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How to Contour a Wide Nose
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The Perception Lab The Perception Lab is run by Dave Perrett. We are based in the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. Our research is funded by the ESRC, BBSRC, S.I.N.A.P.S.E, Unilever, and the EPSRC.

Skin Deep - Computer Program Produces Image of an Ideal You

Face Research » Psychology experiments about preferences for faces and voices allows you to participate in short online psychology experiments looking at the traits people find attractive in faces and voices. Make your own average faces with our interactive demos! In addition to participating in facial attractiveness experiments, you can also complete lifestyle and personality questionnaires about characteristics that may be associated with face and voice preferences and see how you compare to others. Face Research » Psychology experiments about preferences for faces and voices
The Beauty Brains

The Beauty Brains

This week you’ll learn all about fragrance allergies – what they are and how to avoid them. We also update our discussion on pore minimizing products AND we poke fun at Refinery29′s article about using left over alcohol on your hair. Bonus: Our first (and probably last) beauty science joke! Would you like to ask YOUR question on our Show?
See Your SymFace... SymFace is a simple and fun way to see how your face would look if it was perfectly symmetrical. Before you start, you'll need to take a picture of your face with either a digital camera, or a webcam. When you pose, make sure that you take a full face, straight on shot. Then make sure that if you use a high-res digital camera, you reduce the size of the file to less than 100k in size before proceeding. Symmetry Measurement and Analysis Tools Symmetry Measurement and Analysis Tools