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Dresses ♥

At home spa treatments from  Lulus - Pretty crafty things. Pistachio with chocolate eye makeup. Tulle. Dont Be Mad. Wednesday Wishlist: The Brrr It’s Cold Outside Edition. Celebrities Plait hairstyles. [ 17 images ] Celebrities Plait hairstyles | Celebrities hairstyle : When celebrities make a public appearance, a new trend is set.

Celebrities Plait hairstyles

Every year, a new celebrity face emerges who changes the hairstyle trend and sets a new fashion. We have accomodated some of the popular celebrities hairstyles in this article. 9 High-End Makeup Dupes That Could Save You Lots Of Money. Berry Eye Tutorial. I received an email last week from Kirsty who had stumbled upon my blog and wanted some help creating an eye look for her 21st birthday celebration…and, well, it’s a 21st birthday celebration-the big 2-1!!!!

Berry Eye Tutorial

How could I not do a full blown tutorial? So anyway, I got to see a picture of her dress (which is absolutely fabulous BTW) and it was this super rich and deep berry color. Now, I thought about a couple of possibilities for eye combinations…browns and bronzes are always great, a great gray smokey eye would be awesome…but I just could not resist doing a combo that played off the great color of the dress. I know how some people feel about being all “matchy matchy” with their clothes and their eye makeup but I believe it is ok when you are adding dimension to the eye with several layers of color within the same family and not just matching say sky blue eyeshadow with a sky blue shirt.

Wine Tasting Take 2. Medallion Crochet Top. FOREVER21 - 2015036847. Sheer Crochet Appliqué Tank. FOREVER21 - 2017629705. Peter Pan Collar Button Back Top. Sheer Buttoned Pocket Shirt. Cutout Contrast High-Low Shirt. Argyle Striped Over The Knee <br>Socks. Ruched Mesh Trim Dress. Essential Pintucked Button Up. Mila - Утро. Two Color Tee Dress ∙ How To by Julia V. Start with two old, oversized tees in contrasting colors.

Two Color Tee Dress ∙ How To by Julia V

Take your underbust, waist and hips measurements, as well as vertical measurements. Divide the horizontal measurements by 2 (half will be in the front, half in the back). Choose the main color t-shirt (mine is yellow) and lay it inside out on the table. Remove the sleeves (we're using them later) and cut straight across the top of the t-shirt.

Draw the middle line in front and transfer your half-measures over it, MINUS 3cm each side. The underbust line shall be put over the cut line at the top. Then draw the general dress form using your measures and pin the front and the back of the tee together. GORGEOUS PEACOAT DRESS/ EVERYTHING on The Hunt. HI LOW LACE DRESS on The Hunt. EVERYTHINNGGG on The Hunt. EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGG on The Hunt. THIS ENTIRE OUTFIT; ESPECIALLY THE SHIRT on The Hunt. WHOLE COSTUME on The Hunt. Aurora Skye Leggings. THIS DRESS!!! on The Hunt. Iconic characters. Iconic Characters (2) THIS DRESS! on The Hunt. SWEATER, SCARF, AND BRACELETS on The Hunt. SIMPLE LOOK on The Hunt. LEOPARD SCARF AND JACKET on The Hunt. SHIRT, NECKLACE, AND PURSE on The Hunt.

Flirt Catalog > On Sale. ADORABLE OUTFIT. on The Hunt. Cute Clothes & Comfy. Valentines Day Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial. Do-it-yourself sugar scrub. If you didn't know from earlier posts, this christmas was my second DIY christmas. since i have so many family members, what i end up doing is making a lot of the same things for several people. like this sugar scrub for the ladies!

do-it-yourself sugar scrub

This stuff is a great exfoliator, smells and feels and looks so good, and contains ingredients that are amazingly healthy for your skin. it is totally non-toxic; you could even EAT it! Though i would recommend not eating it, since it is mainly just sugar. just take a taste after you make it; i did! (super yummy! Hehe.) this is so easy to make, and is such a great gift. and look how pretty! I love 'em. the blue is an almond scent, then we have grapefruit and lemon. up there in the top right photo, the cream color is also almond.

Sugar Scrub what scents could you add? Try these essential oils: almond, juniper, cinnamon, ginger, guava, peppermint, spearmint, wintergreen, lavendar, rose, orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or tangerine. SIMILAR SOCKS on The Hunt. SMALL/MEDIUM sexy PEACOCK FEATHER tattoo tights / by post on Etsy on Wanelo. Beige 160mm Daffodile Leather Pump. Avengers: Thor. 1.

Avengers: Thor

As always, start with primer. 7. If you want the netting pattern, take a small piece of tulle netting, apply firmly over the silver shadow, and gently pat some black trough it, make sure you don't move the netting while applying shadow. 8. Attach the "metal studs" (I found mine from crafting store) with drops of lash glue 9. Rock N Roll Barbie. I'm In Love With This Leather Jacket. Lipsy Lace Babydoll Dress. PARTY MAKEUP SERIES: EYES. Photos + post by amy nadine, graphic design by eunice chun Here at TBD, we’re always trying to simplify things for you so you see how easy it is to re-create our favorite red carpet looks.


Yes there are 8 steps above but they’re not hard and if you remember to blend blend blend, there’s really no way to mess it up! 'Green' by Miss Heledore. "Зелень" от Miss Heledore.В предвестии наступления весны хочу представить Вам макияж с использованием зелёной гаммы теней выполненный Miss Heledore.Итак, преступим:1.

'Green' by Miss Heledore

Наносим базу под тени/праймер. На всё верхнее веко наносим прозрачную рассыпчатую пудру, дабы в дальнейшем было легче растущёвывать тени. 2. Используя кисть-карандаш прорисовываем зелёными тенями стрелку и соединяем её со стрелкой, наведённой по складке века. C O R A L I N A coral pink colored human hair by LulusGalaxy. i Fashion Blog. Photo Gallery : What's Right Now. 14 Days of Love! Date Makeup! Today's DIY session took a little longer than normal, but finally here it is!

14 Days of Love! Date Makeup!

This is day 11 of the series and my second last post, so enjoy! Deedee Sana's pin:classy daytime! Janice Rich's pin:rice crispy pops (can be GF) Yolanda P's pin:brown. Sekspir Ka's pin:........... Monica Miller's pin:. Natalia D's pin:Minnie mouse. Yolanda P's pin:silver - Polyvore. Yolanda P's pin:Black. Yolanda P's pin:Mustard. Denise Hoole's pin:Chic. Tiffanie Gerkman's pin:to do. Emelie Klamvik's pin:leo. Does PINTEREST KNOW EVERYTHING?

If you haven't read about why we do these posts, check out the explanation in our first "Does Pinterest Know Everything?


" post. Natalia D's pin:Yess. Denise Hoole's pin:Rugged chic I call this. Apple app Pinspire iPhone app is here. Browse and share your pins, repin and create boards, and upload photos directly. All for free. Download Pinspire iPhone app now. Welcome to Pinspire. Nguyen Ngoc Son's pin:waves. Apple app Pinspire iPhone app is here. Browse and share your pins, repin and create boards, and upload photos directly. All for free. Maja Kuric's pin:Lovely! Marie Petrucci's pin:Sequin,obsessed,fashion,style,women. Yolanda P's pin:cute - Polyvore. Aubrey Ruck's pin:need AND want...

Aisling Ea's pin:princesses. Ivana Barbaric's pin:Brushes... Taylor Maloch's pin:haha cool. Tessa Distor's pin:Merging colors. <3. - StumbleUpon. Liz Quillico's pin:bows. Kat Von D's at Sephora - Poetica Palette Tutorial. Black and Shimmery nude smokey eye, part 1 and 2. My friend Khyla is getting married this summer and she asked if I could create a smokey eye make-up tutorial for her wedding.This is the look I came up with, which in my opinion is elegant, dramatic yet soft and feminine.Khyla I hope you like this look! =) Makeup 257 - Victoria's Secret - snob. Tym razem makijaż w stylu Victoria's Secret. Makijaże modelek są przeważnie podobne, nie wybrałam konkretnego, zrobiłam swoją interpretację.

Steely Nuance. While in San Diego for the CVS Beauty Club luncheon with the rest of the Beauty Board, I had a chance to check out Salma Hayek's new CVS/Pharmacy exclusive line, Nuance. That was a little while back, so you might have already heard about this. Why didn't I break the news earlier? Because I won't ever recommend anything without testing it out on myself, first. I wanted to make sure I actually liked these products before even suggesting you try them out. Now, to be fair, this is a *huge* collection (over 100 products) and I've only tried out a fraction of those - so I can only attest to the quality of what I've sampled. Here, I created a look with some of my favorites in the collection.

Keep reading after the jump for the step by step tutorial: Bizarre Beauty Rituals - See Beauty Trends and Tips on 1. England: Bull-Sperm Hair Treatment Hari's Salon in London offers a bull-sperm conditioning treatment for troubled tresses. Mixed with katera root, an Iranian plant, the protein-packed concoction is believed to reinvigorate colored, overprocessed, and/or frizzy hair types. 2. Germany: Beer Bath Celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones have long lathered up with beer for shinier tresses, but in Germany you can take this at-home remedy to the next level. Fortified with brewer's yeast, malt, and two scoops of hops, beer baths are offered at a handful of spas. 3. 4. 5 Remedies To Make Your Hair Growth Faster. 12 Tastes of Christmas. Are you drooling yet? ‘Cause I have been, ever since I laid eyes on these Gingersnap Milkshakes that Lisa sent over for her installment in our 12 Tastes of Christmas series.

Lisa is not only an amazing cook, food stylist and photographer…I’m lucky to get to call this incredible girl a friend. We bonded at Alt Summit last year, and I got to hang with her during my San Fran trip earlier this month. Her blog, With Style & Grace, inspires “a new way of healthy living with easy and delicious gluten-free recipes.” Sounds like the perfect way to kickoff 2012, if you ask me. I love this time of year when we gather at holiday festivities, share family recipes, toast the New Year and celebrate being together. When entertaining during the holidays, I like to change up the dessert course by serving these mini gingersnap cookie milkshakes. No Heat Curls - Moms Who Wear High Heels and Swear.

8 Foods That Do Good for Your Hair … 7 Positively Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster … Ways to make your hair grow faster really do exist, and they don't involve buying magical miracle products out of the back of fashion magazines! However, although there are some great ways to make your hair grow faster, it does take time. Keep in mind, making your hair grow faster can be a complicated process, but these ways will put you on the right track.

As women we often change our minds about how we want our hair. Once we cut it short, we can’t wait to have it long again, hence the reason we are often left pondering ways to make our hair grow faster. It may seem a little backwards to keep cutting when you want to make your hair get longer, but frequent cuts are actually one of the best ways to make your hair grow faster. 7 Ways to Naturally Lighten Unwanted Hair … 7 Plants That Promote Hair Growth … Hair growth is one of the most discussed subjects of hair care and it is no secret that every woman dreams of having healthier, thicker hair! Well, my ladies, if you love natural stuff and enjoy concocting a natural hair growth treatment every once in a while, take a look at this list of amazing herbs you can use for your hair growth treatments: Widely known for its amazing ability to aid hair growth, treat dandruff and keep scalp properly moisturized and balanced, Aloe Vera is one of those versatile plants you can use just anyhow you want without having to worry about any side effects!

Add Aloe Vera gel to your shampoo to create a cleansing solution, mix it with your favorite essential oils for a nurturing hair mask or combine one quarter of a cup of almond oil with one half of a cup Aloe Vera for a non-greasy, non toxic gel! 20 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments … Hair growth treatments are one of the best ways to prevent thinning, shedding, and breakage; to ensure optimal hair growth; and to prevent potential hair loss. Homemade Face Mask Recipe - Homemade Facial Masks - The Daily Green. Beauty Tips - Beauty Secrets from Around the World at - Womans Day.

When it comes to beauty routines, the grass is always greener.