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New Jersey

If you or someone you know has had their New Jersey driver's license suspended, an experienced attorney can help with the restoration process.

NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. The Official Web Site for The State of New Jersey. New Jersey Local News, Breaking News, Sports & Weather. Njmcdirect vip. NJ License Restoration Guide - Online Fee & Surcharge. Is your NJ license expired, or you forgot to renew it?

NJ License Restoration Guide - Online Fee & Surcharge

If it is, then there is nothing much to worry about because I am going to show you how to restore your NJ license within no time. First things first, it is essential to know whether your license is expired or suspended by NJ Municipal court. NJ MVC and Nj municipal courts function differently. NJ municipal suspends licenses once you reach the traffic violation points limit. NJ MVC records that suspension, and you will be able to apply for restoration after a certain period. Important: Before Applying for License restoration, you must clear all your past ticket violation bills or any surcharge you owe to NJ MVC. Steps to Get back NJ License If you don’t know the reason why your license was suspended or canceled, then you can contact MVC [Motor Vehicle Commission] at the following contact numbers (609) 292-6500 [Paid line], or you can use the NJ MVC toll-free number at 1-888-486-3339. How long you have to wait to restore your license?

Pay NJ Surcharge Online At Pay all your NJ DMV surcharge online using NJSVS (New Jersey Surcharge Violation System).

Pay NJ Surcharge Online At

In this simple article, I will show you guys how to pay New Jersey surcharge bills online using the official website. First things first, In Case if you don’t know why you got surcharge on your ticket then you must know it before paying for your surcharge. As we all know, whenever we violate a traffic rule we will be issued a traffic ticket and also we will get a certain number of points added to our driving license. At any given point of time, if you have more than SIX points over the period of three years then you will be charged hundred Dollars($100) annually for the next three years.

Not only just a hundred dollars, for every point above six points, but you also will be charged with an extra $25. How NJ Surcharge is Charged? So for example, if you get 9 violation points over the last 36 months then you would have to pay $100+$75, a total of $175 dollars per year. Plead Not Guilty To A Parking Ticket In New Jersey. In our previous article, we have discussed about the steps to pay NJ traffic ticket payment online.

Plead Not Guilty To A Parking Ticket In New Jersey

After that, some people have asked me that they are not guilty of the parking ticket charge and wants to fight this offense. If you have got a parking ticket recently in New Jersey then there are two possible scenarios for you. The first one is that you can Pay your NJ traffic ticket simply visiting online. The second one is if you think that you are not guilty of the violation then you can fight the offense by going to a municipal court.

Fighting your ticket in court will decide whether you are guilty of the traffic violation or not. The biggest problem with accepting the ticket and paying the fine is that you will receive the points on your driving license. So, if you are one of those who already got some points on your DL and want to avoid more points then you must fight to plead not guilty in NJ Municipal Court. You can find some good lawyers online.