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A Way with Words. The rise of the shitgibbon – Strong Language. Pennsylvania state senator Daylin Leach got a lot of attention this week for a colorful expletive hurled at Donald Trump, appearing on Leach’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

The rise of the shitgibbon – Strong Language

As Leach’s “fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon” line made the rounds on social media, he didn’t back down from the characterization (which was inspired by reports that Trump had threatened to “destroy the career” of a Texas state senator over the civil asset forfeiture issue). His spokesman Steve Hoenstine doubled down. The Philly Voice wondered what a “shit-gibbon” is, exactly. “A gibbon is a primate most commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, but “s***-gibbon” looks like it’s a Scottish insult.” Indeed, shitgibbon got attached to Trump when he landed in Scotland after the Brexit vote and tweeted that Scotland “took their country back,” despite the fact that most Scots voted against leaving the EU. But shitgibbon didn’t originate with MetalOllie. So thank you, Mr. That about covers it! Like this: Like Loading... Welcome to Perceval Press. A Way with Words, public radio\'s lively show about words and language and how we use them.

Andrew Hamilton, "Hitler's Speeches". Adolf Hitler, Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany, September 14, 1930 2,882 words I read that Hitler delivered about 5,000 major speeches during his lifetime running to many thousands of pages.

Andrew Hamilton, "Hitler's Speeches"

I am unaware whether a comprehensive listing of his speeches, or any reliable word count, exists. I suspect they do not. Below I list some major published collections of Hitler’s speeches, both in English and German. In compiling the list I was struck again by the paucity of trustworthy scholarship underlying the Himalaya of words academics, journalists, popular writers, filmmakers and broadcasters have heaped up about Hitler and the Third Reich. Empirical and intellectual shoddiness and ignorance underpin the entire structure. And so it goes in every area. The endless allegations against Germany and the Germans, as well as the maniacal, pervasive rhetoric of hatred and demonization, add to the surreal atmosphere, and contrast sharply with the blasé treatment given to Communism and Communists. In English Note. Katy Waldman. The Audio Book Club Jan. 14 2016 8:07 AMThe Audio Book Club PurifiesSlate critics debate Jonathan Franzen’s sprawling new novel.Meghan O'Rourke, Parul Sehgal, and Katy Waldman Books Jan. 7 2016 3:02 PMBleeding EdgesPaul Lisicky’s lovely and honest memoir of a friendship.

Katy Waldman

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