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Cooper. Blog “Industries de la Créativité & Innovation” Site créé avec 1&1 TopSite Express - Accueil. Accueil - le rond point de l"innovation. Penser la photographie » Préparation d’expositions. ...the interactive playground of Paul Neave. Physical interface.

Mobile Interaction with the Real World - Workshop @ MobileHCI 2007. Theme Mobile devices have become a part of our everyday lives as most people rely on mobile phones, smart phones or PDAs as personal and pervasive communication devices.

Mobile Interaction with the Real World - Workshop @ MobileHCI 2007

So far, mobile interaction mostly takes place between users, their mobile devices and basic services like phone calls, text messages or organizer functionalities. Over the last years, there has been an increasing interested in extending the interaction between users and mobile devices to the interaction with objects from the everyday world. This development has benefited from the pervasiveness of technologies for the augmentation of people, places and things with additional information.

Cicatriz Clothing - Winter 2007 Collection. Interaction: The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Group.