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The Ultimate Healing Therapy Whether you’re suffering from sleep apnea or snoring or both there will be a drop in your blood oxygen which can have devastating long term health effects. In addition, you will be deprived of deep restful sleep that’s responsible for growth and repair of all your muscles, joints, organs …. literally every cell in your body. This can lead to accelerated aging, fatigue, depression, and pain just to name a few. The most common reason snorers seek treatment is due to it’s effect on relationships. Since snoring is usually a sign of deeper issues with mouth breathing, facial structure calapse, inflammation syndromes, weak throat muscles and tongue, sleeping posture / neck alignment, and a loose, stretched out palate. Rarely snoring or sleep apnea fall into just one causal factor.

A.L. Johnson Company - Contact Us A.L. Johnson Co. 4671 Calle Carga Camarillo, CA 93012 (805) 389-4631 (805) 389-4632 Use the form below to request a quote, more information or our Casting Design Kit. The Secret Behind Gatorade & How to Replenish Electrolytes Naturally Let’s face it – Gatorade (and Powerade, etc…) is one of the worst things you could possibly put in your body. It’s made up of mostly chemically treated & refined sugar (as much as a typical soda), artificial colors, and other ingredients that are dreadful for your body. One of the worst ingredients is Brominated Vegetable Oil which is added to some flavors to keep the drink from getting cloudy and the artificial flavor suspended in the drink.

How to Read Auras: What is the Meaning of Each Color? Last updated on April 26, 2011 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Click HERE to visit our Official Facebook page and be sure to "Like" us!!! (opens in a new window) * Also visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! The Midnight Special: Hosts: The Beach Boys - Episode Recap Opening credits (Wolfman Jack voiceover, announces the guests) --The Beach Boys (hosts) - "Good Vibrations" --Blondie - "Heart of Glass" (lip synch performance, originally aired 19-Jan-1979) Commercial break

A Guide to Bug Detection Equipment...! Hidden cameras and audio bugs come in many disguises... ...but if you know what Bug Detection Equipment to use then you can easily see if big brother is keeping tabs on you or your family... ...Do you feel secure in your hotel room, the tanning salon or changing room - its time to make sure...! Most bugs emit radio waves. Therefore the standard counter surveillance measure is to 'sweep' for them with a bug detector. Posted on March 31, 2008 by apitts John Kanzius, K3TUP, had an idea – killing cancer cells with radio waves. This had been tried before with poor results. John’s experience in ham radio had taught him that radio energy (RF) can heat objects. But his idea went further. What if the cancer cells were tricked into taking a metal target inside just the tumor cells?

Rednecks are capable of amazing feats Spartz Media 19 Greatest Pics Previous Next Chemical Cartel Originally published by PAN North AmericaSee source article Six multinational companies dominate the agricultural input market, and they’re in cahoots. global food supply market share foam mattress slow recovery, memory foam, latex matresses, toppers, camping pads, eggcrate convoluted foam, Conventional Foam Mattresses: Conventional foam mattresses are good for all around comfort and support. The foam is both soft to give you maximum comfort, yet firm enough to promote proper support for your body. Memory Foam (AKA Slow Recovery Foam, ViscoElastic, Visco-Elastic) Mattresses / Toppers / Pads: The Memory Foam Toppers molds to all the contours of your body, giving your neck, shoulders, back, & feet the proper support. Because of this, pressure is evenly distributed, preventing pressure points and allowing proper support; allowing a much better blood circulation through out the body. All this equates to less tossing & turning, and allowing your body to rest & sleep more soundly. Eggcrate Foam (AKA Convoluted Foam) Toppers / Pads: Convoluted (eggcrate) Foam offers increased air circulation, support for the body, and makes firm mattresses softer.

Senegalese soul food shines at Badou The first time I walked into Badou Senegalese Cuisine in Rogers Park, the eponymous owner Badara "Badou" Diakhate was seated at a table in the empty dining room prepared to dive into a heaping plate of rice, collard greens, and smoked turkey. If you saw it you might think it looked like something you could order at Ruby's in Garfield Park. Not quite.

The Royal Road At the turn of the century, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was a terrible place to maintain possession of a bootlegged George Duke VHS cassette. The performance in question, originally broadcast on Swiss television in the late ’70s and dubbed to death in the decades since, featured the short-lived George Duke/Billy Cobham band, an all-but-forgotten affair starring the hulking Mahavishnu drummer, Weather Reporter Alphonso Johnson on bass, and a relatively unknown John Scofield on guitar. Playing through the warbles of tracking and ravages of time, the robust combo gave hope to our awkward circle of musical acquaintances. Al Johnson, young and noodly, seemed to be constructed entirely out of arms and necks. His fretless bass work was of the finger-licking variety, as he took several opportunities to moisten his digits between thumps. Originally published as “The Royal Road” in Wax Poetics Issue 46