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Untitled. Una abuela del pueblo Krasny Yar, en la región de Novosibirsk (Siberia, Rusia) ha alimentado de tal forma durante un mes a un halcón negro, que ahora el ave ha sido diagnosticada con obesidad.


Llamado Lucy, el pájaro había aparecido herido y la anciana lo cuidó en su granero, informa el portal Meduza. Caballitos de mar: romance y extraños rituales de apareamiento. Cosmos y la evolución por selección artificial de los perros. Paleontology - Published on Mar 11, 2016 Shuvuuia... Cortejo hacia una hembra hecho por un... - Planeta Asombroso. Paleontología de vertebrados. Very clever spider uses rock to anchor web from ceiling. Very clever spider uses rock to anchor web from ceiling. Este pingüino nada 8000 kms cada año para ver al hombre que le salvó la vida. En Brasil, es ilegal tener animales salvajes como mascotas.

Este pingüino nada 8000 kms cada año para ver al hombre que le salvó la vida

Tiny sea snail 'swims like a bee' A tiny species of sea snail "flies" underwater using movements just like winged insects, according to a study.

Tiny sea snail 'swims like a bee'

US scientists observed the so-called sea butterfly - actually an aquatic snail - using high-speed video and flow-tracking systems. The 3mm critter flaps its wing structures, which grow where a snail's foot would normally be, in a characteristic figure-of-eight pattern. It also uses some of the vortex-making tricks that keep insects in the air. UNILAD - American Whip Spider Attacks Its Owner. Here's The World's Cutest Angry Frog You've Ever Seen -

Australia: Tasmanian tiger 'sighting' proves it is not extinct. A Tasmanian tiger hunter has said he believes the carnivorous marsupial isn't extinct after all - it's actually roaming across mainland Australia.

Australia: Tasmanian tiger 'sighting' proves it is not extinct

World-renowned thylacine hunter Michael Moss has spent 20 years searching for the elusive wildcat across the country, and says dashboard cameras are the key to proving his theory. "There has already been a claimed sighting of one in Fisheries Rd, Devon Meadows, a few years ago," Moss told the Cranbourne Leader. "And I've got footage of what I believe is one crossing a paddock in the Strezlecki Ranges, near Wilsons Promontory. "Most reports to date have been of animals near or crossing roads ... with the advent of dashboard cameras in cars, I think we will see some concrete evidence before much longer. " Science needs the freedom to constantly change its m... Coming from a scientist, this sounds smug, but here it is: science is one of humanity’s most noble and successful endeavours, and our best way to learn how the world works.

Science needs the freedom to constantly change its m...

We know more than ever about our own bodies, the biosphere, the planet and even the cosmos. We take pictures of Pluto, unravel quantum mechanics, synthesise complex chemicals and can peer into (as well as manipulate) the workings of DNA, not to mention our brains and, increasingly, even our diseases. Sometimes science’s very success causes trouble, it’s true. Complete Fossil of 23 Million-Year-Old Lizard in Amber Resin Found by Mexican Researchers.

Jul 09, 2013 09:45 AM EDT By Stephen Adkins, UniversityHerald Reporter A team of Mexican researchers have identified a small piece of fossil resin, in the shape of a trapezoid, to be of a 23 million-year-old lizard belonging to a new species of genus Anolis.

Complete Fossil of 23 Million-Year-Old Lizard in Amber Resin Found by Mexican Researchers

Like Us on Facebook Several months ago, the researchers retrieved the complete fossil of the lizard, trapped in amber, from Simojovel amber deposits located in the northern part of the south-eastern state of Chiapas, Mexico. The most notable feature of this fossil was the soft tissue and the skin of the vertebrae was well-preserved in the amber since pre-historic times. The fossilized amber deposit is currently displayed at the Amber Museum in San Cristobal de las Casas. Francisco Riquelme of the National Autonomous University of Mexico's Physics Institute said that the lizard fossil measured approximately 4.5 cm by 1.3 cm and was 'a complete and articulated animal that also preserves remains of soft tissue and skin.'

Impresionantes imágenes de los microbios que nos rodean - BBC Mundo. Bad Paleontology. 5 animales casi inmortales. Dos artistas de Ucrania, Anya Stasenko y... - Academia de Artes Fábula - Bogotá. Spi0n - Solidarité chez les fourmis. Photos du journal - Frans de Waal - Public Page. The black market work of an outlaw taxidermist. I’ll be the first to admit that I find a lot of Frankenstein taxidermy pretty corny, but the work of Enrique Gomez De Molina is so precise and seamless, his cut-and-paste beasts achieve a kind of uncanny beauty.

The black market work of an outlaw taxidermist

Unfortunately, his materials weren’t exactly acquired above-board. In 2012 he was sentenced to 20 months in federal pen for trafficking in endangered and protected wildlife—or at least their parts. The prosecutor points out that De Molina has been purchasing parts of endangered and protected animals for years, including “cobra, a pangolin, hornbills, and the skulls of babirusa and orangutans.” (If you’re naive enough to ask why it’s illegal to import an endangered animal that’s already dead, I’ll leave you to your thoughts.) However, despite making up to $80,000 per piece, De Molina claims he’s in it for the animals, “to bring awareness to the danger faced by a multitude of species: nuclear and chemical waste, overdevelopment, and destruction of rainforests.” Sure thing, buddy. Merostomata. A los animales no les gustan los drones - Sostenibilidad Semana.

Scorpion vs Spider - Amazing Animal. Scorpion Goes At It With A Black Widow Spider! La inteligencia animal no tiene límites. Mira lo que hace esta orca para atrapar a un pájaro. Algo va mal en la naturaleza: Osos polares empiezan a comer delfines (Fotos) Científicos noruegos han detectado, por primera vez, cómo los osos polares devoran delfines en el Ártico.

Algo va mal en la naturaleza: Osos polares empiezan a comer delfines (Fotos)

Dicha expansión en la dieta de los carnívoros es una evidencia más de que el mundo está en peligro, amenazado por el calentamiento global. El intenso encuentro entre un perro y un lobo. Meet the World's Grumpiest Frog. This frog with a perpetual frown isn't actually grumpy — that's just how the Black Rain Frog looks!

Meet the World's Grumpiest Frog

This grouchy-faced amphibian has the most intimidating mug around. The proof is in the grumping. Scroll through for more grump. Grump. (Photo: Miguel Vences and Frank Glaw) Cuando las criaturas salvajes se reúnen: impresionantes imágenes del reino animal. Características de los crustáceos. Los crustáceos son un grupo de invertebrados atrópodos, es decir, que tienen el cuerpo y las patas articulados.

Características de los crustáceos

The Coolest New Species of the 21st Century — I Want To Cuddle With #4! Posted By C. Kramer C. Kramer TRS_Blog_RESP_SC_Rectangle1 In the past few years, thousands of new species have been discovered; previously-thought-to-be-extinct species have been re-discovered; and we’ve learned cool new stuff about species that have been around for a while. We’ve listed a few of the coolest species that that have cropped up in the last several years. 13. Video: Avispas convierten a arañas en esclavas zombi para que tejan redes para sus larvas. Videoclub – Un mapache irrumpe en un almacén de alcohol y acaba completamente borracho. Watch This Ex-Circus Lion Feel Grass For The First Time. Let’s face it – we’re all looking forward to retirement and crossing off a lot of firsts from that mounting to-do list. For one lucky ex-circus lion, this meant for the first time feeling grass beneath his feet. A viral video (below), uploaded last week by the nonprofit organization Rancho dos Gnomos Santuário (known as Ecological Sanctuary Association – Rancho dos Gnomos in English) shows the exact moment that an ex-circus lion called Will was delivered to the sanctuary in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

From a life of performing in circuses across Brazil to this luscious green pasture, Will is seen running excitedly onto the grass, happily lolloping and kneading the earth beneath his giant paws. Aged 13, Will is nearing his twilight years. But you’d never know, with how sprightly and cat-like he springs from his holding cage. Adorable Circle of Life. How Dinosaurs Shrank and Became Birds. From Quanta Magazine (find original story here). Modern birds descended from a group of two-legged dinosaurs known as theropods, whose members include the towering Tyrannosaurus rex and the smaller velociraptors. The theropods most closely related to avians generally weighed between 100 and 500 pounds — giants compared to most modern birds — and they had large snouts, big teeth, and not much between the ears. A velociraptor, for example, had a skull like a coyote’s and a brain roughly the size of a pigeon’s.

For decades, paleontologists’ only fossil link between birds and dinosaurs was archaeopteryx, a hybrid creature with feathered wings but with the teeth and long bony tail of a dinosaur. These animals appeared to have acquired their birdlike features — feathers, wings and flight — in just 10 million years, a mere flash in evolutionary time.

Videoclub – Un herrerillo nace en la palma de la mano de un hombre. Synchronous Fireflies - Where to Observe Synchronous Fireflies. Seeing a sparkling carpet of fireflies in your backyard can be a magical experience. But imagine seeing them all flashing at once—in a symphony of light. Synchronous species of fireflies are very special—and they exist only in a handful of places throughout the world. Here are a few places where you can find them, if you know where to look. Great Smoky Mountains National Park Photinus carolinus is the only synchronous species of firefly out of 19 species that is found in the park. Una mamá pingüino llora por su cría... - Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality.

Conoce a las 10 ranas y sapos más únicos, extraños e impresionantes del mundo. No me creo que todos estos seres existan. Expressive Animal Portraits Reveal Their Strong ‘Human’ Emotions. Many of us see animals as human beings’ equals, so it’s only natural that some photographers see them this way as well. Vincent Lagrange, a photographer in Antwerp, Belgium, captured the human side of animals by taking serious and dignified portraits of the sort that us humans like to take of each other. His photo series is called “Human Animal.” “I tried to photograph the animals as humans, depicting their emotion and human-like characteristics in a sombre way,” Lagrange told Yatzer.

And indeed, the serious mood of these photos encourages us to examine these animals’ faces and read into their facial expressions. Hicieron una lista con los animales más mortíferos del mundo. No creerás cuál es el número 1. Seven Teeny Tiny Species Of Frog Discovered In Brazil. Frogs probably don’t normally elicit an *aaaaw* response, but there is just something about tiny things that make them utterly adorable. The weeny species pictured above, plus six more, were all discovered recently following an arduous five year hunt in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest.

With some adults not exceeding a puny 1 centimeter in length, you can easily envisage how tricky they were to spot, even with the striking colors sported by some. The micro-amphibians all belong to a group, or genus, called Brachycephalus, members of which are up there with the world’s tiniest known terrestrial vertebrates. Their thumbnail-size is not without consequences and has led to various changes in body structure, such as a loss of toes and fingers.

Brachycephalus olivaceus. DRAWING PENCIL - Photos du journal. Wally the angora bunny. Wally is an English Angora rabbit. Wally is a resident of Massachusetts. Wally is quality hairspiration. Lo que nunca te contaron de la vida sexual de los animales. No podía nadar así que su dueño decidió construirle su propia silla de ruedas sumergible. Reticulated Glass Frog (Hyalinobatrachium valerioi) - The Night Tour - Drake Bay. But it's not just their transparent skin that makes these Reticulated Glass Frogs amazing. Their complex lives are just as fascinating. Males gather in the vegetation along small streams and call from the undersides of leaves in hope of attracting a female. When a male's territory is invaded by a rouge male it is unacceptable, and the resident will initially "chirp" out a warning. If this doesn't drive off the intruder, the situation may escalate to physical combat.

The males will wrestle until one of the combatants is pinned down, with his butt touching the leaf, for a short period of time. Females, who don't generally inhabit the calling site, move in to the stream-side vegetation from the surrounding forest. Watch this origami robot fold itself up, walk, swim, and dissolve. MIT researchers demonstrated a tiny origami robot that folds itself into shape and then walks and swims around propelled by magnetic fields below its operating surface.

When the robot's job is done, it can drop itself into a tank of acetone and dissolve. The robot consists of a magnet and PVC layers between a laser-cut polystyrene or paper "skeleton. " Heating the robot causes the PVC to contract and the body folds at specific locations, completing its self-assembly in about one minute. "Origami Robot Folds Itself Up, Does Cool Stuff, Dissolves Into Nothing" (IEEE Spectrum)

Video: Un robot con instinto animal se recupera del daño en 40 segundos. Videoclub – Estremecedora escena: elefantes socorren a una cría desfallecida en la carretera. The LAD Bible. Cerebro Digital - Photos du journal. Mass Animal Deaths 2015 - Updated List of Worldwide Die Offs. Videoclub – Un hombre espanta a un enorme oso con un fuerte rugido. JornalCiencia - Photos du journal. Téléchargements mobiles - Entomologia Honduras. Lucas Suancha - Photos de la publication de Lucas Suancha. Se ve como un campo nevado. Cuando descubras lo que realmente es estarás aterrado. Videoclub – La feroz batalla entre un oso y cuatro lobos. 5 animales que son asesinos brutales y no sabías - Ojo Curioso.

Photos du journal - Prehistoric Life in the Phanerozoic Eon. What On Earth Is This? Fueron sorprendidos por la cámara en el momento más extraño que podrías imaginar. Sistema Didáctico "Las Aventuras de Ramón" on Behance. Cuando se pone un Pulpo en un Frasco y se cierra la Tapa, lo que sucede es Extraordinario! Warinthorn Eampokapradit. Parecen-criaturas-extraterrestres. Rare Pallas’s Cat Is The Cutest Animal Ever (Photos – Video) This Friendly Dutch Owl Keeps Landing On People's Heads. Déjate cautivar por estos espectaculares regalos de la naturaleza. Videoclub - Duelo de titanes: Una mangosta caza a una cobra en una carretera. Photos du journal - Frans de Waal - Public Page.

Fósiles de dragón marino demuestran que hay vida después de una gran extinción. INTENSE mink vs muskrat struggle. Octopus gets crabby in Yallingup. Colombia ya tiene su raza canina. Un fotógrafo retrató a los perros más trabajadores y esforzados del mundo. Las prácticas sexuales más sorprendentes de los animales - BBC Mundo. El escarabajo que usa armas químicas para defenderse - BBC Mundo. History. Video conmovedor: Una mujer encuentra a su perro tras la erupción del Calbuco. Videoclub – India: Un hombre se defiende de un leopardo con un simple palo. Photos du journal - Prehistoric Life in the Phanerozoic Eon. Global Animal Transport LLC. Uròboro AZUL - GEOMETRIA SAGRADA APLICADA. Awesome Zodiac monsters by Damon Hellandbrand... What's yours?

Video: La ballena pasa de cuatro patas a cero en 40 millones de años - RT.


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