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Salticido comments on Good students: How do you go about getting good grades? [Serious] CellScope – UC Berkeley. Why the Foldscope is My New Favorite Toy. Boilerpipe - Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages. This project is moving to The following information is outdated and only provided for reference.

boilerpipe - Boilerplate Removal and Fulltext Extraction from HTML pages

The boilerpipe library provides algorithms to detect and remove the surplus "clutter" (boilerplate, templates) around the main textual content of a web page. The library already provides specific strategies for common tasks (for example: news article extraction) and may also be easily extended for individual problem settings. Extracting content is very fast (milliseconds), just needs the input document (no global or site-level information required) and is usually quite accurate. Boilerpipe is a Java library written by Christian Kohlschütter. The algorithms used by the library are based on (and extending) some concepts of the paper "Boilerplate Detection using Shallow Text Features" by Christian Kohlschütter et al., presented at WSDM 2010 -- The Third ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining New York City, NY USA.

Karussell/snacktory · GitHub. (Saving...) XRefs Open Source. Teaching With YouTube: 197 Digital Channels For Learning. Teaching With YouTube: 197 Digital Channels For Learning If you don’t have a YouTube channel as an education provider, there’s a good chance you’re behind the times.

Teaching With YouTube: 197 Digital Channels For Learning

Nearly every major educational institution in the world now hosts its own collection of videos featuring news, lectures, tutorials, and open courseware. The Complexity and Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems. Offline Papers on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life. (6) Open Online Learning. E-learning. Computer Vision. Technical. Crowdsourcing / Labor On Demand — CrowdFlower. Xtext. Syntax Coloring Out of the box, the editor supports syntax coloring based on the lexical structure and the semantic data of your files.


Users are free to customize the highlighting and configure their favorite styles. Content Assist An Xtext editor proposes valid code completions at any place in the document, helping your users with the syntactical details of your language. Validation and Quick Fixes Xtext has outstanding support for static analysis and validation of your models. Advanced Java Integration If your language targets the JVM, you'll love the Java support Xtext provides. Integration with other Eclipse tools Xtext provides a rich API to work with resources. More IDE Features Xtext's advanced Eclipse integration goes far beyond the editor. NetLogo Home Page. NetLogo is a multi-agent programmable modeling environment.

NetLogo Home Page

It is used by tens of thousands of students, teachers and researchers worldwide. It also powers HubNet participatory simulations. It is authored by Uri Wilensky and developed at the CCL. You can download it free of charge. Speech by Adrian Tan at NTU convocation ceremony. Life and How to Survive ItBelow is a speech to the graduating class of 2008 at NTU convocation ceremony last week by Adrian Tan, a litigation lawyer and the author of The Teenage Textbook.

Speech by Adrian Tan at NTU convocation ceremony

I must say thank you to the faculty and staff of the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information for inviting me to give your convocation address. It’s a wonderful honour and a privilege for me to speak here for ten minutes without fear of contradiction, defamation or retaliation. I say this as a Singaporean and more so as a husband. My wife is a wonderful person and perfect in every way except one. A successful Git branching model » In this post I present the development model that I’ve introduced for some of my projects (both at work and private) about a year ago, and which has turned out to be very successful.

A successful Git branching model »

I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while now, but I’ve never really found the time to do so thoroughly, until now. I won’t talk about any of the projects’ details, merely about the branching strategy and release management. It focuses around Git as the tool for the versioning of all of our source code. (By the way, if you’re interested in Git, our company GitPrime provides some awesome realtime data analytics on software engineering performance.) Why git? For a thorough discussion on the pros and cons of Git compared to centralized source code control systems, see the web. But with Git, these actions are extremely cheap and simple, and they are considered one of the core parts of your daily workflow, really. Enough about the tools, let’s head onto the development model. 10 Questions That Create Success. Think that success means making lots of money?

10 Questions That Create Success

Think again. Pictures of dead presidents have never made anybody happy. And how can you be successful if you're not happy? And buying things with that all money isn't much better. How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps) My Algorithm for Beating Procrastination. List of VC firms and Angel Investors in India. Back in June 2011, I had made this list for my reference and thought to share with everyone.

List of VC firms and Angel Investors in India

I am not giving the email ids for obvious reasons, you can always find the email ids/contact form from their sites anyway (or on linkedin), though if you are indeed serious about raising capital, I will highly advice you to contact the VC firms through some referral connection. I have added few remarks in front of them, but do your own research. Feel free to drop me an email though, if you have something specific to ask. Please do note that this list is not complete in anyway, this is something which I had created for my own reference. Feel free to add in the below wiki excel along with your remarks, please avoid removing content unless it is verbose or wrong. How to Hack Your Memory: 4 Tips to Achieve Perfect Memory « Lettuce be Cereal. Polyphasic Sleep Long-Term Consequences. Cacoo - Create diagrams online Real time collaboration. Effective Sketches at Skills Matter. I presented my "Effective Sketches" talk last night at Skills Matter where we looked at how to produce effective diagrammatic representations of software systems and why they are useful.

Effective Sketches at Skills Matter

In other words, we looked at how to draw boxes and lines. :-) Here are the links to the slides and video. If you missed the talk, I'll be doing a slightly longer version at the upcoming Software Architect 2011 conference, which takes place in London during October. Blog-rants - steveyegge2. Last updated: September 12, 2006 News (3/15/06): I started a new blog.

blog-rants - steveyegge2

Like, a real one. Finally! I started writing an internal blog at in summer 2004. Seven Ways to Rock Your Current Job. I generally find that people are way to focused on finding the next job than they are at being awesome in the role they currently have. A lot of times I think that's because there's way more advice out there about how to climb than there is about to succeed--and we confuse the two.

We spend our whole careers moving up so fast, that we're unable to hone any specific skills. Terry Jones » Blog Archive » Back of the envelope calculations with The Rule of 72. Image: The Rule of 72 deserves to be better known among technical people. It’s a widely-known financial rule of thumb used for understanding and calculating interest rates. But others, including computer scientist and start-up founders, are often concerned with growth rates. Mind Maps/Thinking Maps/Graphic Organizers.