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Pro-Tuff Decals, based in Crystal Lake, Illinois, has been producing professional quality – customized sports helmets, sportswear, sports accessories, stickers, garments and equipment for customers of all age groups to stand out in leagues since 1987.

Your Basic Guide to Buying Polo Shirts. A polo shirt is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to a party, work, tennis court, or casual day-to-day activities.

Your Basic Guide to Buying Polo Shirts

Its elite fashion, timeless elegance, and comfort have made polo shirts a wardrobe staple. Though these shirts embody the perfect blend of fashion and convenience, choosing the one that meets your style and budget is essential. Choose the Right Fabric Though polo shirts are available in various fabrics, those made of polyester are the best. This is because this material has a quick and easy dry while ensuring long-term use and easy care due to its wrinkle-resistant and lightweight fabric. At Pro-Tuff Decals, we offer a wide range of polo shirts made of 100% polyester that features our moisture management technology combined with anti-odor or anti-bacterial technology.

Stick with Your Budget Most of the time, the cost factor plays an essential role in deciding what you can buy. Consider the Fit A well-fitted polo shirt is essential for better mobility. Call Now! Customizable Embroidered Jackets: Now Available at Pro-Tuff Decals! Embroidered jackets look elegant and professional while keeping you warm and cozy during the winter months.

Customizable Embroidered Jackets: Now Available at Pro-Tuff Decals!

If you are looking for customized embroidered jackets to advertise your brand, visit ProTuff Decals. We offer a wide range of jackets in various colors and sizes to help you show up in style. These jackets are comfortable, versatile, and can be customized with a name, logo, text, and more. We use the latest embroidery and printing technologies to imprint your text or logo on them. A7712 Augusta Ladies Rival Jacket Made of 100% polyester matte brushed tricot and offering a perfect fit, our ladies' rival jacket is an ideal choice for winter. Embroidered jackets are ideal for promoting your brand or logo while enjoying the warmth, comfort, and flexibility. Dye Sublimated T-Shirts and Tank Tops. Popular Customizable Sweatshirts at Pro-Tuff Decals. Do you love the comfort of a hoodie sweatshirt and want one customized for you?

Popular Customizable Sweatshirts at Pro-Tuff Decals

Browse through a vast collection of sweatshirts available in different colors, sizes, and designs at Pro-Tuff Decals. Our sweatshirts provide the comfort and style you want as well as be used as loungewear or for exercise. Our athletic hoodies are made with quality fabric and come with various features to tailor to your look, including adjustable drawstrings, zippers, shrink-free fabrics, and more. You can also customize your sweatshirt further adding a logo or text of your choice. Or if you had a specific design that you created, you can upload your artwork to have it placed onto your sweatshirt. G18500 8 oz. Get Customized Under Armour Apparel at Pro-Tuff Decals. Are you looking for athletic apparel that offers the level of comfort and style you desire?

Get Customized Under Armour Apparel at Pro-Tuff Decals

Look no further than our Under Armour products. At Pro-Tuff Decals, we offer unique and stylish collections of Under Armour apparel with customization options available at affordable prices. Our collection includes long-sleeve tees, hoodies, and short-sleeve tees that provide a perfect fit for athletes with maximum comfort. U1305775 Under Armour Locker 2.0 Short Sleeve T-Shirt These Under Armour tees made of 100% polyester, UA tech fabric, provide ultra-soft, natural feel, and improved fit. Custom Baseball Apparel Available Now from Pro-Tuff Decals. Are you gearing up for your baseball practice or play?

Custom Baseball Apparel Available Now from Pro-Tuff Decals

You need to have the proper apparel. As a baseball player, you will constantly be moving around the field for legging out base hits and tracking down fly balls. The right apparel will help you keep moving without any inconvenience or discomfort while adding stability and security with each step. To help baseball players find the right apparel that fits their performance, comfort, and style requirements, we offer custom baseball apparel at great rates. Choose from Our Wide Range of Custom Baseball Apparel We have a wide range of custom baseball apparel, including pants, sweats, t-shirts, and jerseys to choose from. How to Set Up Your Online Store for Fundraising. Are you looking to raise funds for your school team?

How to Set Up Your Online Store for Fundraising

Selling products online is the way to go. It helps in generating publicity while raising funds for your school team. Whether you want to raise funds for a special cause or improving your school infrastructure or sports team, we will help you raise funds with ease beyond your comfort zone. All you need to do is set up an online store with us, sell your products, and raise funds for your cause. Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: Which Decoration Method Is Better? Pro-Tuff Decals has been your trusted and experienced partner when it comes to delivering custom and professional sports garments.

Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: Which Decoration Method Is Better?

Regardless of the outdoor sports you play, you need to have the proper apparel. The right clothing will ensure greater comfort and convenience while providing greater stability and security as you move around the court. We design and offer custom sports garments at affordable rates. Our sports apparel can be customized to match your performance, comfort, and style requirements. How to Cleanse Your Sports Equipment during COVID-19. Sports equipment such as pads, gear bags, jerseys, gloves, and shoes are breeding grounds for bacteria and can produce a bad odor.

How to Cleanse Your Sports Equipment during COVID-19

Cleaning them regularly helps to contain the spread of bacteria or viruses. You might think that these sports accessories do not need to be cleaned after each use. However, the truth is that you are exposing yourself to bacterial or viral infections by wearing dirty clothing and outerwear such as shoes, hats, and gloves. Also, now, cleaning and disinfecting become even more critical due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Washing Pads and Gear Clean and disinfect gear with the spray recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against the COVID-19 virus. Advertise Your Brand with Our Custom Promotional Headwear. Are you looking to promote your brand or sports team?

Advertise Your Brand with Our Custom Promotional Headwear

Promotional headwear is the way to go! Pro-Tuff Decals offers stylish and unique collections of custom headwear, hats, caps, visors, and beanies to advertise your brand or team logo. Our promotional caps are easy to customize, depending on your specific preferences and needs. These serve as one of the best and most cost-efficient means of advertising, offering more choices regarding variable designs, color selection, and versatility of use. How to Choose Your Next Pair of Basketball Shoes. Choosing the right pair of basketball shoes is one of the most important decisions a basketball player can make.

How to Choose Your Next Pair of Basketball Shoes

The type of shoe you choose can impact your performance on the court. Basketball involves jumping, running, and quickly changing direction, so it requires good quality shoes that can meet your performance, comfort, and style requirements. The right pair of basketball shoes can also reduce your risk of foot and ankle injuries. Best Personalized Gifts for Sports Fanatics. Every sports fan wants to support their favorite team and having a personalized item is the best way to cheer them on.

From various types of clothing to locker nameplates, there are many items you can choose from that are both affordable and easy to use. Bag Tags ($ 2.50 - $ 3.50) Personalized bag tags are a great way to help your student-athletes identify his or her sports equipment bags when they are at school, practice or a game. These custom bag tags are easily attached to the handle and come with an identification tag that you can write names on.

Locker Nameplates ($ 2.55 - $ 5.30) Custom T-Shirts for Men and Women. Football Helmet Decals Online. Home >> Football Helmet Decals WE BEAT COMPETITORS' PRICES! The Football Coach Checklist: Football Training Equipment Essentials. For a football coach to be effective, they need to have a coaching checklist of tools that will make them more efficient. With the right training tools, they can manage the team effectively and teach their players how to be competitive during every game. Dry Erase Boards A large dry erase board in the locker room and smaller dry erase boards that can be used on the field during practices and at games are essential training tools. They allow the coach to provide visual references to plays so that each player can see and understand how each play works and where they need to be on the field.

Dry-erase boards can be ordered with the team's logo along the top as a way of showing support and pride in the team. Wristband Playbook When carrying a notebook or dry erase board is inconvenient, a wristband playbook can be used in its place. Custom Wall Decals. Each Image Ordering Instructions Your artwork will normally be created and emailed for your approval within 1-2 full business days.

Once approved, your order will be shipped, usually within 3-5 full business days. Call for RUSH service. Team Equipment Bucket. Home >> CBB101 Team Equipment Bucket Need Help? Call us at (800) 223-6936 Chat Now Price includes full-color imprint. Ordering Instructions. Professional Bat Bag for Serious Players. Price includes 1 color print in one location. Custom Stock Coaching Boards. Home >> Coaching Boards.

How To Customize Your T-Shirt Online. Tips for Choosing the Right Football Facemask. Facemasks are a requirement for most sports that involve wearing a helmet. They are designed to protect the entire face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth. Sweatband and Neckband Decals by Pro-Tuff Decals. Set Up Your Own Online Team Store. No More Hassle Taking Orders! Aluminum Locker Brackets. Memorial - Honor - Tribute Decals. Important Aspects to Consider When Buying a Helmet Chin Strap. Football helmets are important for your protection on the field, for proper fitting and added protection, you will need a chin strap. Custom Football Helmet Decals by Pro-Tuff Decals.

Get Ready for Football Season with Custom Helmet Decals. Football season is just around the corner. Everybody, from parents of kids looking to get into the game for the first time, to seasoned high school and amateur players, is gearing up. For most people, that’s going to mean getting their own helmet and decorating it. When it comes to buying a helmet, safety should always come first. When it’s time to decorate it, though, things like puff paint just aren’t going to cut it.

Universal Tapered Stripe for Football Helmets. How to Select the Right Men's Lacrosse Helmet. Lacrosse is a fast-paced, exhilarating sport. Football Helmet Decals Online. SSC-2 Deluxe Stadium Chairs. Where to Buy Best Customised T-Shirts. Punch - Out Number Sets. Designer Full Headdress Football Helmet Decals. Tips to Find The Best Running Shorts That Suits Your Style. Football Helmet Scrimmage Cap.

CFPA Workhorse Slotted Football Pant. Custom Designed Football Uniforms. Where to Buy Best #Lacrosse Helmet Decals. Custom Football Helmet Decals by Pro-Tuff Decals. Spot Dye-Sublimated T-shirts. Dye Sublimated T-Shirts and Tank Tops. NOBODY BEATS PRO-TUFF T-SHIRTS! LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED! HUGE SELECTION OF DESIGNS! FREE ART SERVICE FOR YOUR CUSTOM ART! Football Helmet Decals Online. Football helmet decals, award stickers, T-shirts, Team Spirit and Motivation and More by Pro-Tuff Decals 800-223-6936.

Choosing the Best Compression Apparel This Football Season. Sleeveless Compression Muscle T-shirt for Men. Custom Printed Basic T-Shirts. Personalized Bag Tags With Silicone Loop String. Goal Line Pro-Quality Super Compression Spandex Football Pant. Men’s Compression Shirts. Tips to Buy a Hockey Helmet. How to Find the Right Football to Match Your Level and Style of Play. Spot Dye-Sublimated T-shirts. Die - Cut Award Decals. Ladies Gildan SoftStyle Short Sleeve Semi-Fitted T-Shirt. Performance Shorts for Men & Women. Football Helmet Decals Online. How to Select the Perfect Softball or Baseball Bat Bags.

Performance Batter Helmet. BATTERS HELMET CAP BUTTON DECALS. 3D raised batter helmet decals.

Match up with your raised embroidered cap logos! Our 3D raised thick decals are super detailed with your team colors completely saturated into the decal! Due to the unique nature of these outstanding decals, extra production time is needed, so order early. Call us now to place your order! – protuffdecals

Drinkware. Single Sheet Wristband Playbook. Triple Sheet Wristband Playbook. How to Choose the Perfect Cooler for You. Bat Handle Decals.

Bat handle decals make it easy to identify bats quickly. Pro-Tuff’s thick, 20 mil decal sticks tight throughout the season. Call us to order now or email us your players’ uniform numbers and team colors at office(at)protuffdecals(dot)com! – protuffdecals

Bat Grip Tape. BATTERS HELMET DECALS. Hockey Helmet Decals Package Online. Spirit Combo Pack Package Deals. Custom Award Vinyl Decals. BATTER HELMET NAME PLATE DECALS. Lacrosse Helmet Decals. Custom Printed Basic T-Shirts. STOCK BATTER HELMET DECALS. How to Make a Custom Economical Vinyl Banner Online. Die - Cut Single Digit Numbers. TEMPORARY HANG TAGS. Schedule Magnets. Lacrosse Helmet Decals. Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse: What Are the Differences? Lacrosse Helmet Decals Set. Cascade Stripe Decals. Lacrosse Helmet Visor Cover Decals. Where to Buy Best #Baseball Helmet Decals. A #SmallThanks from Pro Tuff Decals to you. Lacrosse Helmet Decals, T-shirts, Spirit and Motivation and More by Pro-Tuff Decals 800-223-6936.

BATTERS HELMET DECALS. Batter Helmet Decal Set. BATTERS HELMET VISOR DECALS. Baseball T-shirts, Spirit and Motivation and More by Pro-Tuff Decals 800-223-6936. Football Helmet Purchasing Guide. STOCK BATTER HELMET DECALS. Die – Cut Number Set. Magnets of All Sizes. Baseball Uniforms for Adult and Youth. Softball Uniforms for Men & Women. LACROSSE UNIFORMS.