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Clement Greenberg: Art and Culture: Critical Essays (1961/1989. Difference, Primacy and Peace: Deleuze and Levinas « Fractal Ontology. Preface It is perhaps time to see in hypocrisy not only a base contingent defect of man, but the underlying rending of a world attached to both the philosophers and the prophets.Levinas, Totality and Infinity 24I have no wish to soften the saying that to write lyric poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric; it expresses in negative form the impulse which inspires committed literature.

Difference, Primacy and Peace: Deleuze and Levinas « Fractal Ontology

The question asked by a character in Sartre’s play Morts Sans Sepulture, “Is there any meaning in life when men exist who beat people until the bones break in their body?’ Is also the question whether art now has a right to exist; whether intellectual regression is not inherent in the concept of committed literature because of the regression of society.Adorno, “Commitment”Doubtless, the present situation is highly discouraging.Deleuze and Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus 422 Our age has borne witness to the most rapid expansion of military and state power in human history.

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