Music … Just Add Text

Just add text and Wotja creates beautiful, personal, live music. It's a chilled-out app for ideas, thinking, relaxation, sharing, greetings & fun! What music does your text make? Try it, it's magical. How does it work? Sharing: You can easily share your wotja as a Wotja Music URL via a tweet, facebook post, instant message or email. Personalize: If you want to dig a bit deeper and really personalise your wotja, there are plenty of options to play with in Wotja; you can change the player sounds, fx, tempo, generative music backing, melody composition factors and lots more.

Wotja Watch App: Wotja 2 includes elegant Wotja Watch App, believed to be the first generative music app for Apple Watch. Melody Experiments: Try out different settings for the Repeat, Phrasing, Spacing and Improvise composition factors. Playback requires a user to have Wotja or Wotja FREE installed. If you make and share a wotja make sure you don't infringe the copyright of others! Online music collaboration. Mr. Mbira. Kontrol — An Experimental Music Toy. Björk: Solstice.

Gravity Harp. SoundGrid Live! MAGIX Music Maker Jam – your free music app. Pepp. Synth Book - Yamaha Synth 40th Anniversary. [Note] The original of this Privacy Policy is in English.

Synth Book - Yamaha Synth 40th Anniversary

All versions of this Privacy Policy in any other language shall be for accommodation only and shall not be binding on the parties to this Privacy Policy. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and other languages version, the English version shall prevail. Yamaha Synth Book Privacy Policy Last update: January 22nd, 2015 Yamaha Corporation and its subsidiaries are referred to in this Privacy Policy as "Yamaha," "we," or "us. " Users of the Software are referred to as "You. " The Software sends non-personally identifying anonymous usage data to third party vendors solely for Yamaha to analyze and improve the Software and relevant product or service.

Yamaha (Yamaha Corporation and its subsidiaries) may share the statistic data solely to analyze and improve the Software and relevant product or service. Yamaha may update or revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. La-La - The App that sends music messages. Hibiku. Amazon Cloud Player. Google Play Music. Tunein radio. NPR Music. PROMOMIX. RadioSoulwax. 7433. – The music app. SoundCatcher Free - instant music recognition. SoundHound. Get Shazam. SoundCloud. Oblique Strategies: All Four Editions. S4 Rhythm Composer. TechnoBox: Your mobile techno studio for iPhone / iPod touch. We are proud to present technoBox!

technoBox: Your mobile techno studio for iPhone / iPod touch

TechnoBox is your virtual techno studio on the go for iPhone / iPod touch featuring stunningly accurate emulations of three classic boxes: The legendary 303 bass line machine together with the smooth 808 and punchy 909 drum machines. technoBox has easy to use sequencing capabilities which lets you tie together patterns, or use it live by improvising pattern switches on the fly! Featuring the same high quality audio engine as ABL2 which was painstakingly optimized to be able to run on mobile devices. For the uninitiated our audio engine has aliasing free oscillators and full range non-linear filters. The drum section features 11 parts with 808 or 909 sounds (for a total of 22 sounds) with variable amount of shuffle per pattern and volume per part. With the new technoBox 1.5 update we added a new effects panel which sports delay, distortion (with optional cruncher), auto-phaser and individual stereo panning of the synth and drum machines. Evotion. Neo-Soul Keys. Arpie. Beatwave.

Refract — MultiAdaptor. eDrops Free. Bole. Cascadr. Noatikl 2 - Generative Music Lab (composer, improviser, MIDI controller, live modular synth & melody generator system) Alchemy Mobile Synth App for iOS - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Turn your iPad/iPhone into an expressive synthesizer studio with stunning sound quality!

Alchemy Mobile Synth App for iOS - iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Alchemy is perfect whether you're developing song ideas on the go or in the studio. Discover an almost limitless palette of musical instruments using the unique remix pad to create constantly evolving and expressive sounds. Play fat basses, evocative soundscapes and pulsing arpeggios thanks to the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS. This is the mobile version of Camel Audio's award-winning Alchemy synth which can be heard on thousands of records by world-class musicians. Powerful, expressive synthesizerSynths, basses, piano, strings, guitar, drum kits and moreIncredibly high quality sound - hear it to believe it! In-App Pro Upgrade Features Upgrade for just $14.99 / €13.99 / £10.49 and enjoy all these great additional features: Expandable With a Wide Range of Instrument Sound Libraries Alchemy Mobile includes 30 sounds, plus 35 more free when you register.

System Requirements. Ninja Jamm - Enter The Mix. AudioVisual Mixer for INTO INFINITY. Figure - Powered by Reason. Create, for creativity’s sake World-class synths?

Figure - Powered by Reason

Sure. Beast of a drum machine? Totally. But here’s what matters most: Figure is fun. Figure for iOS is designed from the ground up for the mobile environments we find ourselves in looking to pass time. New in version 1.5. Deadmau5 Mix - Lite Free Version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store.