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Web performance: Cache efficiency exercise. Speed is a consideration for any website, whether it's for the local barbershop or Wikipedia, with its huge repository of knowledge.

Web performance: Cache efficiency exercise

It's a feature that shouldn't be ignored. This is why caching is important — a great way to make websites faster is to save parts of them so they don't have to be calculated or downloaded again on the next visit. My team was recently having a discussion about the parts of that are currently uncached, and the question came up: What is the efficiency of the cache since, at Facebook, we release new code twice a day?

Are we releasing new code too often to benefit from having resources in the browser cache? In searching for an answer, we found a study on Yahoo's Performance Research blog that looked at the impact of the browser cache on webpage performance. Ludicrously Fast Page Loads - A Guide for Full-Stack Devs. Summary: Your website is slow, but the backend is fast.

Ludicrously Fast Page Loads - A Guide for Full-Stack Devs

How do you diagnose performance issues on the frontend of your site? We'll discuss everything involved in constructing a webpage and how to profile it at sub-millisecond resolution with Chrome Timeline, Google's flamegraph-for-the-browser. (4428 words/22 minutes) Server response times, while easy to track and instrument, are ultimately a meaningless performance metric from an end-user perspective. Evaluating network performance. The Network panel records information about each network operation in your application, including detailed timing data, HTTP request and response headers, cookies, WebSocket data, and more.

Evaluating network performance

The Network panel helps you answer questions about the network performance of your web application, such as: Self-Hosting Google Web Fonts. Let’s get this straight: The effort to host Google web fonts on your own server is immense!

Self-Hosting Google Web Fonts

First of all you need to download all .eot, .woff, .ttf and .svg files, then copy them onto your server and finally paste a CSS snippet. Sounds easy? Well it could be, if Google would actually provide any direct links to download these files and a customized CSS for self-hosting them. To fix this problem without using font generation services like Font Squirrel, I decided to publish a little service called google-webfonts-helper.

The service uses Google’s font API to retrieve a list of all available web fonts and fetches links to the .eot, .woff, .ttf and .svg files by parsing their hosted CSS files (and faking the User-Agent to get them). Linking to jQuery: Always Reference a Specific Version. If you use jQuery, then you probably have a URL in a <script> tag like this in your source code: CDN-hosted.

Linking to jQuery: Always Reference a Specific Version

Minified. Specific version. Very good. Of course, if you’re one of the cool kids, then you might be doing the following, as taken from HTML5 Boilerplate: S Content Delivery Network: You Got Served! In 2013, MaxCDN joined the jQuery Foundation and stepped up to provide Content Delivery Network (CDN) services for the jQuery CDN at

s Content Delivery Network: You Got Served!

Files can now be requested through both HTTP and HTTPS (SSL) protocols, either to download to your own servers or to use directly on production web sites. MaxCDN’s infrastructure can reliably deliver jQuery files through a worldwide high-speed collection of servers to minimize round-trip time. Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path - Velocity SC 2013 - Google Slides. Image Optimization, Part 4: Progressive JPEG…Hot or Not? - YUI Blog. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test. HTTP Archive Viewer 2.0.16. Paste HAR log into the text box below and press the Preview button.Or drop *.har file(s) anywhere on the page (if your browser supports that).

HTTP Archive Viewer 2.0.16

HAR Log Examples Inline scripts block - Inline scripts block the page load. Blocking time - Impact of a limit of max number of parallel connections. Browser cache - Impact of the browser cache on page load (the same page loaded three times). Measuring the speed of resource loading with JavaScript and HTML5. This is a follow up article to Measuring site performance with JavaScript on mobile , I suggest you read it before you continue.

In the previous article I talked about the Navigation Timing spec, here I will talk about the Performance Timeline and Resource Timing specs and how they work in IE10, the first browser to implement them. I created a page that shows some of the data available and a library that generates a HAR that you can later analyse. Showing basic performance details of page resources. Make the Web Faster. Optimize Start Render Time - web page optimization of start rendering times. The start render time is the moment something first displays on the user's screen.

Optimize Start Render Time - web page optimization of start rendering times

The web page goes from a blank white screen and changes. It doesn't necessarily have to be content; a logo, or text, it could be a colored background or a search box. Human-computer interaction (HCI) guidelines recommend a 1-2 second start render time. Giving the user visual feedback that something is happening behind the screens shows the users that the site is responsive. Users can plan, anticipate and "attune" to consistent response times when browsing web pages.