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Illustrator. Amazing illustration work by Minni Havas.


Minni Havas (b. 1983) is a freelance illustrator based in Helsinki. Minni uses colour pencils to draw detailed pictures with magical colours and arrangements somewhere in the borderlands of the real and the imaginary. Via Moodboard. Designer & Illustrator. When I saw the resent work of Mark Weaver, I was surprised to learn that I had not posted some of his amazing work until now.

Designer & Illustrator

The featured collages are from his Make Something Cool Everyday series. Mark’s graphic style and sence of knowing which images fit together are impecable. Designer and Illustrator. These digital collages by Tim Green has such a stunning look.

Designer and Illustrator

Dreamy, vintage and almost a bit biblical. Tim Green aka Destroywerk is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Fashion Illustrations. Love how the fashion illustrations by Paris-based illustrator and art director Caroline Andrieu are gorgeous with an edge.

Fashion Illustrations

Caroline is outstandingly talented and has lots of other beautiful illustrations in her portfolio. She also has a blog. e size-full wp-image-10086″ src=” alt=”" width=”600″ height=”845″ /> Submission: Elisabeth A. Bukanova. Best casinos for online slots was impressed when Russian-born illustrator Elisabeth Bukanova, recently mailed cialis super active me her portfolio to look at.

Submission: Elisabeth A. Bukanova

It's a stunning mix of black ballpoint lines and soft watercolors. If you're interested, you can read a great interview with Elisabeth over at 1883 Magazine. 765qwerty765.