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Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers. Windows has a secret keyboard shortcut that restarts your video drivers.

Secret Windows Hotkey Restarts Your Graphics Card Drivers

If your PC ever freezes, try this shortcut before restarting your PC—it could fix freezes that would otherwise require forcibly restarting your computer. This key combination restarts the graphics subsystem on Windows 10 and Windows 8. There’s no keyboard shortcut for restarting your graphics drivers on Windows 7. Write Tweets Longer than 280 Characters - Tall Tweets for Tweetstorms and Tweetshots. LOOPY: a tool for thinking in systems. Animated GIF editor and GIF maker.

Make your own data gifs with our new tool. Sodaphonic - an audio editor for humans. Comment débloquer un PC dont on aurait perdu le mot de passe administrateur? – Tuxicoman. Ultimate Cool Characters: Special Alt Codes and More. Here you will find a wealth of special characters not found on your keyboard.

Ultimate Cool Characters: Special Alt Codes and More

Ever wanted to know how to make an "i" with those two little dots above it? How about a multiplication sign? A heart? AVI video converter - convert your videos to AVI. Free Online Animated GIF Maker - Make GIF Images Easily. Mobile Notifications for Google Forms. Plickers : vérifiez en temps réel les notions acquises en classe – Formation 3.0. Voyant Tools.

Learn C - Free Interactive C Tutorial. Base Number Converter. Javascriptguide. SaveDeo: The easiest way to download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo,, Soundcloud and others. How to Send Personalized Emails with Mail Merge for Gmail. Learn how to send personalized email messages in bulk using mail merge in Gmail.

How to Send Personalized Emails with Mail Merge for Gmail

You can send rich HTML emails with unique attachments and also track your email opens. Mail Merge with Scheduler - Google Sheets add-on. How to Get a Chrome OS-like Operating System on Any PC. Want to turn any old computer into a Chromebook?

How to Get a Chrome OS-like Operating System on Any PC

Google doesn’t provide official builds of Chrome OS for any old computer, but there are ways you can install the open-source Chromium OS software or a similar operating system. These are all easy to play with, so you can run them entirely from a USB drive. Installing them on your computer is optional. Should You Really Do This? The Chrome OS software is only part of a Chromebook. Chromebooks are fairly cheap — if you want a Chromebook, you should probably buy one and get the full experience. Send Personalized Tweets & DMs in Bulk from a Google Spreadsheet. Hola - Free VPN - Secure Browsing - Unrestricted Access. NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, system utilities, desktop utilities. Digital Inspiration - Howto Guides & Software Tutorials.

Gizmos Freeware Reviews. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. WINDOWS 93. Logiciels libres pour enseigner. Une sélection de logiciels libres gratuits pour faciliter la gestion de la classe et optimiser la production de supports pédagogiques et d’exercices.

Logiciels libres pour enseigner

Réalisée avec l’association APRIL. Cette Fiche pédagogique, initialement publiée en 2011, a été mise à jour le 15 octobre 2014 avec l’aide de l’association APRIL, engagée dans la démocratisation du logiciel libre et des standards ouverts. Quels sont les avantages des logiciels libres ? Les logiciels libres sont des programmes pouvant être modifiés ou améliorés par n’importe quel utilisateur. Après validation, les modifications proposées par des utilisateurs sont intégrées au logiciel initial. Google URL Shortener.

Posted by Michael Hermanto, Software Engineer, Firebase We launched the Google URL Shortener back in 2009 as a way to help people more easily share links and measure traffic online.

Google URL Shortener

Since then, many popular URL shortening services have emerged and the ways people find content on the Internet have also changed dramatically, from primarily desktop webpages to apps, mobile devices, home assistants, and more. To refocus our efforts, we're turning down support for over the coming weeks and replacing it with Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL).

Zamzar - video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter. Enter your email address below, and we'll send you an email allowing you to reset it.

Forgot your password? We have sent you an email. If you do not receive it within a few minutes, please try again or contact us at Enterprise account. Shared Google Tasks: How to Share and Sync your Task List with Others. You are Here: Home > Web Apps > Introducing Shared Google Tasks: Share and Sync your Task List with Others Google Tasks is one handy tool which I use often to create a quick to-do list.

Shared Google Tasks: How to Share and Sync your Task List with Others

It’s simple, efficient and easy to use. What makes it even more powerful is that they are integrated with other Google services like Gmail, Calendar and iGoogle. Working With Google Sites. Getting the Best from Google Docs, Drive and Apps – tutorials, tips, tricks and examples. WeTransfer. Should I Remove It? New Visions CloudLab. 10 Things you didn't know about Google Sites. 10 Things you didn't know about Google Sites Google Sites is just one of the products that comes included with the Google Apps for Business product suite, along with Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google+ and Calendar.

10 Things you didn't know about Google Sites

It provides users with an easy to use tool to build project Sites and intranets - no HTML knowledge required! It gives users a single point of access to information where you can control who can sees what. It allows you to share what you want, with who you want. SheetSpider - Google Scripts. Working With Google Sites. Free Game Empire - Abandonware, Oldies, DOSBox Games Online, play or download. How-To Geek - For Geeks, By Geeks. Freebox OS. Fusion Tech Services Studio. Download a printable one-page reference .PDF here Serial Port:A serial communication physical interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time.

Fusion Tech Services Studio

Once very commonly used for connecting an external modem or mouse to a PC, very few new computers will come with one unless specifically ordered that way. PS/2 Connector: Prior to 2010, the most commonly used connection for keyboards and mice to a PC compatible computer system. Its name comes from the IBM Personal System/2 series of personal computers, which replaced the even older 5-pin DIN connector for an AT keyboard. Some newer PCs may have a single combo PS/2 port that is half purple and half green. Ethernet/RJ45: Most people consider this their network jack, internet connection or hardline. 10/100 (or Fast Ethernet, which replaced 10BASET/2/5) is slowly being replaced by 1000Mbit/s or Gigabit (GbE) ports. Thanks for Downloading MiniTool power data recovery Free. // Android Photosphere Viewer. Photospheres often suffer from image artefacts, empty spots, cut off objects or bad stitchings. To improve your results, you should read the following lines.

It's recommended to take Photospheres while holding your smartphone in portrait orientation. Considering this, a full sphere is divided into 7 rows and consists of 52 photos. Le portail du logiciel libre Open-Sankoré. Comment débusquer un mensonge en ligne, des profils de rencontres au Brexit. Il y a trois choses absolument certaines dans la vie : la mort, les impôts et le mensonge. L’occurrence de ce dernier a été clairement confirmée par le récent référendum du Brexit. Les nombreuses promesses de la campagne du « Leave » ressemblaient davantage à des bobards qu’à de solides vérités. Mais il ne manque pas d’endroits où se livrer au mensonge en ligne : pub sur Internet, demandes de visa, articles universitaires, blogs politiques, réclamations d’assurance et profils de rencontre. Alors, comment s’y prendre pour débusquer ces tromperies en ligne ? Et bien, nous-mêmes, avec Ko de Ruyter, de la Cass Business School à la City University London et Mike Friedman, de l’université catholique de Louvain avons mis au point un détecteur à mensonge numérique.

Dans notre nouvelle recherche, nous avons utilisé des indices linguistiques pour confronter des dizaines de milliers d’e-mails préidentifiés comme mensongers avec ceux que l’on avait reconnus véridiques. 1. An A-Z Index of the Windows CMD command line. How to Test Your Computer’s RAM for Problems. Is your computer unstable? There may be a problem with its RAM. To check, you can either use a hidden system tool included with Windows or download and boot a more advanced tool.

RELATED: 10+ Useful System Tools Hidden in Windows Both of the below tools function by writing data to each sector of your computer’s RAM and then reading it back in turn. If the tool reads a different value, this indicates that your RAM is faulty. How to Test Your Computer’s RAM for Problems. Six of the Best Open Source Data Mining Tools. It is rightfully said that data is money in today’s world. Along with the transition to an app-based world comes the exponential growth of data. However, most of the data is unstructured and hence it takes a process and method to extract useful information from the data and transform it into understandable and usable form. This is where data mining comes into picture. Plenty of tools are available for data mining tasks using artificial intelligence, machine learning and other techniques to extract data.

Démasquer une intox en 5 étapes - L'Autre JT. Les fausses informations et rumeurs sont le nouveau fléau des réseaux sociaux. 5 tests faciles pour voir tout ce que Google sait sur vous. Google vous connaît mieux que certains de vos proches, et ce grâce aux traces que laissent vos actions sur ordinateur ou sur smartphone, collectées par défaut. Et si vous ne nous croyez pas, vous n'avez qu'à vérifier en 5 étapes ce que le géant du web sait sur vous (pour cela, il vous faudra sans doute vous connecter à votre compte Google) : 1.

Create RSS Feeds with Feedity, RSS Feed Generator, Podcast Feed. ToReply Application. Pack Logiciel Libre de l'entreprise. Comment s’y retrouver dans la multitude de logiciels Open Source ? IP Address Details -