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How to Listen When You Disagree: A Lesson from the Republican National Convention — Urban Confessional. So, I asked: “Thank you for sharing that.

How to Listen When You Disagree: A Lesson from the Republican National Convention — Urban Confessional

Tell me your story? Julia Galef: Why you think you're right. How to engage in better small talk: Minister Faust at TEDxEdmonton. Udacity. Machine learning is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting fields out there, and deep learning represents its true bleeding edge. In this course, you’ll develop a clear understanding of the motivation for deep learning, and design intelligent systems that learn from complex and/or large-scale datasets. We’ll show you how to train and optimize basic neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and long short term memory networks. Complete learning systems in TensorFlow will be introduced via projects and assignments.

You will learn to solve new classes of problems that were once thought prohibitively challenging, and come to better appreciate the complex nature of human intelligence as you solve these same problems effortlessly using deep learning methods. We have developed this course with Vincent Vanhoucke, Principal Scientist at Google, and technical lead in the Google Brain team. Play Trailer Play Trailer. I run a Silicon Valley startup – but I refuse to own a cellphone. Before you read on, I want to make one thing clear: I’m not trying to convert you.

I run a Silicon Valley startup – but I refuse to own a cellphone

I’m not trying to lecture you or judge you. Honestly, I’m not. It may come over like that here and there, but believe me, that’s not my intent. In this piece, I’m just trying to ... explain. People who knew me in a previous life as a policy adviser to the British prime minister are mildly surprised that I’m now the co-founder and CEO of a tech startup . But the single thing that no one seems able to believe – the thing that apparently demands explanation – is the fact that I am phone-free. When people discover this fact about my life, they could not be more surprised than if I had let slip that I was actually born with a chicken’s brain.

As awareness has grown about my phone-free status (and its longevity: this is no passing fad, people – I haven’t had a phone for over three years), I have received numerous requests to “tell my story”. So here we go. Readlang - Read, translate and supercharge your vocabulary. La théorie du restaurant. Depuis le topo sur l'immortalité, on a bossé sur plusieurs sujets en parallèle... c'est pour ça qu'on a mis un peu de temps à sortir celui-là !

La théorie du restaurant

Merci à tous ceux qui nous ont filé un coup de main, et notamment aux participants de nos beerstormings : Aude (encore elle !) 52 Concepts You Missed in School for your Cognitive Toolkit. Jim Kwik and Lewis Howes on Memory Mastery, Brain Performance and Accelerated Learning. Quora. How to become a Memory Master: Idriz Zogaj at TEDxGoteborg. YOU - How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over.

What Problems to Solve - By Richard Feynman. A former student, who was also once a student of Tomonaga’s, wrote to extend his congratulations.

What Problems to Solve - By Richard Feynman

Feynman responded, asking Mr. Mano what he was now doing. The response: “studying the Coherence theory with some applications to the propagation of electromagnetic waves through turbulent atmosphere… a humble and down-to-earth type of problem.” Because .com Wasn't Available: Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering. Human logic, unlike that of the machines which we program and use every day, isn't perfect.

We make mistakes, we establish bad mental habits, and we have many cognitive biases that negatively impact our ability to be successful engineers. I want to go over five of the most common biases that I see on a regular basis as a software engineer. Fundamental Attribution Error In social psychology, the fundamental attribution error (also known as correspondence bias or attribution effect) describes the tendency to overestimate the effect of disposition or personality and underestimate the effect of the situation in explaining social behavior. (ref) This is my favorite cognitive bias, because it shows up everywhere .

This is why Etsy puts so much focus on Blameless PostMortems . Confirmation Bias. Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These 10 Things Right Now. Inb4 "DOUCHEBAG.

Want to Be Happier? Stop Doing These 10 Things Right Now

" Haha, I get what you're saying, but prepare to be lambasted by the internet. I agree that other people's responsibilities are theirs, especially (it seems) with your group of friends that appear to be broke, homeless, short-sighted house music fans. Hopefully you can upgrade to friends whose problems aren't such a drain on you so you can enjoy helping people who deserve a little help. Good luck, man. damn, sounds like you had pretty shitty friends and family. I've heard a variation of this, but not so hard-lined, especially on the money front. Never lend your friends or family money.

5 Things To Do Every Day For Success. Fast Company wants you to have your best year yet in 2012; click for more advice and tips on how to work smarter, manage your career, and lead a more meaningful life.

5 Things To Do Every Day For Success

"You get up at what time? " I hear that a lot, along with "You are so lucky. " So, I'm going to help out here and let you in on the secrets of my success. Well, not all of them--but enough to show you the foundation I build on every day. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.