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Adventurously Awkward! - Ruleless Adventurously Awkward! - Ruleless Sorry, I think I’m totaling 6 hours of sleep for the last 3 days, and my humor is absolutely vulgar this late D: Next week I promise humor will be slightly more… friendly? Anyways, the preoder is going splendidly (almost there!), you guys continue to amaze me at every corner.
Adventurously Awkward! - Slightly On Edge
Adventurously Awkward! - Relentlessly
Well, this strip isn’t entirely true… my hat isn’t red. I actually do have a chicken named Hussy. All in all, I really want to thank everyone for their support. Seriously, when people ask what I like about drawing comics, one of the things I always say is that I’m really lucky to have a bunch of truly awesome people who read my comics. So, thank you. Adventurously Awkward! - A Word of Thanks Adventurously Awkward! - A Word of Thanks
My parents bought baby chicks for their farm… twenty five or them. I found that that these things are like visual heroin for me. Sorry about this being a journal comic for Friday, freelance was hectic (which is becoming a trend for Friday) so I’m really sorry for that, everything will resume on Monday In other news, Joenis from LAWLS and Ali from Rob the Bot have completely revamped our collective’s site, and even made a fan page, so if you read more than one of our comics, this is a good feed to follow. Hope you all have an awesome weekend, boxing animals with horns counts as awesome. Adventurously Awkward! - Dealing with Peeps Adventurously Awkward! - Dealing with Peeps
The new tee is up for pre-order, which you can find here! I do apologize because I wanted to get a comic up for tonight, but after talking to a lot of vendors today about new products, books for getting Scout Crossing printed, plushies, etc, the time snuck up on me much faster than I thought, so please forgive me D: There were also some kinks in the store which were worked out today, so thank you, and I’ll see everyone Monday! BUT, before I go, I’ve been reading this comic for a while now, and I like it more and more every time he updates, his ability for line work, and expressions pretty much makes me envious. Adventurously Awkward! - New Tee in Store! Adventurously Awkward! - New Tee in Store!
Adventurously Awkward! - Oh Denial…
Adventurously Awkward! - 07/21/2009
Adventurously Awkward! - What Friends Do
Adventurously Awkward! - 03 19 10 Nerf This