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Kuler. The Barcode Update You Never Asked For. @Toastie: I agree entirely that RFID needs to be used in the future rather than barcodes.

The Barcode Update You Never Asked For

However, this will be a much easier sell than RFIDs have been. Security, accuracy, etc. are concerns with RFID (to people who understand the technology) whereas this seems like a more versatile system that's significantly secure. However, once RFID security is addressed, and the accuracy (detecting which items are purchased, vs. in the vicinity, etc.) of RFID is refined properly, it is at least the TYPE of system that should be implemented in the future. @TuxBobble: honestly, this is what RFID should be used for. Beautiful Word Clouds. Moonfruit - Beautiful websites, simply. Clay Shirky on TED. QR-Code Generator.