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Will Nixing Fashion Bloggers’ Fix Fashion Week? This past fall, Oscar de la Renta expressed frustration with Fashion Week’s “megashows,” which are full of “20 million people with zero connection to the clothes.”

Will Nixing Fashion Bloggers’ Fix Fashion Week?

In response, he announced a plan to cut his invite list to a maximum of 350 carefully selected invitees. Now Catherine Bennett, senior vice president and managing director for IMG, says the company that runs Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will make similar changes to its shows next season. She tells the Wall Street Journal that Fashion Week “was becoming a zoo.

What used to be a platform for established designers to debut their collections to select media and buyers has developed into a cluttered, often cost-prohibitive and exhausting period for our industry to effectively do business.” In many ways, that's true. Many of the most intimate shows now happen in downtown studios, galleries, and warehouses that allow for the exclusivity often missing from the spectacle of Lincoln Center. The Oversaturation Situation: Are Fashion Blogs Becoming Obsolete? Pose.

The Oversaturation Situation: Are Fashion Blogs Becoming Obsolete?

Click. Upload. With just a simple picture and an outfit of the day, fashion bloggers aim to transform clicks into income. Whether blogging as a hobby or as a hopeful gateway into the fashion industry, their numbers are rapidly multiplying. But, like kitschy yogurt shops and horror movie franchises, could this boom lead to oversaturation and consumer fatigue? Courtney Kerr: What Courtney Wore Reality star, morning show host, and fashion blogger Courtney Kerr commands a large audience through her blog, What Courtney Wore. Courtney Kerr: The Ultimate Chic Combination The question is whether or not this lucky lady is among the last to hop a departing train as it leaves the station?

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week insiders recently expressed frustration with “too many fashion bloggers.” Despite dissatisfaction, however, statistics challenge notions like that of the famed designer. Alex Small: Small 4 Style Cynthia Smoot: Oh So Cynthia. Is Fashion Blogging Broken? 4 Issues Hurting Fashion Bloggers. It surprises me whenever I hear an authority in the fashion blogging community say things like, “The bubble has burst.”

Is Fashion Blogging Broken? 4 Issues Hurting Fashion Bloggers

“Things have changed so much, and it just doesn’t work anymore.” “The fashion blogging community has died… four years ago I didn’t think it would be like this, and I’m not sure what can be ahead.” The tone in fashion blogging has greatly changed, and those who have been blogging for many years are feeling the pressure. Each week I read another blogger’s confession: the depression and anxiety as a result of trying to juggle it all; feeling a pressure to whitewash their opinions, attitude, and outlook so that they’re more appealing to readers and advertisers; an increased need to “keep up with the Joneses,” and the mounting fears of internet backlash.

How to Make Money Blogging. If you’ve ever considered starting your own fashion blog, you’ve probably considered the following question: How can I make blogging my full-time job, and make money in the process?

How to Make Money Blogging

Plus, how to start a fashion blog and do it correctly is a challenging task all on its own. It’s one thing to have a personal style blog—pretty much everybody and their mom (sometimes literally!) Has one, since most platforms are free to start and easy to use—but it’s quite another to take that platform and make it something that nets you actual income. “Honestly, it’s not easy to make money,” said Natalie Decleve of Natty Style. “And it’s not easy to maintain. That may sound a bit redundant, but what Decleve means is less straightforward than it sounds: In order to make your main source of income your fashion blog, you have to invest not just your passion and dedication, but also (most importantly) your time.

Brand Partnerships: How to Forge Them and When to Get Paid. Exposure: How Big is Big? Are We Losing Interest In Fashion Bloggers? Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble.)

Are We Losing Interest In Fashion Bloggers?

Photo: Jenny Norris A decade ago the world of fashion blogging was essentially the Wild West. Bloggers weren’t corporations, they were fairly anonymous voices, sharing their opinions with anyone who would listen. Cut to today, and the top echelon of fashion bloggers have six-figure deals with brands, an audience of millions, and many aren’t even writing their own content anymore. Is this shift making us, the reader, lose interest though? Garance Doré and Scott Schuman. MORE: Top Bloggers Are Now Making $1 Million a Year Interestingly, nostalgia for the good old days of blogging is even shared by top fashion bloggers. As for Susie Lau of Susie Bubble: “I would never start a fashion blog if I was 22 years old again today. MORE: 30 Signs You Follow Too Many Fashion Bloggers on Instagram Ellison’s takeaway?