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Rahul Vyas

Rahul Vyas is an Assistant Manager at Hi-Tech ITO is an India based software development company offering customized web, mobile and enterprise solutions to diverse businesses. When innovation and aligns with technology it ensures the best results is what Rahul believes in. Rahul is a very warm and approachable person; he motivates his team and works with them towards a common goal 'delivering unsurpassed results'.

Web Development

Mobile Application Development. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE. Microsoft Dynamic Development CRM, NAV & AX. Integration of Cloud based CRM & ERP System to Enhance Business.

Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV? Both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV are designed to specifically to provide you with full functionalities and integrated ERP systems.

Which is the best fit for your organization - MS Dynamics AX or MS Dynamics NAV?

Equipped to perform in a single plant or across various functions – they also support multiple languages and multiple currencies for operations across geographies. With explicit network of ISVs to offer complimentary functionalities; the product extends its services for specific industries. Also both the technologies are a masterpiece with convenient scalability from a few to thousands – in just no time.

So then if both of them have all the plus point what is it that the organizations/businesses should opt for and why? The difference between both the technologies is not “Whether” it performs a particular functionality or not….it is “HOW” it performs a particular function. MS Dynamics partners completely understand the differences between the two products. MS Dynamics CRM – Does it really help Turbo Charge Your Salesforce and Marketing?

Few days back I was just thinking over, as to if the CRMs were so very effective at driving sales, and so the commission attached to it, why does every sales person detests it?

MS Dynamics CRM – Does it really help Turbo Charge Your Salesforce and Marketing?

It is one of those tools that makes everyone’s job a lot more easily and hence empowering them to earn more in form of commissions. After all we all love earning more and more money – conveniently. Observations and experiences of sales people are at times convincing and not at times, one more question that raises eyebrows is that why do CRMs have lowest LTV as compared to any other enterprise application? (LTV is basically the money you anticipate making from any customer across the life cycle.)

If compared to other accounting applications with LTV of over 20 years, CRM hails an LTV of just a bit more than 4 years, is it due to the reason that CRM Solutions do not deliver what they promise? Microsoft Dynamics NAV - “xact abort” Enabled Settings May Want You to Watch Out for Zombies. This is for all those programmers, developers and users – if in case you have been wise enough, read by oversight" to turn on the xact abort connection setting option for your Microsoft Dyamics NAV SQL server instance – please immediately look out for Zombies.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV - “xact abort” Enabled Settings May Want You to Watch Out for Zombies

If this option is turned on – users of your solution are at a risk of seeing an error thrown at them indicating "This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable along with a crash signature which includes a call to the ZombieCheck() function. Click on the instance name in SQL server management studio and then upon selecting properties, one can set the XACT abort configuration option. Thereafter, choose the Connection page, and then in the Default Connection Options list, as displayed in the screenshot below, xact abort option would reflect at the end of the list: There are chances that the scenarios where one may come across above mentioned errors may differ at time. Why Magento is a Perfect E-Commerce Platform? Magento, the open source PHP based e-commerce platform, paves path for itself with help of robust features and extreme flexibility to business owners in managing several aspects of content, appearance and functionalities of their e-commerce stores.

Why Magento is a Perfect E-Commerce Platform?

This all is backed up with flawless administrative interface for effective marketing, search engine optimization and inventory management tools to empower sellers with the ability to flow sites that match their business requirements. To add up to these benefits that Magento has to provide for e-commerce solutions, it also offers a combination of prominently scalable layouts and extensively supportive networking.

To sum up all this it has successfully earned the reputation of a highly reliable solution amongst shopping cart owners – this is due to the high Return on Investment – that it brings in for the owners. Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application…!!! Things have become so easy these days!

Top 9 Features of a Successful Android Application…!!!

– Thanks to the amazing technological gadgets; we can, now, just tap our smartphones and virtually do everything; right from booking tickets to paying our bills! Dynamics NAV Corfu Update - Microsoft Convergence 2015. Microsoft Convergence 2015, one of the most important events last month in 2015, where Microsoft Dynamics representatives pushed across the envelope with some of the upcoming features for the next Dynamics NAV release, code named ‘Corfu’, by this autumn.

Dynamics NAV Corfu Update - Microsoft Convergence 2015

He proudly announced the increasing popularity saying “Year 2007 saw NAV’s install base of approx. 60,000, which has gone up to 110,000 and Microsoft’s push to a ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ world is likely to increase the appeal of Dynamics NAV. Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips. Businesses and organizations have started allocating budgets especially for web design and development tasks.

Design a Website with these 3, Common but Effective Tips

Expectations here, from developers and designers is to come up with exclusive and explicit results in form of ultimate traffic and potential customers. Designers and developers are supposed to make efforts to include the finest themes – color combinations – sliders – banners and many more. However; we have here top three features that they need to refer: Unambiguous About Products and Services Offered: How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites? All you readers would agree to a simple and accepted logic - the faster your e-commerce store – the faster is your conversion rate.

How to Deal with Low Speed Issue of your Magento Websites?

The BuiltWith portrays it clearly that shopping websites’ owners are substantial Magento users. This also is an indicator that this platform’s extensions and themes really work – effectively. 30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : Part – 3. In two of my previous articles of this tri series, I told you about those Material Design apps, which are widely used and have proved really useful for segments including News and Information, while the second article focused on best android apps for Weather knowhow/forecast and Organizational purposes.

30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : Part – 3

In this post we will have a look at some of the Android apps for Communication, Multimedia and Device Customization. Material Design Apps for Communication Purpose: Why Responsive Web Designs are Mandatory In 2015? 30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : +Part - 2. In my previous article of this tri series, I told you about those Material Design apps, which are widely used and have proved really useful for News and Information Segment.

30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : +Part - 2

In this post we will have a look at some of the Android apps for Weather knowhow/forecast and android apps used for Organizational purposes. Material Design – Weather Android Apps Weather Timeline. Internet of Things, Business Intelligence & retail sector - awesome threesome... Internet of Things gives rise to Business Intelligence in the Retail sector making the competition really tough; giving nightmares to the retailers...

The concept of Internet-of-Things has set the world on fire, not literally, tough! Expectations from PHP 7 - Part 2. Expectations from PHP 7 - first release candidate (RC) appearing mid-June 2015. 30 Awesome Examples of Material Design : Part – 1. Material design plays an integral role for Google’s Android platform, from Chrome OS to the Web. Irrespective of the fact whether you acknowledge it or not – design standards introduced with Android 5.0 are increasingly becoming popular and core part of your smartphones or tablets. The number of people who think that apps with older design styles are out of place – out of date – and out of touch is increasing with leaps and bounds, and they are the ones who have tasted the new Material Design and consistent style that it provides.

Yes, let’s not forget that your google Android phones, apart from Gmail, Google Drive, and alike, offers a lot more in form of tasty Material Design – you just need to explore it. So here I bring you the 30 top-notch Android apps that do Material Design – the way you need it, in a series of three articles. Pocket Casts. Internet of Things – Internet of Everything; a Smart Revolution in the Offing. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure (Sources: Wikipedia). Believe it or not, by 2019, IoT-related devices will sell more than 200% of smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart car, and wearable units, combined!

Based on these lines, a new concept – Internet of Everything (IoE), is trending the charts. It uses people processes and technologies to develop smart products and takes you beyond connected objects and introduces you to the world of networked connections. What exactly is the purpose? Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU8 - Enterprise Portal Web Controls Development. It was a bright Monday morning and I was sipping on my tea at the desk trying - preparing a “to do list” for the week that started. A developer from the team working on modifying Enterprise Portal Web Controls in AX 2012 R3 CU8 for one of our customers in Netherlands; approached me. He wanted to share some vital information to me, so that I can in turn write and publish the same for the benefit of everyone. He wanted everyone to know that what can be one of the errors while doing Enterprise Portal Development.

He said, the team was working in changing the structure of an original table before working on the control. After making necessary changes, they were planning to go into the Enterprise portal and attempt to view a page, but were getting an unexpected error message: Shopify Best Practices to Boost Your E-commerce Site. Success of Ecommerce sites has been just phenomenal! In fact, the concept of ecommerce kicked off as a small idea with online shops; which gradually evolved into an advanced and extensive online shopping complex, presently linking thousands of buyers and sellers across the globe. Some have attributed this achievement to luck – It had played a major role. However, there are various other factors, including Shopify, which has contributed amazingly and helped virtual shops to achieve this amazing feat.

Along with hard work & luck, for consistent growth and success of any venture, Shopify offers smart business strategies, understanding market tendencies and fore-sightedness. Business owners across India, through e-commerce websites, run successful Shopify stores, where they sell fashion, electronics, sporting goods, furniture, and even food.

Be Mobile-Ready – Shopify helps you run an online store, in person and then, when you are on a go Strong Branding is Half the Battle Won. SharePoint SSL ( Not Supported - Management Reporter 2012. One of the developers ran into an error with Management Reporter while he was trying to publish publish a report link to SharePoint. Indian Software Outsourcing Industry Growth. Over the years, India has become an increasingly favored destination for customized software outsourcing. However, with several other countries following the Indian software outsourcing model, the competition is getting stiff. Elite Hackers Are at Work – Is Your Organization Safe from Massive Cyber Attack??? Sony Pictures were NOT.

We recently have been reading all about the massive cyber-attack or breach of systems at Sony Pictures. How being into Dramatics helped to become a good Web designer..!! Posted by: Chirag Shivalker | Posted on: March 24th, 2015 The title does sound a little bit offbeat or should I say out of place! Three ways to transform business data into BI - Part 3: Business intelligence meets mobility. AHMEDABAD, INDIA: This is the third post in our three part series; [Three ways to transform business data into business intelligence]... Three ways to transform business data into Business Intelligence - Part 2: Self-sufficient BI reporting without relying on IT. AHMEDABAD, INDIA: This is the second post in the three part series, three ways to transform business data into business intelligence... (Video) Three ways to transform business data into BI - Part 1: Opt for better, not bigger, dashboards.

Why Outsourcing .Net Services is a Growing Trend? It’s the latest and probably the biggest shift in strategy for Microsoft as new CEO Satya Nadella steers the company away from proprietary to open service platform; and has released an open source the server side components of its .Net framework. Tips for Pre and Post Joomla to WordPress Migration…!!! Content Management Systems or CMS have been creating quite a buzz – In fact numerous Content Management Systems – CMS, have entered the market and gained rave reviews. However, two of them – Joomla and WordPress – have been successful in hitting the ‘right chords’ with the technocrats, market leaders and internet users, alike. A Glimpse of The Current Trends that Rules E-Commerce User Experience (UX) Different types of Website Designs and Development Costs – Which one will you choose? Web Design Trends 2015. How to Select Website Design?

Why 3 new document reporting and cash management features boost the value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015? 5 Ways to Make Your E-commerce Sites More Advance. Mobile App Development; Avoid these silly Mistakes…!!! Go for CRM Integration with Sales Enablement App to Streamline your Business Operations…!!! CRM Approach - A Well Planed Business Strategy Not a Mere Technology. Identify & Address 3 Common BYOD Adoption Problems. New Rules of Secure Data Network for Enterprise Mobility Management in 2015. 5 Key elements that make your business mobile ready. 25 Years of Internet offers 25 Web Designing Tips. 3 Great Examples of Some Cool Wordpress Websites. Enterprise Governance in a SharePoint Environment. Tips to Ease Working with Checks in Dynamics AX. 30 Resume Writing Tips! Need of PSD Conversion. Data access redesign in ms dynamics nav convenient for new but complex for existing users. 5 Reasons Vs Challenges to Choose Microsoft SharePoint…!!!

Why a Lawyer needs Professionally Designed Website? Mobile Application Development Guidelines. Advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning System Development. Is Non Responsive Website Design Stifling Your Business Growth? Mobile App Development - Are You Doing It Right? CRM for Manufacturers Drives Business and Improves Sales. Grow Your Business with ERP Solutions. Mobility Becomes Imperative For Businesses across the Globe. Change Management With ERP Implementation. Year 2015: What has business intelligence in store for businesses? Interesting Facts pertaining to PHP Web Development and the Benefits Associated with it. How To Develop A Mobile Application That Sells.

Improve your Social Listening With New MS Dynamics CRM Spring ’14 Wave. Enterprise Mobility Trends In 2014. Enterprise Governance In A SharePoint Environment. Best Practices in Enterprise Mobility Implementation. Mobile App Development for Real Estate – These Features will help you to Pick the Best! CRM Trends for 2015 and What Implies? How Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps to Drive Revenue & Serve Customers? Social Media Is Fast Becoming A Necessity For Enterprises Rather Then Choice. Influence Of Social Media On Customer Relationship Management. How Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a way to Optimize Business Productivity?

Custom Mobile Web Application Development: Valentine’s Day Mobile Apps that can be Used All Year Round. In Vehicle Infotainment Middleware Goes Open Source - Breeds Innovation. Turning Responsive with Wordpress Website Design and Development. Android along with Google, Paving its way to your Cars, Watches and TVs. Social Media & CRM - A Relationship of Brand. What Features Make An ERP System The Best For Your Business? 10 Best Microsoft Office 365 features set to rule business world in 2015, experts claim. Shall I Outsource or Hire, for my IT Project? : Hi-Tech ITO. How Mobile Business Intelligence Is Changing Business Dynamics. Advantages of Open Source Software. Number of Websites Hits a BILLION: New Site Registered Every SECOND. After Apple; Now Its Nokia’s Turn! Nokia All Set to Lure the Users with its Dual Boot Power ranger Phones.

ASP.Net Configurations Every ASP.Net Developer Should Discern. What Does the Future have in Store for Enterprise Mobility? Recent Development; Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP App for iPAD, Android & Windows 8 - Microsoft Dynamics NAV Community. App Store - The Most Effectual Weaponry In Apple’s Armor. A Responsive Web Design and Development - Great Investment for Your Business. Social CRM - Your ICE Bucket Challenge - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community. Android Application Development Services used in Business Verticals. Mobile Apps a boon for Small Businesses – Here are 6 reasons Why is it!

3 Most Innovative Applications of FSI in Biomechanical Systems. Enterprise Development Solutions and Landscapes of Digital Revolution (with image) · hitechito. Login. 5 Powerful PHP Frameworks for Agile Application Development. Android along with Google, Paving its way to your Cars, Watches and TVs - Benefits of Implementing ERP system.