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Rahul Vyas

Rahul Vyas is a Team Leader at CrispyCodes; I have skills about Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Business Automation.

Web Development

Microsoft Dynamic CRM & ERP. BPM with CRM, Certainly Works To Your Advantage. Integrate your BPM and CRM; the idea or concept might sound a bit abrupt – but believe me it has, and will always work to your advantage.

BPM with CRM, Certainly Works To Your Advantage

It not only helps you to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of your customer facing processes, but also helps you gain that additional insight about your customers. CRM, as you all know, is all about managing sales and marketing interactions with existing as well as potential customers. Business Process Management (BPM) is all about improving workflows and business process. So why are we talking about integrating both of them, how does it happen and how does it work to your advantage, that is exactly what we will discuss today, in this article. First of all let’s understand one thing, very clearly, without BPM your CRM is just one of those hefty investments in technology which may or may not yield you desired results. But then, why are sales teams across businesses so very appreciative about CRM? Software Consulting Services Application Development. Real Estate Website. What are the various aspects involved in building a website?

MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not. MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not Businesses and organizations want to grow as huge as Google and Facebook.

MS Dynamics ERP or CRM Always Helps, Multitasking May Not

They look up to these giants as to how they tackle several projects at once. But believe me, they fail miserably when a small company with just a few team members, come up with idea for a social network, search engine, mobile chat app and even a virtual reality project. In such scenarios, it is advisable to start a bit smaller, or opt for Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. Managing several major projects successfully simultaneously with just a few workers and minimal resources, is the height of optimism. It is not at all necessary for you to commit a mistake and then learn from it — the hard way. Further, Randy says, “we weren’t progressing as fast as we would have liked to — and the reason was clear. In this case, Randy and company noticed that something was not going right the way they expected. Why Should Users Download your eCommerce Mobile App to Buy your Products? ECommerce companies today are taking their mobile strategy a step ahead, by adopting mobile apps, to give their users a truly dedicated shopping experience.

Why Should Users Download your eCommerce Mobile App to Buy your Products?

Enlisted here are some facts and figures which may make some of you feel happy for already being a part of this mobile eCommerce revolution, while some of you might get those jitters for being deprived of the benefits of not adopting this new age technology of app only experience. Redirect to SMB - MS SharePoint Server 2010; Microsoft Security Flaw Discovered - Enterprise Solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 - Enterprise Portal Web Controls Development - Enterprise Solutions. Do You BackUp Your WordPress? Better Start Now. You are not the only one who thinks that backing up your small business WordPress site once in a while is absolutely fine.

Do You BackUp Your WordPress? Better Start Now

Surprisingly a survey conducted on approx. 500 plus WordPress users, revealed that 47% of the WordPress users backup their sites every few months but regularly, while 21% of users backup WordPress occasionally. Trust me this is not at all good for your WordPress site, as backing up your site is one of those easiest and cost effective way of protecting WordPress against failures. It also gave out some more shocking facts and figures. New Startup Businesses May Bleed Money, ERP solution Can Stop It.

How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites Part 2 - DZone Performance. The Performance Zone is presented by AppDynamics.

How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites Part 2 - DZone Performance

AppDynamics is a leader in the APM space with massive cost reductions for users. In the previous article of this twin series, we checked out on some of the ways to speed Up Magento website without Advanced Technical Skills. Here in this write up we would check out as to how could one speed up Magento website with help of Technical Expertise. Shopify With Google Wallet Will Increase Traffic On Your Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Site. June 2014, made its mark in history where 50.3% of all e-commerce traffic was through mobile devices and tablets.

Shopify With Google Wallet Will Increase Traffic On Your Mobile-Friendly E-Commerce Site

Simplistic – more people used mobile phones or any hand held device to visit online stores as compared to using desktop computers or laptops. Data from 100,000 ecommerce stores using Shopify platform showed these results: 3% from Mobile Phones10% from TabletsMere 49.7% from Computers We all, somewhere down the line expected this day to come sooner or later – and mobile trends anticipated this well in advance. No more disputes on this as mobile commerce is now the default way for people to shop online. Shopify also contended the race, where they tracked mobile traffic and implemented tremendous changes to boost up their operational efficiencies in mobile ecommerce direction. Migrate to Magento for these 4 Prominent Features. 3 Major Challenges in Mobile Apps Development. Mobiles or smartphones are increasingly becoming main devices for business use.

3 Major Challenges in Mobile Apps Development

The usage is prominently increasing and they are here to stay for a long-long time for sure. If we talk about enterprise level mobile usage, it is likely to grow above 40% by the dawn of 2018. Microsoft Dynamics Increases Mobile Functionality - Do you agree? Increased Mobile Functionalities are often on priority for businesses using several enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management software platforms.

Microsoft Dynamics Increases Mobile Functionality - Do you agree?

Increased usage of mobile devices in professional world, may it be through the tablets issued by businesses to their employees or the usage of smartphones under a BYOD – bring your own device arrangement, has actively changed the way companies in several markets do business. Two of the major benefits provided by the use of mobile devices, which have proved to be the game changer, are the remote access to useful information and immediate visibility even when the employee is on the work floor and not in the office. It should not come to you all as a surprise that Microsoft Dynamics has been actively involved in adding more and more mobile functionalities to these ERP and CRM solutions in the Dynamics range. How to Hire Professional Magento Developers. I bet if you search “Hire Magento developer” in Google; it will display around 1.5 million results.

How to Hire Professional Magento Developers

And needless to say; not all of them will be really helpful to you. Internet is likely to show you an astonishing number of Magento developer on board; however, it is precisely here that you need to apply your discretion before you hire a Magento developer. Choosing the right Magento Developer, who possesses all the knowledge and skill to take up your Magento project is rather a cumbersome task. Since; e-Commerce is getting more and more competitive in nature, it is important that you focus entirely on the quality and it should be maintained effortlessly. Undoubtedly; a huge share of the ecommerce sites’ success depends on the skills and expertise of a Magento developer. Magento Theme Development; Create Wonders for e-Commerce Stores. Magento; the open source system is quite popular a catch; in fact it is the number one choice among countless business owners across the globe for developing a successful internet store or a so called e-Commerce store.

Magento Theme Development; Create Wonders for e-Commerce Stores

E-commerce development systems that are created using Magento are mostly based on Zend Framework and functions on PHP and MySQL. Virtual merchant can conveniently modify the content and also can embed various multimedia attributes within the store even if he is completely a non-techie. Magento is one such system that meets all business requirements, irrespective the size of a business. One could build a totally customized online e-Commerce store with help of Magento.

Increase Your Magento Store Sales. Every Magento eCommerce store owner wants to grow but; what do you mean by growth? You want to increase the count of products, enhance the relationships with your customers, improve brand value, you want to attract new customers or maximize your sales? Well, it can be either any one of it or, a combination of more than one or may be all of them.

Hire WordPress Developer, but after you ask these questions. For how long the WordPress developer has been using WordPress? The response of this question may definitely vary, however; you would certainly want to Hire Expert WordPress Developer, who knows the way through WordPress and also utilizes basic WordPress functionalists for further modifications. If a WordPress theme website Design Company or a WordPress Designer carries out everything in a custom-made mode; it might get out of sync with future versions of WordPress themes, and may prove really costly. Learn about: Convert PSD to WordPress for eCommerce Sites. Developing a WordPress e-Commerce site from a customized layout is not very challenging a procedure; when you are well equipped with WordPress, its features, the plugins, styles, and even CSS. In this article, we shall give some pointers, tricks; along with resources which you may use to generate a fantastic WordPress online store. Responsive e-Commerce website With Smartphones making their presence strong in the market, increasing number of people are using hand-held devices to access Internet.

Mobile Centric Strategy for your Digital Enterprise. Apple Swift Makes iOS and Mac Apps Development Easy. Apple’s New Free Programming Language – Apple Swift is set to make iOS App development easier than ever. Apple announced a totally new programming language known as SWIFT, for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch, at WWDC 2014. 10 Steps that make iPhone Application Development Easy. 10 Steps that make iPhone Application Development Easy Rome was not built in a day and so is the case with successful iPhone applications.

A lot of time goes in planning, preparing a primary blue-print, and understanding the market trends before actually building an iPhone application — that has the potential to take mobile users by storm. Believe me, looking at current state; iPhone Apps Development and iPhone Apps Developers, are certainly here to stay and stay for long. Of several factors that work in favor of popularity of iPhone application development includes, the demand for technically superior, intuitive and cutting-edge applications. 8 Mobile Apps Design Tips for the Best UX. Every Dollar – if invested appropriately into usability of your app, returns you more than hundred times.

This is one of the strongest beliefs that have proved its worth over years. We also consider this thumb rule whenever we take up your mobile apps design and development projects, as we also firmly believe that our UX designs are the key to your success. How Much Does It Cost To Build a New Website? Our articles about “website cost” have attracted fair amount of readers. Enterprise Development Solutions and Landscapes of Digital Revolution. For some years down the line, a typical enterprise has seen a major revolution, where paper files were replaced by digitized files, the conventional mail was replaced by emails and gradually real time communication became the norm with availability of phone calls, faxes, and online conference meetings.

The Digital Revolution – also called the third industrial revolution started spreading roots in the late 1970’s. Why Develop Custom Mobile Applications? Mobiles today are a style and prestige statement with the iPhone, Samsung galaxy, BlackBerry and many others which are extremely popular. Why Do Small Businesses need Customer Relationship Management Solution? Customer Relationship Management Software that Cares and Saves Time for Startups and Small Businesses. How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites Part 2. In the previous article of this twin series, we checked out on some of the ways to speed Up Magento website without Advanced Technical Skills. MS Dynamics CRM – Does it really help Turbo Charge Your Salesforce and Marketing? Few days back I was just thinking over, as to if the CRMs were so very effective at driving sales, and so the commission attached to it, why does every sales person detests it?

How much does it cost to build an iPhone App? Empire state building or an apartment both of them are buildings? How much does it cost to build a new website or how much will it cost to make a website? Travel website, Real Estate / property websites, shopping sites, online retail multivendor websites, online retail marketplaces and portals like Airbnb, Etsy, eBay, FlipKart, SnapDeal, Yelp, Groupon,,, ZocDoc, GrubHub,,, FoodPanda,, UrbanSpoon,,,, Nuvango – “You name it and we have it”.

Hi-Tech ITO is a successful Web Designing and Development service provider since its inception in 1992.Our skilled engineers have been keeping pace with the changes while designing websites ever since. WordPress Vs Joomla Vs Drupal – Really?? Why should I pay to set up a website; there are “Build your Website for Free” options available? Microsoft Dynamics NAV - “xact abort” Enabled Settings May Want You to Watch Out for Zombies. How much does it cost to build a website like Airbnb?

30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : Part – 1. Dynamics NAV Corfu Update - Microsoft Convergence 2015. Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV? How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites? Shopify Best Practices to Boost Your E-commerce Site. Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips. Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application…!!! Interesting Facts pertaining to PHP Web Development and the Benefits Associated with it.

Tips for Pre and Post Joomla to WordPress Migration…!!! Different types of Website Designs and Development Costs – Which one will you choose? Year 2015 is certainly going to be a big year of ERP…!!! 5 Key elements that make your business mobile ready. New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015. How to Develop a Mobile Application That Sells. How being into Dramatics helped to become a good Web designer..!! Mobile Apps a boon for Small Businesses – Here are 6 reasons Why is it!

10 Best Microsoft Office 365 features set to rule business world in 2015, experts claim. How Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a way to Optimize Business Productivity? Is Non Responsive Website Design Stifling Your Business Growth? Get Smarter Business Analytics Report with CRM Business Intelligence. CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology. Mobile App Development; Avoid these silly Mistakes…!!! 5 Mistakes to Avoid and have that Amazing Website. How Long Does It Take To Build An IOS or Android App? Understanding the Use of Social Media in Branding. Application Development at iOS is Costly Compare to Android, Blackberry, Windows and Others.

How Much Time it Takes To Create Mobile App? Top Smartphone Apps/Games Category Trends. Comparing Top 4 Mobile Operating System. How much it Cost to Design and Develop a Website. How to Select Website Design? Static or Dynamic What to Select and Why ? Website Design and Development Solutions Guide. Automate Your Business Process to Increase Productivity. Why Outsourcing .Net Services is a Growing Trend? You Got it.....User Friendly Website in 3 Simple Steps...!!!! 5 Ways to Make Your E-commerce Sites More Advance. Exposing 4 Myths about Offshore Mobile Application Development.

Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations…!!! Looking Into The Future Of Enterprise Solutions In 2015 And Beyond...!!! Why do you need a Mobile Website and Mobile Application for your Business? Responsive Site Design – 4 Tips to Create an Exemplary Site…!!! 10 Step Process for Successful Enterprise Solution Implementation…!!! Custom .Net Development Trends to Know. Key Attributes of Outsourcing Software Development Service Provider.

Brace Your BYOD Tool chest – Don’t Fear it, Caution and Sufficient Security Measures Would Help…!!! Android One – Poised To Enter the Market With A Bang. Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth. Native v. Mobile Web Apps Is Not an Either-Or Choice. Use of SCORM E-learning Content. Future of Technology – Wearable Technology. Optical Character Recognition and The Digitization Wave. Is ERP on Cards? - Here is a Comprehensive Buying Guide for the Solution.

Augmented Concentration on Mobility Solutions Gives Added Advantage to IT Companies. Underestimating the Importance of ERP Is Suicidal. Highly Anticipated iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked! A Glimpse of The Current Trends that Rules E-Commerce User Experience (UX) Changes; Mobile App Development World to Witness In 2015. Best Practices for a Mind-Blowing Website Design and Development. 5 Amazing Firefox Add-ons That Ensure Superior Software Testing. Why Develop Web Application in PHP? - Crispy Codes – News and Updates.