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5 Easy Ways to Dramatically Improve your Slides — Slidebean Blog. 13 Ways to Use Socrative as a Formative Assessment. Socrative is a smart, student response system that empowers teachers to collect data from their students via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

13 Ways to Use Socrative as a Formative Assessment

I find Socrative to be the most useful SMS app because students can use it on any platform with internet service, rather than phones with text messaging services. I let my students use Socrative with my laptops and iPod Touches in the classroom. It is a great way for teachers to assess students and collect immediate feedback. Its so Simple Teachers login through their device and select an activity which controls the flow of questions and games. Quick and Easy Assessment Student responses are visually represented for multiple choice, true/false and Short Answer questions. Socrative was created by a group of teachersIts interative and engagingIt provides immediate feedback via formative assessmentsIt is paperlessIt saves time when grading assignmentsStudents can use Socratic on any device, on any platform.

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Open Source Online Courses

Blogs. Microsoft Teacher Resources. Animoto - Video Maker & Photo Slideshow Maker. Fostering an Active Online Discussion. Heather VanMouwerik is a doctoral candidate in Russian History at the University of California, Riverside.

Fostering an Active Online Discussion

Follow her @hvanmouwerik or check out her website. When I was an undergraduate, in those heady days of invite-only Gmail accounts and “Heather is…” Facebook statuses, there were only two ways to communicate with classmates: seeing them in class or stalking them after. If you wanted to hold a study group, were confused by the reading, or wanted to work on a group project, then you had to plan to meet in advance. At the time collegial community could only be built through face-to-face contact—students physically occupying the same space with the same goals and the same schedule. This model works great within a certain set of parameters: at a university with an in-residence student body, small student-to-teacher ratios, and in courses with high attendance and daily discussion requirements. Despite the changing realities of higher learning, course community continues to be important.

EDUCAUSE Homepage. Learning Strategies for Higher Ed. 100 Best Video Sites For Educators. Bringing multimedia into the classroom is a great way to engage students in learning.

100 Best Video Sites For Educators

Supplementing lessons, opening up new interests, and offering inspiration, online videos make for an incredible teaching tool. In 2010, we covered our favorite 100 video sites for educators, and we’ve now updated our list for 2012 with more than 100 resources and more than 25 brand new entries. Read on, and you’ll be able to check out the very best sources for educational videos on the web. Educational Video Collections Specifically designed for education, these collections make it easy to find video learning resources. TeacherTube: This YouTube for teachers is an amazing resource for finding educationally-focused videos to share with your classroom. General Video Collections Network TV, inspiring talks, and more are all available in these collections. Hulu: A great place to find the latest TV shows, Hulu is also a source of educational videos. Teacher Education Lesson Planning. Pear Deck.

The Top 10 Ed-Tech Tools Suggested by Teacher Experts - The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up. What 10 Edtech Tools Will Educators Use This Fall? EdTech Toolbox: Ultimate Web 2.0 List. 51 Essential EdTech Tools By Category. “50 Essential EdTech Tools By Category” was first seen on TeachThought.

51 Essential EdTech Tools By Category

Technology and education are pretty intertwined these days and nearly every teacher has a few favorite tech tools that make doing his or her job and connecting with students a little bit easier and more fun for all involved. Yet as with anything related to technology, new tools are hitting the market constantly and older ones rising to prominence, broadening their scope, or just adding new features that make them better matches for education, which can make it hard to keep up with the newest and most useful tools even for the most tech-savvy teachers. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the tech tools, including some that are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, that should be part of any teacher’s tech tool arsenal this year, whether for their own personal use or as educational aids in the classroom. 1.

Social Learning 2. 3. 4. Tech Tools by Subject and Skills. Tom Daccord, Director of EdTechTeacher (MA) Justin Reich Co-Founder of EdTechTeacher (MA) Greg Kulowiec, Instructor & Presenter (MA) Beth Holland, Communications & Instruction (RI) Shawn McCusker, Instructor & Presenter, (IL)

Tech Tools by Subject and Skills

50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. April, 2015 Looking for some powerful EdTech tools to try out in your class or probably use for your professional development?

50 Great EdTech Tools for Teachers and Educators ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

This Symbaloo web mix created by Amy has you covered. The collection has around 50 wonderful educational tools and except for Knowable, an application we didn’t know before, all of the rest have been already reviewed here in the past. And if you ask us about our top 10 from this collection we would mention the following : 1- Socrative Socrative lets teachers engage and assess their students with educational activities on tablets, laptops and smartphones. 2- TED Ed Offers a collection of excellent educational video covering a wide variety of intellectual topics.