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Official Advanced Photoshop Blog. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced. Download thousands of textures for free! Exclusive library of seamless diffuse, bump and displacement maps! Vectips - Illustrator tips, tricks, and tutorials. Google SketchUp 3D Rendering Tutorials SketchUpArtists. BLOG - architectural rendering and illustration blog. Making of Tobacco Company Headquarters by Vladislav Dechev. Forum member Vladislav Dechev (graffitiman) posted an interesting set of renders of the Tobacoo Company Headquarters in Sicuan, China.

Making of Tobacco Company Headquarters by Vladislav Dechev

The design has a unique look, with a green roofs emerging from the ground covering the structural elements. Vladislav was kind enough to share a few aspects of the visualization creation. Enjoy. Author: Vladislav Dechev Vladislav Dechev is 26 years old 3d artist from Bulgaria. He’s been dealing with CGI for almost 6 years now, and in 2007 he established Wireframe Studio. Hi everyone! First of all I’d like to thank Ronen Bekerman for letting me contribute to this architectural visualization CG community by showing one of our recent projects.

Project name: Tobacco Company Headquarters, Sichuan / ChinaArchitecture: STEPHEN GEORGE International / BulgariaHead architect: Alexander DawAssistant architect: Vladislav DechevCGI / Visualization: Vladislav Dechev Vladislav’s Tobacco Company Headquarters Forum Thread. In terms of materials I used VRay materials only. Photoshop Postwork Breakdown Video / The Shipyard. My never-ending quest of exploring pure 3d vs. postwork methods of doing architectural visualization has acquainted me with Pixelflakes.

Photoshop Postwork Breakdown Video / The Shipyard

There latest “Concrete Cliff” postwork breakdown was pretty fascinating and I asked them if they could do a similar thing, but at night this time! They kindly agreed and the “Shipyard” was born. This is an exclusive Photoshop postwork process breakdown, starting from a raw & rather simple render, taking you all the way to a final striking visual. I’ve also started a cool exercise based on this scene in the forums postwork TECH TALK section… so we can all give it a try. see where it goes! So… the video will show you how to take this raw render… All the way into this final image… Pretty amazing transformation for only postworking the raw render.

I’ve opened a special thread in the forums TECH TALK section for all of you to give it try… You will find the source files for download in the box below. How to enhance 3d renders with 2d elements. When i first started out with architectural visualization i was very strict about doing it 3d all the way, but today almost every image i create incorporates some 2d techniques applied in post using software such as photoshop. sometimes i add elements i didn’t have time to create in 3d or forgot about them.

How to enhance 3d renders with 2d elements

Other times i plan before hand on adding those elements and save time this way – especially if I’m not sure the client will approve them and this way i can just hide the layers. the technique I’ll describe in this post is especially useful and easy to apply in single focal point images. I’ll use the HO House image for the demonstration and below you can see the original render before the addition of 2d elements and the after image with those elements marked. Making of Narrabeen House. Guillaume Favre takes us into the process of making his January 28 Best of Week forum entry – The Narrabeen House 3d recreation, originally designed and realized by Choi Ropiha Fighera architecture studio.

Making of Narrabeen House

Located in Sydney, Australia, I fell in love with this work for the same reasons Guillaume picked it as his personal project subject… great contemporary design with generous use of wood. I love the wood treatment in the 3d version and the end result as a whole, which has a stylistic feel to it vs. the real project photos. It all started when I first discovered the Narrabeen House, designed by the architectural studio Choi Ropiha Fighera. A superb contemporary villa built in the area of Sydney, Australia. with Large volumes, a remarkable swimming pool and massive use of wood both in and out. Also contrasting the warm wood with cold concrete and plaster interior. I had to elaborate on the plans and elevations I had to work with, since they weren’t too detailed.

Brown wood siding. FlyingArchitecture - Free 3D models, textures, tutorials for Rhino, Fryrender and V-Ray.