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Enrique Martínez

Sensor systems. Free Bird tab (ver 7) by Lynyrd Skynyrd. An introduction to architecture modeling on blender. Next thing, we'll put some volume to our plane.

An introduction to architecture modeling on blender

Siempre Natural: Engaño Verde: Piedra de Alumbre. Code Examples - Google Chart Tools. YUCK! Disgusting Science Kit at Incredible Science. This Jumbo YUCK!

YUCK! Disgusting Science Kit at Incredible Science

Science kit has everything you need to have fun creating realistic looking snot, vomit, slime, worms, growing body parts and other gross things. The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements. Periodictabledotcom. Magnetic Thinking Putty - $24.95 : Simply Clever Toys, Simply Awesome. Magnetic Thinking Putty. Rehaciendo la topología (Retopo) (Spanish) Curso Catalán. Nivel C. Chapter 11 - Improving Remoting Performance. Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability J.D.

Chapter 11 - Improving Remoting Performance

Meier, Srinath Vasireddy, Ashish Babbar, and Alex Mackman Microsoft Corporation May 2004 Related Links Home Page for Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability Chapter 5, Improving Managed Code Performance Checklist: Remoting Performance Send feedback to patterns & practices Library Summary: This chapter presents concrete recommendations for when to use remoting and when not to use it, together with appropriate alternatives. Contents. Open Mikros Image. Made of Imagination / Homemade Instrument Submissions. This is where your submissions to our “Made of Imagination” project with MTV and Sony Xperia will be posted!

Made of Imagination / Homemade Instrument Submissions

Remember you have until September 26th to submit to this project! Shoptronica S.L.U. The Puzzle of Perfect Posture. Erik Dalton, Ph.D.

The Puzzle of Perfect Posture

No therapeutic approach to pain management is satisfactory until body posture is generally improved. Whatever the cause of the client’s problem, special focus should always be given to posture. Overall body alignment may seem time consuming and is therefore frequently neglected because both therapist and client are often content with immediate symptom alleviation. In recent years, however, the manual therapy community has been blessed with scientific advances spearheaded by researchers such as J. Cage ™ — Simple Collaboration and Proofing Software for Designers and Creative Team. Ecuaciones de la física – matemática. Resumen Desarrollo Surgimiento de las primeras teorías generales Importancia y algunas ideas fundamentales Las raíces históricas del Análisis Armónico El Problema de la cuerda musical y la teoría de las ondas.

Ecuaciones de la física – matemática

El problema de la propagación del calor y las series de Fourier Creación del aparato analítico - fenómenos electromagnéticos Sobre el aparato matemático de la mecánica Breve comentario sobre algunos valiosos aportes de una mujer sorprendente Aspectos Biográficos Conclusiones y Recomendaciones Bibliografía. Ordinary Differential Equations. Robot Sensors. Audios y programas de El Explicador. Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More.

New Page 1. Glow Effect. Preview: In this tutorial I will make use of different overlaid layers mixed with radial gradient tool to achieve and awesome light effect, started off as a experiment turned out to be a cool effect and worth a tutorial :) Create awesome light effect designs on a cool 14 inch laptop Step 1. Camera Panning « UnityCoder – Unity3D. ROCKIN' PAPER PLATE SPEAKER!!

11 Amazing Tutorials combining Great Typography and Skillful Vector art. 11 Amazing tutorials with a combination of great Typography and skillful Vector art (a marriage made in heaven). 1. Type within type. Creative Computation » C++ and OpenFrameworks. The first few lectures of term will cover using OpenFrameworks, a framework for creative coding that is similar to Processing but is based on C++.

Creative Computation » C++ and OpenFrameworks

This means that OpenFrameworks is faster than Processing and is able to access a lot of library functions written in C++. It is often used for computer vision based art works, which are both computationally intensive an use a lot of pre-existing libraries. Because openFrameworks is very similar to processing, you should find it pretty easy to get up and running. Underneath the surface, however, it is cold, hard C++. Home. Project Templates - 【oF】openFrameworks. Why join? No Puedo Creer » Gadgets, noticias, inventos y regalos para frikis y geeks » Page 2. Un tipo llamado Nick se ha hecho una pregunta a sí mismo y como la respuesta le ha parecido interesante ha decidido compartirla con el mundo.

No Puedo Creer » Gadgets, noticias, inventos y regalos para frikis y geeks » Page 2

Creating a visual editing extension (with windows and linkers like PlayMaker and etc.) EnRich your renderings in a second. Trains of Data. Buy ShaderMap 2. Tutorial: Abstract Figure. Videotutorial: Abstract Ivy. Iron Man 2 Amazing interfaces and holograms - The Ultimate Review (Part 2 of 3) Iron Man 2 - SFX montage by Prologue Films. Faster Jigsaw Solving. You might imagine that computers would be good at solving jigsaw puzzles, but the task is harder than you think.

Faster Jigsaw Solving

Pattern matching is fairly easy when you have a specified orientation. If you try it when you don't know which way to hold the pieces, you'll soon see the problem. If you think that you solve a mean jigsaw, consider that the latest algorithm can manage 10,000 pieces in 24 hours - three times last year's record of 3,300 pieces. SILICONA PARA MOLDES - Tienda on-line RESINECO. SILICONA FX DE PLATINO - Adhesivos TNK. Particle scenes by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss.

Anselm put together some particle scenes that were requested from the 3d community for quite a while.

particle scenes by Anselm von Seherr-Thoss

Most of these work with Vanilla Max, no extra plugins required. No secrets left, these assets are all open to study, scrutinize and adapt to your needs. Cheers to you, Anselm! 1. Logran dar vida a personajes virtuales mediante reconocimiento facial en tiempo real. Hubs y authorities. Hubs y authorities El concepto de 'hubs' y 'authorities' fue adoptado por Jon Kleinberg en 1999 para intentar clasificar, mediante un algoritmo denominado HITS, la importancia de un documento web. Este algoritmo se basa en la existencia de dos tipos importantes de sitios web, que ayudan a calcular mejor la relevancia de una página web. El primero de ellos es el 'hub', que agrupa a todos esos sitios web que, recibiendo muchos links, también enlazan a páginas web que consideran relevantes, por lo que el algoritmo confía en los 'hubs' para determinar la importancia.

Los grandes directorios, como DMOZ o Yahoo! Metallica - Seek & Destroy SOLO (fast and slow motion)


Electronics. 3D. Quantum mind. The quantum mind or quantum consciousness hypothesis proposes that classical mechanics cannot explain consciousness, while quantum mechanical phenomena, such as quantum entanglement and superposition, may play an important part in the brain's function, and could form the basis of an explanation of consciousness. It is not one theory, but a collection of distinct ideas described below. A few theoretical physicists have argued that classical physics is intrinsically incapable of explaining the holistic aspects of consciousness, whereas quantum mechanics can. Art. Geek. Computer Sicence. Coding.