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Top 10 HTML Text Editors that coders would love. Best in class HTML text editors that will take the your coding experience to another level It is never a good idea to use a simple text editor like Notepad to write your code. Especially when you have dedicated text editors available for free. This article is in response to the numerous messages we’ve received on suggesting the best text editor. This time it is for Web Developers and thus we’re focusing on HTML and Javascript editors. Here are the top Ten HTML text editors : 1. Popline Popline is an WYSIWYG based HTML editor. 2. Squire is an HTML5 rich text editor, which provides powerful cross-browser normalisation, whilst being supremely lightweight and flexible. Wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. 4. It is full featured HTML 5 text editor and supports all HTML 5 element syntax and Javascript. 5. Rendera is an online HTML 5 text editor that offers you the facilities to preview your current work. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Convert HTML + CSS to PDF with PHP? Convert HTML + CSS to PDF with PHP? Scratch Blocks — Google And MIT Develop An Open Source Programming Language For Young Learners. Short Bytes: Google and MIT have come up with a programming language called Scratch Blocks for kids. It is based on the Google’s Blockly technology which was launched back in 2007 and had designer interfaces. This interface helps kids to learn a programming language better and faster than textual learning. MIT and Google in collaboration with each other are developing a programming language for children which is totally graphical in nature. This programming language is easy to learn because of its graphical nature and has been named “Scratch Blocks” Even before the launch of the Google Annual developer preview, Scratch Blocks was released as an open-source developer preview and already a total of 120 young developers are enjoying it.

Scratch Blocks have been built on Google’s Blockly technology which was launched back in 2007 with creative designer interfaces for young kids for learning programming. Looking for the best resources to learn programming? Introduction to Phire CMS. By 2009, developer Nick Sagona had, over time, built quite a few custom, hand-rolled content management solutions for his specific client needs. He realized that having a standard, modular platform for all these custom bits would be useful, and Phire CMS was born. Phire CMS version 1.0 was released on November 1, 2010. Last October, version 2.0 was released, with a ground-up rewrite to utilize the Pop PHP Framework, also developed by Sagona at NOLA Interactive, a New Orleans-based web design firm. Both applications are available under the BSD 3-Clause License. Thinking, "Okay, another PHP content management system," and then giving Phire CMS no other thought would be easy.

But in doing so, you might miss out on a really solid product, one that could be useful for a number of CMS scenarios. Hosting and support are available from a number of different companies, and Phire CMS is definitely a mature product, ready for prime-time. There are some downsides to Phire CMS, in my first-look. Top 10 websites to learn coding. 10 of the best trustworthy sites for learning CODING that you may not know In today’s digital world, coding has become so popular that it can change one’s life. We have composed 10 of the best trustworthy sites to learn coding. You can take an example of coders who have sold their code to multi-nationals and became millionaires in months.

Initially coding can be tough for a beginner. A person needs to understand the concept of computer science and get used to tools that help in developing the code. Many people give up before starting, but it doesn’t have to be in that manner. The best way to learn code is with project based approach. So, before you start coding lesson, think of a small project in your mind. Codecademy: This is the most popular and recognized resource for learning code. : Code Racer as the name suggest provides code learning while competing with others in a Race.

PhpAcademy : KhanAcademy : Codingbat : Coursera : The CodePlayer : Udacity : Codeschool : Treehouse : Why Android N is Going to Be the Biggest Change in Android's History. Turning a successful service enterprise into a product company is a feat that is difficult to achieve. Microsoft has been trying hard to accomplish it and Google is moving fast on the same track from past many years.

With Alphabet restructuring, Google is focusing more on making its operations more effective. Android is one of the biggest products of Google. And understanding the growing dominance of mobile, Google is moving ahead to combine its desktop-focused Chrome OS and the Android mobile OS. As the media reports suggest, this convergence of Chrome OS and Android was in talks from some time and Android emerged as the obvious winner.

With Android Marshmallow, Google has made progress on the security front with mandatory encryption and secure boot. Last month, Google announced its Pixel C tablet taking inspiration from Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Apple’s iPad Pro. With the decision to kill the Chrome OS and fold its best features in the upcoming Android Nutella (Sorry! Coding Trends: The Top 21 Programming Languages of 2015. For a developer, it’s very important to recognise his/her needs and learn the right programming language. If a developer knows the latest trends and the rising languages, he/she knows the x-factor that can make all the difference. The result of RedMonk’s bi-annual programming language ranking is out and it shows all the trends you need to know.

The developer research company has been rating and ranking programming languages since 2010. It has once again confirmed the fact that JavaScript is the language of the web. Java comes in the second place and closely rivals JavaSript for the number one place. Another interesting observation is seen in the form of Apple’s Swift breaking into the top 20.

“Swift’s explosive growth has been primarily fuelled by Apple’s decision to anoint it as the successor to Objective-C,” says Stephen O’Grady, a RedMonk analyst. The list shows the Google’s Dart, an open source language as a replacement for JavaScript, has failed to make an impact. 1. 10 Reasons To Switch Over To Linux OS Right Now. Linux has been around for years and so as the other operating systems. The evidences, rumors and even frustrations from the tech world suggest that Linux still leads the way at personal as well as enterprise level. Here are 10 reasons to switch over to Linux from other operating systems right now: 1. Linux is free: Leave aside Apple, we all know how things and software at professional level work in Apple. Even Windows charges for upgrades. However, if you want to switch over to the Linux, you do not have to pay any extra cost. 2.

Ask people who use Windows. On the other hand, Linux is unknown to a virus and so, antivirus as well. Also read: Getting started With Linux 3. Well, it might sound like a stupid statement but gone are those days when you needed to be a computer expert to use the Linux operating system. 4. Not to be denied, you can pretty much install many of the proprietary titled software to your Windows. 5. 6. Ah! 7. 8. 9. 10. Get Linux Learner Bundle at fossBytes store. The Go Programming Language. Go. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Go, G.O., or Go! May refer to: Games[edit] Companies[edit] Film[edit] Literature[edit] Music[edit] Albums[edit] Songs[edit] Labels[edit] Go Records, an Australian recording companyGo!

Television[edit] Other media[edit] Science and measurement[edit] Computers and technology[edit] Other uses[edit] See also[edit] Go. The Go Programming Language. Top 10 Coolest Notepad Tricks and Hacks for Your PC. What work do you perform with Notepad? Nothing much? Well, Notepad is a lot more than a simple text editor. Few lines of commands create interesting tricks that will definitely surprise you. In this article, I’ve compiled my 10 personal favorite tricks and shared it with you. Check these tricks out and if you have some more, don’t hesitate to share with us. 1. Do you want a diary in your computer?

Follow these steps to make notepad your diary: 1. 2. 3. 2. You can protect the files and folders in your computer by using this Notepad trick. Type the following code. 3. ‘Matrix’ movie fan? Type the following code, save the file as .bat, open the saved file and see the Matrix magic! @echo off color 02 :start echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% goto start 4. Don’t you find the process of shutting down too tedious? Open Notepad, type the following code and save the file with any name but with extension .bat 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 7. 8. 1. 2. 3. 4. User Manual. For a French translation, please see here… To start with Docear as smooth as possible, we wrote this manual. It’s detailed, it’s long, it takes some time to read, but be assured that if you invest this time, you will know how to master one of the most powerful tools to manage your academic literature.

Let’s get started… Contents We created a teaser video that explains in 5:30 minutes what Docear can do. The central entities in Docear are annotations, i.e. comments, highlighted text, and bookmarks that you create in PDF files. Annotations created with your favorite PDF editor Docear imports your PDFs and annotations. Research categories created by a user, and the contained PDFs and annotations The next step is drafting your own paper, assignment, thesis, or book.

Finally, you export your draft and do the final editing in Microsoft Word or Libre/OpenOffice. In the following sections, we will explain everything again – in much much more detail. Operating System Java 1.5 (or later) Initial Settings. VEC9 Gives Vector Arcade Gaming a Modern Upgrade. Photos courtesy of the VEC9 team If you were a gamer in the 80s you will remember vector arcade games.

Whether they were brand new when you saw them, or aging rapidly, they caught all gamers’ eyes. Those crisp glowing lines, from which the game systems gained their common name, “vector games,” were actually a limitation of the hardware at the time. As we developed new and stronger systems, we abandoned vector displays for things that could give us much more variety.

The team, 68 Crew, took a different approach with their game “VEC9.” They revisited the use of a vector display, but the modern hardware driving it allows for some really stunning results. As you can see in the video, they’re doing things with vector graphics that we really couldn’t do in the past. The game itself is fantastically designed, but the arcade cabinet really brings it all together. Caleb Kraft Community Editor for Make: I get ridiculously excited seeing people make things. Make Magazine. Eucalyptus Documentation. Download Private Cloud Software | How to Use the Cloud | HP Helion Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus. Some eucalyptus species have attracted attention from horticulturists, global development researchers and environmentalists because of desirable traits such as being fast-growing sources of wood, producing oil that can be used for cleaning and as a natural insecticide, or an ability to be used to drain swamps and thereby reduce the risk of malaria.

Outside their natural ranges, eucalypts are both lauded for their beneficial economic impact on poor populations[5][6]:22 and criticised for being "water-guzzling" aliens,[7] leading to controversy over their total impact.[8] Description[edit] Size and habit[edit] A mature eucalyptus may take the form of a low shrub or a very large tree. There are three main habits and four size categories that species can be divided into. The term marlock has been variously used; in Forest Trees of Australia it is defined as a small tree without lignotubers but with a shorter, lower-branching trunk than a mallet. They usually grow in more or less pure stands. SOAP. Characteristics[edit] SOAP can form the foundation layer of a web services protocol stack, providing a basic messaging framework for web services.

This XML-based protocol consists of three parts: an envelope, which defines the message structure[1] and how to process ita set of encoding rules for expressing instances of application-defined datatypesa convention for representing procedure calls and responses SOAP has three major characteristics: extensibility (security and WS-routing are among the extensions under development)neutrality (SOAP can operate over any transport protocol such as HTTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, or JMS)independence (SOAP allows for any programming model) As an example of what SOAP procedures can do, an application can send a SOAP request to a server that has web services enabled—such as a real-estate price database—with the parameters for a search. The SOAP architecture consists of several layers of specifications for: History[edit] Specification[edit] Processing model[edit] Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism.

MTOM is the W3C Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism, a method of efficiently sending binary data to and from Web services. MTOM is usually used with the XOP (XML-binary Optimized Packaging). Application[edit] MTOM only optimizes element content that is in the canonical lexical representation of the xs:base64Binary data type. Since there is no standard way to indicate whether data is in the canonical lexical representation, the mechanism for applying MTOM is implementation-dependent. The use of MTOM is a hop-by-hop contract between one SOAP node and the next. Details[edit] Although most users treat MTOM as a single mechanism, the MTOM specification defines it as three related features: Firstly, an "Abstract SOAP Transmission Optimization Feature" for sending and receiving SOAP messages that contain binary data. Sometimes the term "MTOM" is used as a shorthand to mean "MTOM with XOP". See also[edit] External links[edit]

Biggest Ever VLC Release: Download for All Platforms. VLC the world’s most popular video popular video player has launched its biggest ever release of VLC to date. Your favorite open source media player is now better than ever with its stable version of VLC 2.2.0 with another release of VLC 3.0.0 scheduled later this year. VLC said that this massive release is a result of more than a year of volunteer work on VLC engine and libVLC library. The new VLC 2.2.0 is improved with 1,000 bug fixes, tons of new features and support for new formats. In its biggest ever release, VLC has covered all major platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Window RT and Android RT. VideoLAN definitely hopes to continue this coordinated release across all platforms, but VideoLAN president Jean-Baptiste Kempf refuses to make any such promises for future as releasing VLC for all platforms is an enormous task.

Also know: How to Convert Audio or Video Files to Any Format Using VLC What different in new VLC and why should you download it? Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks. NAGIOS CHECK ORACLE INSTALLATION GUIDE.