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◥ University. {q} PhD. {t} Themes. {t} Sense. ◇ SNOWDEN, Dave. ◇ KURTZ, Cynthia. Mapping Networks of Terrorist Cells. Sense-Making Related Articles, Papers, and Commentaries. This section of the Sense-Making Web site includes abstracts and/or full text articles, papers, and commentaries that are relevant in some way to the Sense-Making Methodology. Each listing is linked to a file that includes an indication of the proper citation for the listing, as well as its copyright status. In addition, when copyright restrictions prevent placing the full text online, we have provided instructions for obtaining the full text wherever possible.

Brendlinger, Nancy Helen: Brendlinger, N. H., Dervin, B., & Foreman-Wernet, L. (1999). When respondents are theorists: An exemplar study in the HIV/AIDS context of the use of Sense-Making as an approach to public communication campaign audience research . The Electronic Journal of Communication [On-line serial] 9 (2, 3, & 4). Cardillo, Linda Wheeler: Cardillo, L. Cheuk, Wai-Yi Bonnie: Cheuk, W-Y, B. (1998). Cheuk, W-Y, B. (2002). Cheuk, W-Y, B. (2003). Cheuk, W-Y, B., & Dervin, B. (1999). Clark, Kathleen Diana: Clark, K.

Coco, Angela: Index of /sense-making/zennez. Narrative Lab. What is SenseMaking. SenseMaker Dialogs: Brian Willison. Partum intelligendo. Alternative in Innovation Thinking. Sense-Making Studies. Story colored glasses. Harold Jarche. Working with Stories. ISTweb - IST Projects.