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Biblat - Journal: El Caribe contemporáneo. Hispanic American Historical Review. Sociologist Orlando Patterson does landmark work on slavery and freedom. In the spring of 2012, Brown University hosted an extraordinary academic conference.

Sociologist Orlando Patterson does landmark work on slavery and freedom.

“Being Nobody?” Honored the thirtieth anniversary of the publication of Slavery and Social Death by Orlando Patterson, Harvard’s Cowles professor of sociology. Giving a birthday party for a scholarly book is a rarity in itself. Even more unusual, the symposium’s 11 presenters were not sociologists. They were classicists and historians who gave papers on slavery in ancient Rome, the neo-Assyrian empire, the Ottoman Middle East, the early Han empire, West Africa in the nineteenth century, medieval Europe, and eighteenth-century Brazil, among other topics.

But Patterson is no ordinary academician. Patterson is a historical-comparative sociologist who has written extensively on race relations and, especially, slavery and freedom. Many scholars oversimplify culture by equating it simply with values, Patterson says. “Culture is a very tricky concept,” he continues. Revista Cuadernos Americanos. THECARIBBEANWRITER.ORG. The Caribbean News Magazine  JPAS - Journal of Pan African Studies. Revista digital de Humanidades Sarasuati / E-Journal of the Humanities Sarasuati. El Taller de la Historia. Revista arbitrada del Programa de Historia (Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia).

El Taller de la Historia

Divulga los avances y resultados de las investigaciones de estudiosos nacionales y extranjeros. ISSN electrónico: 2382-4794; ISSN impreso: 1657-3633 Vol. 6, núm. 6 (2014): Dossier: Artesanos, formas de trabajo, sociabilidades, movilidad social y cultura política, Hispanoamérica, ss. XVI-XIX Imagen de la portada: Rodrigo Blanco Photography Diseño de portada: Jorge Barrios Alcalá Este trabajo se encuentra bajo la licencia Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. DIRECTOR:Sergio Paolo Solano de las COMITÉ EDITORIAL:Dr.

Dra. COMITÉ CIENTÍFICO:Dr. Dra. DISEÑO Y DIAGRAMACIÓN:Eduardo López Vergara. Caribbean Library Journal - Home. Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies - University of Warwick. The Centre for Caribbean Studies was established in October 1984 with assistance from the Leverhulme Trust and the Nuffield Foundation.

Yesu Persaud Centre for Caribbean Studies - University of Warwick

It was the first such Centre in the UK to recognise the significance of the Caribbean region and its historically interdependent linkages with the UK and the world. Its principal aim is to stimulate teaching and research on the Caribbean. It also encourages the study of the Caribbean in an Atlantic context, emphasising African, North and South American, Asian and European influences from a comparative, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary perspective. Additionally, it serves as a national forum for individuals and organisations with an interest in and concern for the diaspora as well as those countries bordering the Caribbean. The current director of the Centre is Fabienne Viala (Hispanic Studies). Warwick Transatlantic Fellowships: Walter Rodney Lecture 2014: Professor Verene Shepherd. New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids  »  Brill Online. Contemporary international literature. Caribbean American Research Foundation. THECARIBBEANWRITER.ORG. The Caribbean Review of Books (CRB) - MEP Caribbean Publishers (Media & Editorial Projects Ltd) UPR RP English Department - Publications- Sargasso. A Journal of Transcultural Writings. The University of the West Indies at Cave Hill, Barbados - JWIL: Journal of West Indian Literature. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature. The University of the West Indies Press. The Journal of Caribbean History is published twice each year by the Departments of History, University of the West Indies.

The University of the West Indies Press

The editors will consider for publication articles on aspects of Caribbean History including the histories of the mainland territories of North, Central and South America where these are related to the Caribbean. These can be directed to: The Editor Head of the Department of History and Archaeology University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Kingston, Jamaica Tel (876) 927-1922/Fax 970-1999 Email: Print Subscription Rates for 2015 are as follows: Institutional International II (Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe and South America) US$95 International I (North and South America and Canada) US$75 Caribbean US$50 Print subscription rates include economical non-traceable shipping.

All subscriptions and orders should be directed to: Journal of Caribbean Archaeology. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies - À propos. Caribbean Journal of Science.