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Toyota have presented at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, the impressive new FT-1 Supra concept. Short for "Future Toyota," the FT-1 is one spectacular looking vehicle, it’s design is inspired by some of Toyota’s most iconic cars the 2000GT, Celica and the Supra, and it’s pointed nose is similar to those on Formula 1 cars. Though exact details on the exciting supecar’s production are not yet available, you can give this beast a virtual test run on Gran Turismo 6, as the FT-1 will be available for download. Beautiful Life - design news, beautiful art and luxury lifestyle
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Visual News

Visual News

{*style:<b>*}Thirteen years before a human ever traveled to outer space, on June 11, 1948, a heroic rhesus monkey named {*style:<a href='http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkeys_and_apes_in_space'>*}Albert{*style:</a>*} made the journey, paving the way for future astronauts. {*style:</b>*}Sadly Albert died of suffocation during the flight, but he was the first of many test monkeys. Before Albert only fruit flies had been sent to space, but he was the predecessor to monkeys Albert II through Albert VI, Gordo, Able, Sam, Miss Sam, Ham, and Enos among several other animals.
We Fell In Friend-Love With Yumi Sakugawa [Interview] Southern California-based illustrator Yumi Sakugawa explores the pangs, passions, and perils of platonic love in her charming comic I Think I’m in Friend-Love With You. A story of an awkwardly-adorable monster yearning for non-romantic affection – in the form of inside jokes, special hang-out sessions, and late-night Facebook chats – Sakugawa’s comic captures a relational territory often considered ambiguous: the connection with and longing for platonic pals. [Read more...] Visual News Originals - Visual News Visual News Originals - Visual News
Super Punch

Super Punch

Friday, April 11, 2014 New illustrated edition of 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea Illustrations by Jillian Tamaki for a new edition of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Gallery - Category: Inventory - Picture: JennyBird Alcantara Opening Reception: Saturday January 11, 6-9pm on view January 11 – February 2, 2014 ANATOMY – New Works by Gustavo Rimada C.A.V.E. Gallery - Category: Inventory - Picture: JennyBird Alcantara
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