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An overview of things I'm making, made or would like to make. I need to organize things better

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Paper Making

Coin Collecting and grading. Juicing. Creative endeavors. Precious metal recovery. Suncatcher-Walk-In-Outdoor-Cat-Enclosures-Cat-Cages-Cat-Condos-Home. Cat Condos : For more information on cat condos and cages click the links below: Cat Housing : For more information on cat houses click the links below:


Mini rocket launcher. In this EASY Instructable, I'll show you how to make a mini rocket launcher that not only looks cool but, also packs some serious power.

Mini rocket launcher

It won't cost you a lot and you can make one in just 5 minutes. It's sure to give you hours of mini rocket fun! Here's what you'll need - A white board / dry erase marker pen. 2 x Guitar picks (Plectrums) Barbecue lighter Hot glue Safety glasses Rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Miscellaneous items will be discussed in each step. If you decide to attempt this project, then you are responsible for your own stupidity - Try this at your own risk. EclipseGrafx for all of your custom LEGO needs.

Home - Roland AX-Synth Synthesizer Keytar - White: Musical Instruments. Synthesizers / Keyboards. It grabbed your attention on stage and never let go.A Keyboardist's performance tool that was both smart and sleek.

Synthesizers / Keyboards

Music may change with the times, but style and performance endure. Majic Conner Shredding on a Keytar YouTube - Norton Safe Search. Keytar. Korg RK-100 (1984) MIDI remote controller The term "keytar" is a portmanteau of the words "keyboard" and "guitar", and might be considered slang.


This style of keyboard was mostly referred to by manufacturers as a "MIDI Controller", "Remote Keyboard", "Strap-on Keyboard", or variations thereof. Though the term "keytar" has been used since the introduction of the instrument, it was not used by a major manufacturer until 2012, when the Alesis company referred to the "Vortex", the company's first product of this type, as a "USB/MIDI Keytar Controller".[1] To date, the Roland AX-Synth, which incorporates its own synthesis engine, is referred to by the manufacturer as a "Shoulder Synthesizer".[2] Keytars may either contain their own synthesis engines, or simply be controllers, triggering notes and other MIDI data on a MIDI-capable synthesizer, sound module, computer with synthesis software, or any other MIDI-capable device such as lighting controllers, effects devices and audio consoles. etc.

Free crochet pattern sites. DIY Sous Vide Cooker with Feedback Control. Sous-vide cooking involves cooking food in sealed plastic bags inside a temperature controlled water bath.

DIY Sous Vide Cooker with Feedback Control

It's a technique that's been around for a few decades, but is just beginning to be popular in the home kitchen. We decided to give it a try by using a NerdKits microcontroller kit plus some items from our local Wal-mart and Home Depot to construct a sous vide cooker. The result is tasty food with textures and consistencies that are simply unachieveable by conventional cooking techniques! How to Make a Negative Ion air ionizer. Rocketstoves - Ianto Evans, Leslie Jackson, Ernie Wisner, Kirk Mobert, Paul Wheaton, and other friends are among the researchers developing efficient, clean-burning, affordable stoves for a variety of heating and cooking needs.

rocketstoves -

This group developed and published the current editions of Rocket Mass Heater, or Rocket Masonry Stove, designs. The technology combines an innovative clean-burning combustion chamber, with an earthen masonry thermal mass, resulting in extraordinary heat capture and low waste from an incredibly small amount of wood. The goals of Rocket Stove researchers include. Games Made For Sharing: Social Game Design. It’s a truism that even in the era of instantly accessible content, nothing quite rivals the power of word of mouth.

Games Made For Sharing: Social Game Design

Social media can help us to find new trusted content to download, but maximizing your game’s social impact requires more than integrating the Facebook, Twitter, or even the Everyplay plugins into your game. Creating a social game has the potential to bring with it huge benefits such as increased installs, increased retention, and even retention through social factors. The following chart comes from our 2014 online survey of 3000 games players and shows how sharing behaviors can impact spending.

As a game designer, you have to understand not only the player’s underlying motivation to share, but his journey to engage with shared content. I’ve written about this before when I tried to classify social player engagement using “The Six Degrees of Socialisation”. Encouraging these behaviors can be incredibly powerful as long as its authentic. Lego brick shaped gummy candies. In this Instructable, I'm going to show you how to make gummy candies.

Lego brick shaped gummy candies

I made a silicone candy mold using Lego bricks. You don't need to make a custom mold. There are many commercially available silicone molds, or you could just skip the mold completely, and cut them with cookie cutters, a knife, or even scissors. First I'll tell you how to make the candy. I'll explain in detail how I made the mold in step 4. Links to free resources for ComiPo (and other useful stuff) A Woolen Ape Explores a Backyard Garden in a New Stop-Motion Short from Marc & Emma.

As part of a promotional campaign for Wonderlijk Wild (Miraculously Wild), an effort to encourage home gardening in Belgium, filmmaking duo Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels of Marc & Emma were hired to create this wonderful short about a felted green ape exploring the outdoors.

A Woolen Ape Explores a Backyard Garden in a New Stop-Motion Short from Marc & Emma

You might remember their work from this other woolen animation featuring two doughy wrestlers for the National Animation Festival last year. (via Vimeo) Hobo Nickel Art. Making a Pipboy-3000. I went to San Diego Comic-Con 2011 dressed as a vault-dweller, and I wore a custom Pipboy 3000 prop that I made myself.

Making a Pipboy-3000

It was a poorly made mess of wires and barely worked, but I posted a video that made it look pretty nifty : I received quite a few requests to share the Android app or make a tutorial, but I haven't done so for a couple of reasons; the code was hacked together very quickly over a few weekends and it would embarrass me to release it, and the app relies on a bunch of assets from Fallout that I don't have permission to distribute. Recently I wrote a script to pull out all the necessary assets out of a game install, which left only my desire not to be judged on the terrible code, which I think I can swallow provided the following disclaimer is attached: Don't judge me on the pipboy code!

It was hacked together over a few weekends as an experiment at the same time I was frantically working on the rest of the costume. Install the apk Creating the configuration files. Bright Acid Copper Plating Kit - 1.5 Gal - Copper Plating Kits - Electroplating & Anodizing - Caswell Inc. Our new and improved copper plating system now gives constant bright copper plating, that requires little to no polishing after plating. For the restorer, copper plating must be one of the most useful repair tools there is. By applying layers of copper, and sanding between applications, an incredibly smooth surface can be quickly built up, covering scratches and minor pits caused by corrosion.

The system will plate at 0.0005" - 0.001 (1 mil) per hour at 10-30 Amps/Sq Ft. More extensive repairs can be made by the use of a soldering iron and solder, which can be simply melted into the pits and sanded flat. A final layer of copper plate to seal over the solder filler can then be buffed and polished to a high quality luster. Where to buy Kits & Components. Portafolios /Referentes. Latest Gadget News, Gadget Tips, and Cool Gadgets for Every Occasion. For all your Liquid Storage Needs. Items in SIM Supply store on eBay!

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Weldon adhesive. Results for "" We are sorry! There are temporarily no results available for "". Please try again entering new search terms by using the following tips: Oval Galvanized Stock Tank, 3 ft. W x 8 ft. L x 2 ft. H, 300 gal. PopScreen - Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine Oval Galvanized Stock Tank, 3 ft. W x 8 ft.

L x 2 ft. MakerBot. Candle Making Supplies: Wax, Molds, Scents, and Dyes - ES A2 2 4G Wireless Air Fly Keyboard Mouse w Speaker Microphone for PC TV US1. Online. 1200dpi USB Finger Optical 3D Mouse Mice for PC Laptop. Shipping to: Worldwide. Homemade Ginger Chews!! Purchase Caution: This information is potentially shocking. Spokeo uses proprietary deep web technology to search over billions of name records from our public records database. The results might shock you, so please prepare yourself for the unexpected. Latest report as of 11/01/2016 Full Address Birth Month/Year Email Address Phone Number Family Members Location History Search Anyone to See Their Address, Phone No. and More! If you are dissatisfied with our product, please contact our Customer Care team at 1 (888) 906-0850.

Rest assured your purchase is confidential. It gave us the opportunity to be one step ahead of a predator, protected our family and was able to save us. -Kelly C. Thanks to Spokeo, I found out that I was dating a married man and it broke my heart. [Official FaceRig Guide]How to use the Facerig voice effects with Skype TUTORIAL. Got All Your Marbles? Interchangeable Marble Jewelry ∼ Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Charms. Jonti-Craft 5744jc Building Table With Lego Compatible Top- No Storage Tubs. Jonti-Craft building tables are large enough to accommodate several children but small enough to fit in activity area. One Duplo® or Lego® compatible base plate is permanently mounted to tabletop, colors will vary. Store blocks in four optional tubs, either clear or multi-colored. Duplo® blocks are larger blocks as compared to the traditional, smaller sized Lego® building blocks.

No building blocks are included. **The Lego tops are on BACKORDER until January 2015** Breeches buoy. Camatillo Exotic Wood & Camatillo Lumber. Black Hat Forum Black Hat SEO. Smart-elements® - Buy All our compounds online.