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A Beginner's Guide To Doom And Stoner Rock In their illustrated Beginner's Guide To Doom And Stoner Rock, Lelo Jimmy Batista and illustrator Naga Wika map the connections in a tangled web of musical ties. The family tree was originally published earlier this year in the Villette Sonique edition of the Academy's Daily Note newspaper. Click on the image for a larger version and scroll down for the English translations of each entry. A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO DOOM AND STONER ROCK, by Lilo Jimmy Batista and Naga Wika. A Beginner's Guide To Doom And Stoner Rock
The arts — free and on-demand The Space pilot service came to an end on 31 October 2013. You can watch The Space Journey to see some of the highlights from the last 18 months and hear from those who’ve contributed to the creation of this new digital service for the arts. John Peel's Record Shelf John Peel's Record Shelf
Home » News musique 15 avril 2012Par Benoit Darcy1 215 lecturesUn commentaire Gotye et Kimbra Johnson se sont retrouvés sur le plateau de Saturday Night Live pour interpréter Somebody That I Used To Know, désormais en passe de devenir un tube planétaire… Belle histoire commencée quelques mois plus tôt. Somebody That I Used To Know @ SNL Plus de contenu sur Gotye Suivez @zdar sur Twitter ou rejoignez la communauté sur Facebook ! Gotye + Kimbra : Somebody That I Used To Know @ SNL Gotye + Kimbra : Somebody That I Used To Know @ SNL
Persephone - Jayne Amara Ross
This music is dangerous. Deep emotional wounds often need to be reopened and scarped in order to have a shot at healing. Hoping for the Invisible to Ignite invites us to pass through the raging fire so that we might stand on the ravaged side, patting the flames on our singed clothes and glaring triumphantly at the monster that should have destroyed us. One of 2011's defining musical moments. Miss this at your peril. THE SILENT BALLET 9/10 (album of the month) *** FareWell Poetry *** *** FareWell Poetry ***


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Imagine-a-jump-john-lennon-vs.-van-halen by jackstanleywp on SoundCloud
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Les Black Sessions sont nécessaires Juste un petit coup de gueule pour soutenir l’une des émissions qui a façonné notre goût pour la musique, et offert des moments uniques, magnifiques à des milliers d’auditeurs. Avec un minimum de mauvaise foi, il serait facile de deviner pourquoi certains dirigeants de la Maison Ronde envisagent de supprimer les Black Sessions. Demandez à leurs collègues de la télévision : “la musique n’attire plus, c’est un domaine trop ‘segmentant’”, disent-ils depuis des lustres. Les Black Sessions sont nécessaires