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Enquire Indian railways train running information, pnr status, get train schedule and order online food at one place. RailMitra an AI enabled web service for train travelers.

Indian Railways Refund Circular, Regular Trains Cancelled Till August. Due to Covid-19, regular trains have been cancelled for almost three months.

Indian Railways Refund Circular, Regular Trains Cancelled Till August

The situation is unlikely to return to normal at the moment. Amid the coronavirus infection, everyone wants to know when railway facilities will resume in the country but, it may take a long time until passenger trains restart. Indian Railways has indicated that it is not possible to operate regular passenger train services until August. Railways are currently running 230 special trains. At the same time, the Railway Ministry has reiterated that if demand increases then more special trains can be operated.

Indian Railways Will Convert Many Passenger Trains into Express Trains. Indian Railways, which has lost millions of rupees due to COVID-19, is now trying to regain its old rhythm.

Indian Railways Will Convert Many Passenger Trains into Express Trains

The Railways is preparing to convert some of its passenger trains into express trains to make up for the losses incurred during the last three months. Indian Railways is preparing to run 512 passenger trains into express trains. These trains will run between Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra: Its History and Cultural Significance. The Ratha Yatra in Puri, Odisha is India’s largest chariot festival.

Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra: Its History and Cultural Significance

The Jagannath Puri Yatra 2020 is scheduled to begin on 23rd June this year. Till now thousands of pilgrims used to pull the Ratha, but due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, mass gatherings of people at a place is restricted. Keeping that in mind, the Supreme Court of India has instructed to carry out the yatra with no public attendance. The court ordered the Odisha government to maintain a record of persons allowed in Rath Yatra after testing the details of their medical conditions. It also said that before, during and after Rath Yatra, those engaged in pulling the chariot; will maintain social distance. Zones of Indian Railway List. Indian Railways introduced boarding pass facilities like airports. Indian Railways has started a unique experiment amid the coronavirus epidemic.

Indian Railways introduced boarding pass facilities like airports.

Railways have started boarding pass facilities like an airport at Prayagraj railway station in Uttar Pradesh. The Railways is taking many steps to stop the spread of Covid-19. Recently, an automatic QR code-based ticket scanning system has been implemented at Prayagraj Junction railway station. According to a press release issued by the North Central Railway Zone, this is the first of its kind initiative for railways in which an “airport-like” boarding facility has been introduced at the station.

Different Colour Schemes of Train Coaches: All That You Need to Know. Special types of symbols are used to explain different things in the Indian Railways like track symbols, platform symbols, etc.

Different Colour Schemes of Train Coaches: All That You Need to Know

These railways symbols are required so that people are aware of the signals, rules and regulations of the train. A special type of symbol is used in train coaches to take all this into account. Top 5 Fastest Trains in India: All You Need to Know. The Indian Railways is one of the largest and fastest railways in the world, with a total capacity of carrying more than 1.5 million passengers per day.

Top 5 Fastest Trains in India: All You Need to Know

The Indian government has decided to start semi-high speed trains and high-speed bullet trains in India in the near future. Currently, Indian trains run with relatively slow speed due to speed restrictions and old infrastructure. Railways Installed Automated Mask and Sanitizer Dispenser Machine at Patna Junction. To prevent the corona epidemic, the railway has instructed passengers and employees to apply face masks and sanitize their hands from time to time.

Railways Installed Automated Mask and Sanitizer Dispenser Machine at Patna Junction

Indian Railways is also strictly enforcing the safety measures for the passengers during the journey. In such a situation, if you have forgotten to take a face mask and sanitizer with you in a hurry to travel by train or for any other reason, then there is nothing to worry about. An automated face mask and hand sanitizer dispenser machine has been installed at Patna Junction for such passengers.

Any traveller can get a mask from it. This machine is automatic, so there will be no risk of infection. Indian Railways Has Changed the Rule of Tatkal Ticket Booking. In the growing cases of Corona crisis, passengers travelling from one state to another will now have to give more information besides the address in the reservation ticket form.

Indian Railways Has Changed the Rule of Tatkal Ticket Booking

From June 29, the railway is going to introduce the facility of Tatkal tickets to passengers. During the coronavirus pandemic, the rules have been changed by the Railways. In such a situation, passengers will have to fill the same mobile number on the form while booking the ticket with which they will travel. Railways have already started their preparations. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Jn (ddu )

Railways to Start Shatabdi Garib Rath Trains, Ticket Reservation System Also Changed. About 21 trains including Lucknow Shatabdi, Pataliputra, Chandigarh, Jabalpur and Garib Rath will start soon.

Railways to Start Shatabdi Garib Rath Trains, Ticket Reservation System Also Changed

Lucknow division office has sent its proposal to North Eastern Railway Headquarters Gorakhpur. It is expected that the Railway Board will give its approval on this proposal. The railway has started operating 200 trains from June 1. For this, 120 days advance reservation has been allowed. During the Coronavirus lockdown, Indian Railways is continuously increasing the number of trains. Ticket Sales Review Has Started At present, the railway administration has started its preparations for booking Tatkal tickets. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From New Delhi (ndls ) Best Ways to Register Complaints with Indian Railways. Millions of people travel daily by trains in the country.

Best Ways to Register Complaints with Indian Railways

Keeping in view the convenience of passengers every year, Indian Railways makes some new up-gradation like passenger fares, changes in freight rates, passenger amenities, passenger safety, easy ticket booking, etc. But sometimes travellers feel disappointed about the service provided by the Indian Railways.

In such a situation, they have to face many problems. Passengers often encounter unclean stations, poor quality of food, and delayed arrival of trains, theft, and many other unexpected experiences. निसर्ग साइक्लोन को लेकर अलर्ट पर भारतीय रेलवे, रद्द हो सकती है कुछ ट्रेनें Railways on alert for Nisarga Cyclone: पश्चिम रेलवे (डब्ल्यूआर) और सेंट्रल रेलवे (सीआर) के मुंबई डिवीजनों ने निसर्ग चक्रवात को ध्यान में रखते हुए इसके प्रभाव वाली शहरो में कई सावधानियां बरती हैं।

List of 200 Trains Running From June 1. 10 Epic Ramayana Places That You Need to Visit Once in Your Life. Ramayana is one of the most important symbols of our country’s cultural heritage and national identity. The Ramayana belongs to a class called Kavya or epics, in which the form is considered more important than the stories and poetic ornament of Alamkara is abundantly applied. Ramayana is an epic narrative poem written in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Probably written in the 2000s BC, Ramayanas is attributed to a wise male figure called Rama who is called ‘Maryada Purushottam‘. Although it is a fairly long poem with over 24,000 verses, the narrative is interspersed with philosophy, ethics, and written duties. The story of Ramayana revolves around politics, morality, loyalty, battles between demons and tribes, etc. Lord Rama travelled to different parts of India during his lifetime and those places are now worshipped with great reverence.

We have curated a list of 10 epic places that Lord Rama travelled during his journey. 1. Where Lord Rama began His journey. Railways Developed New Technique to Manufacture PPE Kits. Indian Railways, which started manufacturing personal protective equipment (PPE) in its various production units, has developed a process of sewing with hot air seam seal tape for high reliability. According to Railway Ministry officials, a new technique has been developed by Parel Workshop of Central Railway, in which the process of sewing PPE kits with hot air seam sealing tape has been developed. This PPE Kits Will Ensure High Reliability An official said that this process has enabled higher rates of production as the tape application is fully automated and this has resulted in better seam sealing due to the fusion of the tape with the fabric, which will ensure high reliability to medicos in long-term use.

Also Read: 24 Pairs of Special Trains Started Operating For Bihar in Lockdown 5 Seam by Hot Air Tape Was Found to Be Effective and Reliable The official said the sample coverall was tested at the Ordnance Factory in Muradnagar and passed for both fabric and seam. First Underwater Bullet Train in India: All You Need to Know. India is reportedly considering a number of high-speed rail projects, including one linking Mumbai and Ahmedabad, and is said to be considering building a high-speed rail line between the two cities, as well as one linking Mumbai with Delhi. It could also be easier for the country to invest in medium-speed trains that could run on the existing system than to pay for the specialized infrastructure needed to run high-speed trains. The bullet trains, which travel at a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour, are to cover the distance of 508 km from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in two hours and seven minutes.

Along the route, they will cover twelve stations and can expect top speeds of up to 320 kilometers per hour. India’s railways are currently experiencing problems with railway safety, but this problem could soon be resolved. According to a report, the Bullet Train project also has undersea tunnels and this technology can benefit the construction sector in India. 24 Pairs of Special Trains Started Operating For Bihar in Lockdown 5. The process of relaxation in the coronavirus lockdown 5.0 has started.

The first phase of exemption in Lockdown 5.0 has started from today. Train travel has also become easier. In Bihar, 24 pairs of additional special trains have also started operating from today. Several types of advisories have been issued by the Railways for travelling by train. Along with the railway personnel, all passengers will also have to follow the advisories. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From Howrah Jn (HWH ) Railways Services will Shut Down Due to Technical Issues. Highlight: • Railway services will be closed for some time • Even the enquiry system will not work.

What is the Meaning of Cross Symbol on Trains? Know the Details. Central Railway Will Run Additional Trains for North India. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From Abjuganj (AJUG) IRCTC: Railways Cancelled Ticket Concession for All 30 Categories. Rail services were closed for a long time to prevent the spread of corona infection. But in the last few weeks, first, the Shramik special trains started operating followed by the passenger trains. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From ABHAYAPURI ASAM AYU. Indian Railways to Operationalise 2600 Trains in Next 10 Days.

Advance Reservation Period for Special Trains Increased From 7 Days to 30 Days. RailMitra PNR Status Prediction: Everything That You Need to Know. Your ticket could be on the waiting list at the time of booking, which means your ticket has been booked but no seat or berth has been allocated to you. Depending on how many tickets get cancelled, your waiting ticket can get confirmed. To check the current status of your waiting list ticket, you can use the PNR status feature of RailMitra.

Online Ticket Booking Open Today for 200 Trains Running From June 1. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From ABHANPUR JN AVP. Zero-Based Time Table: Railways Formed Committee for New Networks. Best food for long train journeys. Planning a journey is exciting and delightful, but also leaves you in a state of bewilderment, when it comes to food. Whether it’s a planned long journey or a short train journey, one of the biggest concerns is to decide about the food to savor in the route for a better food experience all along the journey.

While travelling it matters a lot what you consume in between your trip. However it’s difficult to get hygienic food from the platform or the pantry of the train. Special Passenger Trains: यात्रियों को टिकट बुकिंग के समय देना होगा पता का पूरा ब्यौरा 80% Shramik Special Trains Have Been Run for Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From ABHAIPUR (AHA) Station. Railways Start Construction of Supaul Araria New Broad Gauge Rail Line. International Train Routes in India: All You Need to Know. List of All the Trains Arriving Departing From ABADA [ABB] बिहार के बाहर फसे जो अबतक वापस नही लौटे उनके लिए सम्पूर्ण जानकारी Indian Railways Will Open Special PRS Counter for Passengers. Indian Railways Repaired 12,000 Km of Tracks during Lockdown. Home Ministry Asks Railways to Run 100 ‘Shramik Special’ Trains Daily.

Know About the Highest Priority Trains of Indian Railways. Indian Railways Back On Track: Ticket Booking Starts from 4 PM Today. 15 Unknown Facts About Freight Transport of India That Will Amaze You. Railways Will Deploy Isolation Coaches at 215 Stations of the Country. Indian Railways Sign Boards and Their Meanings Things to Know. Aurangabad Rail Accident: 16 Labourers Killed in a Tragic Accident. श्रमिक स्पेशल ट्रेनों में नहीं लिया जा रहा है कोई किराया आज बिहार पहुंचेगी 9 ट्रेनें Central Govt. Relaxes Norms for IT Sector, Work From Home Extended Till 31st July. Indian Railways Issued New Guidelines Regarding For Shramik Special Train.

RDSO Has Successfully Tested the Country’s Most Powerful Engine. VRS Scheme in Indian Railways: Know All the Details. Jaipur to Patna Among 6 ‘Shramik Special’ Trains Departs on Friday. Special Train Departs From Hyderabad to Jharkhand with 1284 Labourers. List of Indian Railways Abbreviations That You Need to Know. 400 Special Free Trains Can Run for People Stranded in the COVID-19 Lockdown. Indian Railways Started Production of Rail Coaches in Kapurthala RCF. AIMS Portal: Indian Railway Employee Payslip, AIMS Mobile App,RESS Registration. कोविड-19: भारतीय रेलवे ने एक दिन में बनाया एक हजार पीपीई किट. IRCTC Stops Online Ticket Booking! Only Cancelations are allowed. Indian Railways will Provide Food Packet for Just Rs 15. Railways will Switch to Khadi Bed Sheets and Plastic Curtains. Counter Ticket Cancellation in Lockdown: Procedure and Rules. Indian Railways located a Lost Parcel of an Elderly Family. GOM Meet: No Probability of Railways to run After Lockdown2.0. Know the Complete Process to Make Donations to PM Relief Fund.

Lockdown2.0: Railways to Consider Cost Cutting! No New Recruitment. Avoid Pantry Food! Switch to Food Delivery in Train Service. Indian Railways to cancel Millions of Tickets due to Lockdown 2.0. Avoid Pantry Food! Switch to Food Delivery in Train Service. Avoid Pantry Food! Switch to Food Delivery in Train Service. 10 AppsDownload the Quarantine Watch app Androided by the Government to Track COVID 19. Lockdown 2.0: Passenger Trains will not run Till 3rd May. Traveling via non-pantry train? How to get fresh and tasty food in trains! 10 Apps Launched by the Government to Track COVID-19. Indian Railways invented World Cheapest Ventilator-Jeevan. Indian Railways: Duties and Responsibilities of a Station Master. The #StayatHome Plea: Things to Avoid during the Lockdown.

Biz of IT Innovation Platform. New Delhi Railway Station started smart access parking control system. QR codes will be placed on the food packets for train Passengers. Easy Hacks for a Relaxing Train Journey in India. What made Indian Railways into Spotlight in 2019? Mumbai Central: India’s First Eat Right Station Declared by FSSAI. High-speed Rail and Hyperloop Trains: A Technical Vision of Indian Railways. Anga Express (12254): Train Schedule, Food Options and Fare Details. Online Food Delivery in Train. What are the RAC GNWL PQWL RLWL and TQWL in Indian Railways? Trains, Hotels & Railway Stays. How to Book Season Tickets via Indian Railways?