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Spiritual Movie List - Conscious CT - East of the River Holistic Community. This is a listings of over 90 spiritual films.

Spiritual Movie List - Conscious CT - East of the River Holistic Community

What constitutes a spiritual film is subjective. Those included in this list tend to be uplifting (I like films that leave me feeling good) and have some mystical quality. Home. Greco-Roman mysteries. See Western esotericism for modern "mystery religions" in the Western cultural sphere.

Greco-Roman mysteries

Definition[edit] The term "Mystery" derives from Latin mysterium, from Greek mysterion (usually as the plural mysteria μυστήρια), in this context meaning "secret rite or doctrine". An individual who followed such a "Mystery" was a mystes, "one who has been initiated", from myein "to close, shut", a reference to secrecy (closure of "the eyes and mouth")[4]:56 or that only initiates were allowed to observe and participate in rituals. The Mysteries were thus cults in which all religious functions were closed to the uninitiated and for which the inner workings of the cult were kept secret from the general public. Characteristics[edit] Solomon's Amulets At a glance ... "Set me as a seal upon thy heart"(The Song of Songs which is Solomon's, 8:6) King Solomon, the son of King David, established Jerusalem as the city of justice and peace.

Solomon's Amulets At a glance ...

His name reflects the original name of the city, Shalem. Witchcraft & Shamanism: The Seal Of Solomon.