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How to Add Friends and Family Contacts on Google Voice. Maybe you have some contacts who you would like to chat with using Google Voice, but who are not appearing in your Google contacts list.

How to Add Friends and Family Contacts on Google Voice

It's easy to add contacts one-by-one, or in a batch! Here's how: How To Embed PDF and other Documents In Blogger Blog Posts. One of our readers requested us to figure out how they can embed PDFs in their Blogger blog.

How To Embed PDF and other Documents In Blogger Blog Posts

There are many ways through which we can embed PDFs or other documents like Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Slides, and Excel Spreadsheets into our Blogger Blog. However, Google Docs is probably the most authentic and reliable way of embedding the PDF documents in a website. Leadpages Vs Instapage Vs GetResponse: Who is the best landing page company? A few days ago when I was looking for a landing page creator for my blog, I realized how hard the choice actually is.

Leadpages Vs Instapage Vs GetResponse: Who is the best landing page company?

With so many landing page software available and each offering more or less similar services, it is tough job to find out the best one your website. Thus, we decided to first review the three leading landing page software Leadpages Vs Instapage Vs GetResponse: Who is the best landing page company?. We have reviewed all three on basis of their features and Price. 1. Leadpages FeaturesLeadpages offers over 70 pre-designed templates for you to use. How to Automatically Change Background Color in Blogger. Are you willing give something new to your users each time they visit your site?

How to Automatically Change Background Color in Blogger

Then today with the help of little CSS trick we will help you to change the background color of your site every time a visitor visits or reloads a page on your blogger site. So, in order to help you out in it we are sharing this tutorial. Today in this article, we will show you, how to automatically change background color in blogger. How Changing Background Works? Before moving towards the tutorial and let us explain that how this method works?

That means with every single refresh, your reader will experience unique and new t background color which will surely attract your readers and will make them stick with your posts. How to Add a Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger? Twitter is among the most powerful and highly dominating social networking portal on earth.

How to Add a Twitter Feeds Widget in Blogger?

At MyBloggerLab, we actively use our twitter profile for interaction, helping users to solve their Blogger related problems and does a lot discussion. Recently, we got a lot of requests from our users asking for a way that How they can add Twitter Feeds in Blogger. How to add a Heatmap in Blogger to Track User Click Activity. Blog Setup: 40 Practical Tips. – $100,000 online Wow, I’ll definetely bookmark this.

Blog Setup: 40 Practical Tips

It’s great to have it all down in one place like that.One Man. One Year. $100,000 online. How’s he doing it? Ash Haque Thanks Max, this is a very solid list Kukuh Yeah….your “practical tips” list mostly work for my new blog, thank your for sharing them with me. Create Free Email address Using Your Website Domain with Google Apps.

One of the very first things that any web owner likes to do after purchasing a domain is setting up a branded Email address ending with the domain name.

Create Free Email address Using Your Website Domain with Google Apps

Blogger users who purchase a domain often find it difficult to set the MX records in their webhosting account, thus they don't bother using a branded email address. If your website address is then your branded email Id would look like You will be able to access it using the address The best thing about todays' tutorial is that we wont be using inefficient webmail services like roundcube, squirrelmail or horde that you often find in your hostgator webmail clients. We will be using Gmail, which means you will manage all emails received at your website's email address straight in your very own custom Gmail account. Note: This service is no more free. Google Apps Services Part1: Create Free Email address For your domain with Google Apps Steps To Create a Gmail Account For a Website.

50 Handpicked Blogger Plugins and Widgets! Blogger is emerging as a powerful opponent to rest of the CMS platforms like wordpress and all.

50 Handpicked Blogger Plugins and Widgets!

MBT has always created and promoted widgets and plugins for sites on blogger. So as a regular MBT reader myself, I have selected some of the best widgets developed so far for BlogSpot blogs, which I believe every blog must have. We are presenting a collection of 50 handpicked most trending plugins and widgets exclusively for blogger. Is Google adding "Next/Previous" Text To Your Page Titles?

If Google is rewriting your titles in search results by adding "Next" , "Prev" or "Previous" text before your webpage titles then know that you have mistakenly added rel="Next" , rel="Prev" or rel="Previous" attributes to links in an un-paginated page on your blog or website.

Is Google adding "Next/Previous" Text To Your Page Titles?

Since blogosphere today is saturated with several new content creators and designers who are developing widgets and plugins without having proper know-how of SEO, its causing a problem for non-techy publishers who are using these free blogspot widgets without even investigating if its creator understands search engine optimization technical basics or not. Today's tutorial will thus amend one such SEO mistakes made by developers of Blogger widgets and plugins. These errors could also be found in some Wordpress plugins and therefore the solution below can be applied across all CMS platforms.

How to Post Blogger Automatically to Facebook - Blogger Tips Pro. When I started this post I had the preconceived notion that automatically posting from Blogger to Facebook would not be an issue at all.

How to Post Blogger Automatically to Facebook - Blogger Tips Pro

For some reason in the back of my mind this was as simple as using email notification to the Facebook email-to-post feature, or using Google's Feedburner. Well, I was quite wrong about this. Trying to use the email-to-post feature in Facebook only added the blog name and title to my Facebook wall with no content or links. From Feedburner, it looked like Facebook might work but they're only supporting Twitter in their socialize feature.

Using Bootstrap with Blogger Templates - Blogger Tips Pro. Well, some of you may have been waiting for my second part of the Wordpress vs Blogger review. But, I was sidetracked by a much more ambitious project - merging the dynamic Bootstrap web framework with Blogger. I knew initially that this would be quite a challenge to get it right - and was I correct in that assumption. So just what is Bootstrap? You can go over to their site and read up, but, at a very high level it is designed as a starter kit for dynamic web UI layouts that utilize CSS and Javascript for a great user experience. If you've seen sites like this one, or this other one - you'll see how Bootstrap can be beautifully extended. Using Bootstrap with Blogger Templates - Blogger Tips Pro. How To Make Your Content Last Longer?

A typical article or blog post goes through various stages in its life - from the time it is born and gets direct traffic to the time it eventually recedes into the background, only to be found by search engines (organic traffic), until it finally is no longer relevant to the current age and must be replaced. They are now just litter on the internet. But they don't necessarily have to be that way. The hard work you put into creating them can be saved by doing just some small extra effort. 10 Ways To Stop Google From Changing Your Page Titles. You might have seen the annoying habit of Google to rewrite your <Title> tags in Search results. This algorithm has effected publishers from all platforms. All BlogSpot and WordPress blogs have their page titles replaced with different keywords. Sometimes Google could even add your homepage URL to the end of a title tag. Just recently we observed the Home Title of our blog modified completely inside Mobile search results.

Pins from on Pinterest. Can we just make a twitter link please? - Blogger Ever. Reading a blog post, any online magazine publishings or email could be an amazing experience but what if I want to share it really quick. Still after releasing of Twitter API and other social platform's APIs I found it strange that still links are not organized. A tweet button shows the link only instead we can show post title as well as we can mention ourself in those tweets. Link format. Guest post: Animated gif images, Blogger and Photoshop. Welcome to Steve Wallet, Architect, Blogger Tips and Tricks first guest blogger with his post on working with animated gif images, Blogger and Photoshop. As for me, I only use free software, namely Irfanview and PC Paint, so I hope Steve's post will provide useful information which I am not able to provided for those who like graphic heavy posts or blogs: I saw Peter's article about adding .gif's to blogger (Uploading animated .gif images to Blogger post), and thought I'd give it a try.

I wanted to make .gif's and post them directly to my blog, without all the complicated html and uploading from other websites. After much trial-and-error, I have created simple .gif's for my blog. I use Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady, version 7. Uploading animated .gif image to Blogger post.