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Search Results for “” – Third Reich Books. Login / Register Cart No products in the cart. Search results: “” Showing 1–24 of 101 results Your Cart No products in the cart. Fidelity Press Books. Click Here to view the Fidelity Press e-book Collection The drop-down menus distinguish between shipment within the United States and international shipment. The shipping cost for international shipment is $32 but the purchase process will instead reflect the domestic shipping cost with the difference between the two added to the cost of the book. For example, the domestic cost of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit is $48 plus $8 s&h; for international shipment, the cost is $48 plus $32 s&h, but in the purchase process it will appear instead as $72 plus $8 s&h. Ethical Sex: Sexual Choices and Their Nature and Meaning by Anthony McCarthy. Is sex important? How concerned should we be about our sexual choices and their effects?

The Catholic Church and the Cultural Revolution by E. The Jews and Moral Subversion, by E. The Catholic Church and the Jews, by E. The carnival atmosphere at Zuccotti park was deceptive. The main issue facing the Church is conversion. Is Notre Dame Still Catholic? Jonathan Bowden - Books. Between the late 1970s and the early 1990s, Jonathan Bowden wrote 27 books, about which almost nothing was known until after his death. Combining cultural criticism, with memoir, with high journalism, with selected correspondence, these texts belong to no particular genre, the prose being allowed to roam where it may, drawing from many strands, finding unexpected links, and collecting shrewd insights along the way.

More than anything, they are exercises in exploration and self-clarification, wherein one will find, as work in progress, many of the themes that would later emerge in his orations. The Jonathan Bowden Collection aims at making these obscure texts readily available for the first time, complete with annotations and indeces, so that they may be studied and / or enjoyed by present and future generations interested in the dissidents who were on the margins of British intellectual life in our troubled times. Jonathan Bowden - Books. F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power | Counter-Currents Publishing. F. Roger Devlin Sexual Utopia in Power:The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization San Francisco: Counter-Currents, 2015 192 pages Hardcover: $35 Paperback: $20 Like many political revolutions, the sexual revolution of the 1960s began with a euphoric feeling of liberation.

But when utopian programs clash with dissenters—and with reality itself—the result is chaos, which revolutionaries seek to quash with repression and terror. In Sexual Utopia in Power, F. Every revolution gives rise to a reaction. Contents Preface Introduction: The Facts of Life 1. Index (Print edition only) Praise for F. “‘Sexual Utopia in Power,’ Devlin’s infamous essay that launched a thousand blog posts about female hypergamy, is highly quotable and insightful in its analysis of the contemporary struggle between the sexes. . “. . . outstanding (and MSM blacked out) essays on gender dynamics . . .”

“If Roissy has anything resembling a mentor, it is F. “Love and sex have never been confusing to me. “Dr. “I have admired F. F. Us Crime in Black & White. A Comparative Measurement of Black & White Crime in the United States Everyone's talking about race, profiling and crime this week. While many may see this as awful, it's really a great opportunity to have a national conversation about these things. There is no doubt that racial profiling does occur and that it has been made illegal in order to protect innocent individuals. The question is, why does it occur? Is it purely discrimination, or is it partially based upon fact? It bears reminding that, regardless of race, people should be looked upon as individuals and not be unfairly blamed for the actions of others.

That said, members of any group (or community) will ultimately be affected by the actions of the other members within that group (or community). So, let's dig in. 2+ Races Asian Black Hispanic/Latino Polynesian White It should be noted that the actual white-only population is 63%, whereas whites including Hispanics is 77.9%. Now, let's consider the overall crime rate. Drunkenness Murder. What Books Could Be Used to Rebuild Civilization?: Lists by Brian Eno, Stewart Brand, Kevin Kelly & Other Forward-Thinking Minds. One particularly distressing hallmark of late modernity can be characterized as a cultural loss of the future. Where we once delighted in imagining the turns civilization would take hundreds and even thousands of years ahead—projecting radical designs, innovative solutions, great explorations, and peculiar evolutionary developments—we now find the mode of forecasting has grown apocalyptic, as climate change and other catastrophic, man-made global phenomena make it difficult to avoid some very dire conclusions about humanity’s impending fate.

We can add to this assessment the loss of what we may call the “long view” in our day-to-day lives. As the Long Now Foundation co-founder Stewart Brand describes it, “civilization is revving itself into a pathologically short attention span,” driven by “the acceleration of technology, the short-horizon perspective of market-driven economics, the next-election perspective of democracies, or the distractions of personal multi-tasking.” 100 Must Read Books: The Man’s Essential Library.