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Ms. Huckabee Sanders spews & splatters with Words

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'...Sanders said the media spends too much energy on “petty palace intrigue.” She put on her stern face, like a substitute teacher in an unruly classroom. Sanders told those reporters how to do their jobs.'

Sarah Sanders' lies were worse than originally reported — here's how she got away with them - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. In her tenure as White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders became legendary for her ability to lie at the podium.

Sarah Sanders' lies were worse than originally reported — here's how she got away with them - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

But according to conservative commentator Andrew Egger, writing for The Bulwark, Sanders' real "success" for the Trump administration did not come from how frequently she lied — it came from the fact that most of her lies were boring. This story first ran in June, 2019. "Her morose, plodding style and Bartlebyesque refusals to grant reporters a single inch of ground poured cold water on news cycle after news cycle that might otherwise have ignited," wrote Egger. "The downside, of course, was that she lied a lot. But even here she distinguished herself from [predecessor Sean] Spicer, whose sweaty, frantic tall tales—that was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period! There were certainly some falsehoods so egregious that they did catch the media's attention.

But these lies were the exception rather than the rule, said Egger. Sarah Sanders humiliated by her high school government teacher for not understanding the 1st Amendment - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism. According to a report from Newsweek, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still being schooled by one of her former teachers after she complained about conservatives having their 1st Amendment rights infringed by Twitter.

Sarah Sanders humiliated by her high school government teacher for not understanding the 1st Amendment - Raw Story - Celebrating 16 Years of Independent Journalism

On Saturday, Huckabee Sanders -- who is reportedly considering a run for political office in her native Arkansas -- complained on Twitter that she had lost over 50,000 followers on Twitter after the social media company shut down multiple QAnon accounts for inciting violence with conspiracy rumors. According to the former Donald Trump spokesperson, "I've lost 50k+ followers this week. The radical left and their big tech allies cannot marginalize, censor, or silence the American people. This is not China, this is United States of America, and we are a free country.

" Huckabee Sanders' comments reflect multiple conservatives who are accusing Twitter -- a private company -- of violating constitutional protections by banning objectional content. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Humiliated In Australian Interview. She Seems Nice. That genteel southern lady gives us the update on her good, christianess: I guess the publication didn’t have enough room for the full quote of what she called her former White House colleague Josh Raffel, which was, “liberal, aggressive, foulmouthed Jew from New York City.”

She Seems Nice

But you know she’s bigger than that, and with Jeebus as her shepherd, she learned to love the foulmouthed Jew from New York City in the finest Souther Baptist, “Your father is a drunk and your mother is a slut, but let’s be friends” way: “He was a liberal, aggressive, foulmouthed Jew from New York City who had spent most of his career working in Hollywood. I was pretty much his total opposite,” she wrote in the book, according to Jewish Insider.Sanders also wrote that “despite our differences, I had grown to love Josh. He is one of the funniest people I know, intensely loyal, and probably the most talented communications strategist I’ve ever worked with. Sarah Sanders: Trump Is Showing “Who’s Fit To Be President And Lead This Country’ In a tirade of lies about the Ukraine scandal, Sarah Huckabee Sanders told one inadvertent truth.

Sarah Sanders: Trump Is Showing “Who’s Fit To Be President And Lead This Country’

Sanders appeared on Fox & Friends as a contributor this morning but she sounded like she was still the White House spokeswoman. Sounding like her deputy, cohost Steve Doocy laid the ground for a White House talking point in the form of a question by “asking” where the quid pro quo is in Donald Trump’s now-infamous July 25 phone call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. Although Trump clearly pressured Zelensky to dig up political dirt on Joe Biden while holding back aid, Huckabee Sanders sneered that a quid pro quo "isn't there. " That set her off on a partisan rant. HUCKABEE SANDERS: The idea that they thought there was going to be some type of major bombshell to come out of this is frankly embarrassing for the Democrats. Doocy murmured his agreement as she claimed that the Democrats are “the real bad players.” ‘Same lies, but she gets to sit’: Sarah Sanders roasted for taking Fox News job weeks after resigning as top Trump flack.

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‘Same lies, but she gets to sit’: Sarah Sanders roasted for taking Fox News job weeks after resigning as top Trump flack

… then let us make a small request. Like you, we here at Raw Story believe in the power of progressive journalism — and we’re investing in investigative reporting as other publications give it the ax. Raw Story readers power David Cay Johnston’s DCReport, which we've expanded to keep watch in Washington. And One More for the Road. White House’s Truth Teller, Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders has one more lie before taking her cheese sandwich and roadmap: She’s lucky her head held high isn’t on a pike.

And One More for the Road

Sharing Means Caring, fool! Like this: Like Loading... Related. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is so toxic few people would admit to attending her going away party – Raw Story. Stormy Daniels roasts Sarah Huckabee Sanders with the most hilarious parting shot yet – Raw Story. CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump’s Infrastructure Tantrum. When it came time for Donald Trump to bomb Syria a second time, the president actively sought the counsel of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, his White House press secretary and chief spinmeister.

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Trump’s Infrastructure Tantrum

“What does Sarah think?” Became a common refrain from President Trump on a whole host of political, messaging, strategic, and even foreign policy considerations, according to two people with direct knowledge. On Thursday, Trump announced she would be departing his West Wing toward the end of June and “going home to the Great State of Arkansas.” He and Sanders did not initially specify her next steps, or who would fill the inevitable power vacuum. By the end of her more than two-year run in the president’s inner circle, she’d become much more than just his principal spokesperson or press handler. It is unclear what her next career move will be, or who exactly will roll out the welcome mat. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary, Exits With Rare Commodity: Trump’s Respect. CNN’s Don Lemon airs must-watch takedown of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ lies to America – Raw Story. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Leaving White House. Elmira Gantry Huckabee Sander on Meet The Press. Can someone please explain to me what is Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders actual job?

Elmira Gantry Huckabee Sander on Meet The Press

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisted Sunday that the administration is not prejudging Barr’s findings, but expressed confidence, without offering proof, that he would be able to document “outrageous” corruption at the FBI. “I’m not going to get ahead of what the final conclusion is, but we already know that there was a high level of corruption that was taking place,” Sanders, in Tokyo with the president on a state visit to Japan, told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

And of course, Chuck Todd let her. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Not A Press Secretary. It's been 76 days since the White House held a press briefing. 76 days since Sarah Huckabee Sanders has refused to inform the press and the American people on what the administration is doing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Not A Press Secretary

I imagine she didn't want to have to explain away insane crap coming from the Steve Kings anymore. As Business Insider notes, in the same timeframe, she's appeared on Fox News 12 times. If you need any more evidence that Fox News has become state-sponsored Trump television that should say it all. Even when she held press briefings she became more and more belligerent throughout. In the Robert Mueller report, she was exposed as lying to the press after FBI director James Comey was fired. A "slip of the tongue" is not an action when you completely make up a lie to defend your boss and attack another person.

Fox Host Corrects An Unhinged Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Fox's Bill Hemmer asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders if Trump told William Barr what to do about today's House hearing.

Fox Host Corrects An Unhinged Sarah Huckabee Sanders

This caused Donald Trump's faux Press Secretary to go on an unhinged rant against Jerry Nadler. It's a war of attrition from the White House from now on. On Fox News' "America's Newsroom," Sanders claimed Democrats changed the format of their hearing because of William Barr's Senate performance. His performance has been widely panned across the country except for Fox News.

Hemmer had to remind Sarah Sanders that Chairman Nadler proposed his changes to the format before yesterday's Senate hearing. Then he asked why Barr simply doesn't just show up and be interviewed. BUSTED: Lawrence O’Donnell unearthed visual proof that ‘pathological liar’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘lied about her lie’ 'I'm sorry I wasn't a robot!' Sarah Sanders lashes out after being cornered by ABC on her lies about Comey.

Sarah Sanders Blames Trump’s Failure To Replace The ACA On Meanie Democrats. 'Idiot' Sarah Sanders blasted for posting Trump 'enemies list' with Mueller meme. ‘Patently false’: Sarah Sanders gets pummeled as she struggles to defend Trump's claim that Democrats hate Jews. 'Pathological liar' Sarah Sanders blasted after insisting Trump has never encouraged violence. Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders Reponds! White House’s Truth Teller, Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders Responding to Axios’ reporting, White House press secretary Elmira Gantry emailed this statement: “President Trump has a different leadership style than his predecessors and the results speak for themselves.” So true. Sharing Means Caring, fool! Like this: Like Loading... Sarah Sanders mastered these 5 rhetorical tricks to destroy the White House press briefing.

Sarah Sanders Goes Full Pee Wee Herman: Says CNN Guilty Of Collusion. Sarah Sanders: Never Seen People So Happy to Destroy a Kid's Life. 'That's a lot of questions': Sarah Sanders wilts as Fox host grills her for lying about terrorists on border. Sarah Sanders bizarrely warns Fox & Friends that Nancy Pelosi wants to take down the fence around your home. The Complicity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Jezebel. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets hammered by hostile Fox & Friends host: Trump 'just re-founded ISIS' Sarah Sanders Blames Media For Her Failings In Fox News Chat. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Called Out For Lying During Briefing.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Flubs Simple Question About Trump's Wall. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders hopes to be remembered for being “transparent and honest” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders hopes to be remembered for being "transparent and honest" when her tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue comes to a close. In conversation with Politico's White House reporter Eliana Johnson, Sanders revealed that she hoped her legacy would include showing up every day and doing "the very best job that I could put forward the president's message.

" "To do the best job that I could do to answer questions, to be transparent and honest throughout that process," Sanders told Johnson at the sixth annual Women Rule Summit. "And to do everything I could to make America a little better that day than it was the day before. " Although she hopes to be remembered as "transparent and honest," Sanders has been called out for lying by members of the media throughout her tenure in the West Wing.

Sarah Sanders gets grilled after claiming Trump promotes equality by calling women stupid losers. CNN trolls Sarah Sanders with ‘Facts First’ real-time lie-buster during White House briefing. Sarah Sanders throws cold water on climate report backed by 300 scientists: ‘It’s not based on facts’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denies Doctoring Footage Showing Jim Acosta In Clown Makeup Blowing Up Gotham Hospital. WASHINGTON—Responding to criticism that she had engaged in misleading behavior, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders issued a flat denial Thursday that she had shared doctored footage portraying CNN reporter Jim Acosta in clown makeup blowing up Gotham Hospital. “President Trump expects and even demands difficult questions from journalists, but for Acosta to infiltrate a hospital dressed as a nurse in order to plant explosives is simply beyond the pale,” said Sanders of the clip, which shows the White House correspondent standing outside pressing a remote detonator several times as a hospital explodes in the background.

“This is clear evidence that Acosta has shirked his journalistic responsibility by murdering scores of Gotham citizens, and it’s even more outrageous given his track record of unhinged actions, including lighting a pile of money on fire with a cigar and robbing a bank at gunpoint with several masked accomplices. Blood-Spattered Sarah Huckabee Sanders Holds Up Huge Dismembered Penis To Prove Presidential Member Completely Normal. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin calls for total 'shunning' of 'liar' Sarah Sanders after she leaves White House. Sarah Sanders defends Trump's bizarre claim you need an ID to buy groceries.

Splinternews. MSNBC rolls out clips from the briefing room to destroy Sarah Sanders’ boast of always being respectful. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Sarah Sanders tells CNN's Chris Cuomo she's 'very comfortable' with her credibility and is 'an honest person' Politics.theonion. Splinternews. Politics.theonion. Sarah Sanders Claims Michael Cohen Pay-for-Play Scandal 'Has Nothing To Do With The White House' Cartoon: Circular Sarah. Sarah Sanders is now refusing to answer questions about why she lied about Stormy Daniels payout. Politics.theonion. CNN Reporter Tangles With Sarah Sanders: 'The President's Tone Toward The Press Is Not Helpful'

Sarah Sanders stumbles as April Ryan demands she explain Trump’s ‘breeding concept’ tweet. Trump Administration Tries To Tweet Sober Situation Room Pic. But... Sarah Sanders flips out on 'disgraced partisan hack' James Comey during White House press briefing. Watch: Sarah Sanders struggles to explain why Trump thinks Mueller ruined US relations with Russia. Full stop': Morning Joe shows devastating video proof of Sarah Sanders lying about Trump and Russia. Splinternews. Politics.theonion. Sarah Sanders struggles to deny White House chaos as reporters grill her over ousted advisors. Fox host grills Sarah Sanders over Russia: 'The American people need to know the meddling will be dealt with'

Ex-Trump aide Nunberg swipes back at 'fat slob' Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Sarah Sanders melts down trying to defend Trump's tweets blaming Russia probe for Parkland shooting. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is at a loss for words on Rob Porter. I am here for her. Wray vs. the White House on Porter The White House's claims of no previous knowledge about domestic violence allegations against former staff secretary Rob Porter were challenged by FBI Director Christopher A. Wray's timeline of events. (Jenny Starrs/The Washington Post) Are you having trouble keeping up with the Rob Porter scandal? Apparently Sarah Huckabee Sanders is. Her daily press briefing Wednesday was scheduled for 1 p.m., then at 2 p.m. was postponed until 4 p.m., then at 4 p.m. was abandoned entirely. After eight days of the administration’s shifting and contradictory explanations of its handling of Porter, it’s quite understandable that Sanders would be at a loss for words.

Opinions Orlando Shooting Updates News and analysis on the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. post_newsletter348 follow-orlando true after3th false Opinion | John Kelly’s cover-up is no better than the crime Opinion | Columnist Ruth Marcus says White House Chief of Staff John F. Sarah Huckabee Sanders pleads ignorance as the Rob Porter mess worsens. Sanders flails after she's busted lying about Porter scandal: 'We relay the best and most accurate information' Splinternews. From White House podium, Sarah Sanders reads denial from alleged wife beater. Savannah Guthrie grills Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the 'Today' show over Trump targeting key figures in the Russia probe.

Splinternews. Politics.theonion. CNN’s Jim Acosta slams Huckabee Sanders for insisting Trump’s contradictory tweets did not sow confusion. Sarah Huckabee Sanders kills irony dead, once and for all. By Aaron Blake By Aaron Blake The Fix Analysis Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events January 4 at 4:22 PM. Huckabee Sanders Blames Obama For Trump's North Korea Nuclear War Tweet. <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

</a> Sanders snaps at reporter over Trump’s mental health: ‘If he was unfit he probably wouldn’t be sitting there’ Sarah Sanders says ‘it is just a fact’ that Trump has a bigger button than Kim Jong-un. Splinternews. Mike Huckabee says to leave Sarah alone. Shep deadpans after hearing Sanders’ defense of Trump’s tweet: She said your mind would have to be in the gutter. White House spokeswoman warns CNN: Ask Trump a question, it could cost you. The strange moment came before a presidential bill signing ceremony in the morning. Events like that often include what's known as a "pool spray," a brief opportunity for a small group of reporters and photographers to take photos and, when possible, ask questions. The White House "pool" is comprised of a few members of the press corps who are assigned on a rotating basis to cover presidential events and file reports to be used by other media outlets when it would be impractical for the entire press corps to attend those events.

When journalists are on pool duty, they are working not just on behalf of themselves and their employers but for all the journalists and outlets that receive pool reports. An old tweet returns to haunt Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Twitterati has a long memory when it comes to controversial tweets. CNN panel derails after Rick Wilson calls Sarah Sanders ‘a congenital liar’ with a ‘shriveled husk left in her soul’ To Huckabee Sanders: I am thankful for ABC News' Cecilia Vega. Huckabee Sanders decided to treat the press corps like children today and wouldn’t take questions unless they first announced what they were thankful for. Most played along, and gave a laundry list of things to be thankful for before asking a question. Kelly and Huckabee-Sanders Civil War delusions shows that Republicans are modern Confederates. The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset. White House: ‘This Is Not The Geologic Era To Debate Gun Control’

WASHINGTON—Deflecting questions in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas that killed 59 people and injured over 500 more, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Tuesday that this is not the geologic era in which to debate gun control. “Out of respect for the families of the victims, we’re going to hold off on engaging in discourse over the regulation of firearms for a few eons,” said Sanders, adding that it would be premature to discuss enacting any sort of policies to prevent mass shootings until the next ice age has set in, likely long after the extinction of the human race. “Once the nation has had time to properly grieve and the continents have completed millions of years of tectonic migration to collide into one supercontinent, then we can bring this issue to the table. However, until a new dominant species rules the earth, it’s just not appropriate to address this issue.” Sarah Sanders: Senate should stop taking vacations.

WASHINGTON — The White House on Tuesday brushed aside concerns that President Trump’s regular attacks on prominent congressional Republicans may be hurting his legislative agenda by alienating important allies, then scolded lawmakers for spending so much time outside of Washington. “He’s calling on Congress to get their job done. How Sarah Huckabee Sanders sees the world. Salon. Sarah Sanders battles CNN’s Jim Acosta: You have a 1st Amendment ‘responsibility’ to be ‘positive’ about Trump. Huckabee Sanders Clams Up When Asked Who In Puerto Rico 'Wants Everything Done For Them' <a class="icopyright-article-tools-noscript" href=" target="_blank" title="Main menu of all reuse options"><img height="25" width="27" border="0" align="bottom" alt="[Reuse options]" src=" Click here for reuse options!

</a> The White House press secretary refused to tell America who Trump meant when he tweeted that 'they [Puerto Rico] want everything done for them' after he was criticized by their mayor for his hurricane relief efforts. Last week San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz hasn't minced words after Trump and his administration slow played their hurricane relief efforts.

Sarah Sanders shuts down reporters: ‘Premature’ to talk about guns after Vegas shooting massacre. Sarah Sanders: ‘It’s absolutely appropriate’ for Trump to call players ‘son of a b*tch’ as a patriotic lesson. Sarah Sanders just faced a brutal grilling over Trump’s anthem tantrum — here are the 5 most notable moments. White House: If NFL protests are about police brutality, players 'should protest the officers on the field' [Video] White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested Monday that if NFL players who kneel during the national anthem at games are doing so because of police brutality, they should protest the officers instead of the song. “I think if the debate is really for them about police brutality, they should probably protest the officers on the field that are protecting them instead of the American flag,” she said. Later, Sanders was asked to clarify whether she was encouraging players to protest the police.

She said she was only trying to argue that the flag should not be the target of the players’ silent protests. “That’s not what I’m saying,” Sanders said. “I was kind of pointing out the hypocrisy of the fact that if the goal is, and the message is, that of police brutality — which they’ve stated — then that doesn’t seem very appropriate to protest the American flag.” For days, the president has embraced and inflamed the controversy over professional athletes’ demonstrations.