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.htaccess tutorial and cheat sheet. Welcome to our .htaccess tutorial!

.htaccess tutorial and cheat sheet

.htaccess is a tiny but powerful plain text file that you can use to make configuration changes to Apache on a per-directory basis. It acts as a middleman between you and the Apache web server. Learn to modify the .htaccess file and you’ll have the power to direct your users to the right page, outsmart hackers, and make tweaks to enhance your site’s performance. By modifying the .htaccess file, you can make changes to the behavior of your website that would otherwise require higher access levels than your hosting account may offer.

This .htaccess tutorial will explain how to harness the power of .htaccess to accomplish common tasks. How to Setup & Enable htaccess on Apache {With Examples} Password protecting your site with an .htaccess file – DreamHost Knowledge Base. Untitled. How to Control Google Personal Info. Google collects a staggering amount of personal data about its users -- far more than you might even realize.

How to Control Google Personal Info

The company records every search you perform and every YouTube video you watch. Whether you have an iPhone ($699 at Apple) or an Android, Google Maps logs everywhere you go, the route you use to get there and how long you stay -- even if you never open the app. When you look closer at everything Google knows about you, the results can be eye-opening, and maybe even a little unsettling.

Thankfully, there's something you can do about it. Starting in June, new Google accounts will automatically delete private data for you. Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Away. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system offers a lot of compelling features, including Cortana and a new Start menu.

Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Away

However, some of its default settings don't provide you with the best performance or usability. From showing file extensions to enabling system protection backups, here are seven things you need to change as soon as you get started with Windows 10 after you've properly set up the operating system. How to Fix the Most Annoying Things in Windows 10. Windows 10 is probably the best edition of Microsoft's venerable operating system.

How to Fix the Most Annoying Things in Windows 10

But Redmond has never made an entirely perfect OS. As much as we like Windows 10—and we really do like it a lot—it's got problems. Thankfully, many are easily corrected. Deploying Docker Containers on Amazon Lightsail. How to Install XWiki on Ubuntu. XWiki is a free and opensource advanced Wiki Software which is written in Java.

How to Install XWiki on Ubuntu

It runs on servlet containers like JBoss, Tomcat etc. It uses a database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL to store its information. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to install XWiki software on Ubuntu 18.04, using its standalone distribution which is the fastest and easiest way because all components needed by XWiki are automatically installed on the server. Optimizing Wi-fi Signal Strength DD-WRT. Gil, no these are not country specific settings.

Optimizing Wi-fi Signal Strength DD-WRT

Each country will give you a specific set of channels some of which will fall into the higher channels and thus be allowed to push more Tx power. Just chose the higher channels for your country code. How to split tunnel VPN traffic on Windows, MacOS, DD-WRT & Tomato. Split tunneling allows VPN users to route traffic from specified apps or devices through the VPN while traffic from other apps and devices travels over the default, non-VPN network.

How to split tunnel VPN traffic on Windows, MacOS, DD-WRT & Tomato

Split tunneling can be used for several different purposes including: Your imagination is the limit to the number of applications for split tunneling. Well, that and your hardware. Different types of split tunneling have different technical requirements. What you can achieve depends heavily on your device, wifi router, and VPN service. Analyze & Optimize Your Wireless Network with Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android. Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android is the complete package.

Analyze & Optimize Your Wireless Network with Wi-Fi Analyzer for Android

Not only will it show you the channels used by nearby wireless networks on a slick graph, it’ll recommend the ideal channel to reduce interference on your wireless network. Once you’ve selected the ideal channel, you can flick over to the signal strength meter. With the meter in the palm of your hand, you can walk around to analyze your coverage area, find dead spots and identify interfering objects. Getting the App Farproc’s Wi-Fi Analyzer is available for free from the Android Market. How do you setup dual NIC, multi-homed host? 1.

How do you setup dual NIC, multi-homed host?

What is multi-homed host? A multi-homed host is known as a computer that has multiple network connections, of which the connections may or may not be the same network. Web hosts and application service providers setup a multihomed router (or system) to connect to two or more upstream Internet Service Providers, and setup network redundancy. What Is Multihoming and What Do You Need to Set It Up? Advertisement No, multihoming is not about your penthouse in London, the cabin in the Rockies, and your beach house in the Bahamas.

What Is Multihoming and What Do You Need to Set It Up?

Instead, it is all about connecting your computer or home network Everything You Need to Know About Home Networking Setting up a home network is not as hard as you think it is. Read More to multiple networks simultaneously to perform load-balancing, enhance throughput, provide redundancy, or establish gateway services. Creating a Logout Button in Divi. Best Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring Utilities to Track Network Usage. If only networks had infinite bandwidth, wouldn’t life be easier? Unfortunately, they don’t. Network congestion is still one of the biggest problems of every network. It happens when the actual bandwidth approaches or exceeds what’s available. As a rule of thumb, network administrators try to keep bandwidth utilization below 70% of the available bandwidth.

This means that, on a 1 Gb/s interface, there should never be more than 700 Mb/s of actual traffic. While several tools can be used for that purpose, most only provide average utilization figures over a period of time. We’ll start off by describing the different methods that can be used to monitor bandwidth, As you shall soon see, there are mainly three of them, and one of them won’t give you true real-time figures although one can cheat and get near real-time data. Monitoring Bandwidth. Best Free Tools for Analyzing Network Traffic Usage. Install a Virtual Machine in Windows 10 with Hyper-V. How to Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10. Windows 10 has made it extremely easy to set up and use multiple virtual desktops in Windows 10.

Multiple desktops are great for keeping unrelated, ongoing projects organized, or for quickly hiding from the boss that browser game you can't stop playing. Install DD-WRT on Linksys NightHawk R8000 Router (mine) In the wake of this spring's Senate ruling nixing FCC privacy regulations imposed on ISPs, you may be (even more) worried about how your data is used, misused, and abused.

There have been a lot of opinions on this topic since, ranging from "the sky is falling" to "move along, citizen, nothing to see here. " The fact is, ISPs tend to be pretty unscrupulous, sometimes even ruthless, about how they gather and use their customers' data. The 5 Best Free Dynamic DNS Providers. Advertisement First off, what is a Dynamic DNS?

How to use your Raspberry Pi as a VPN server. In 2019, is there anything that the mighty, $35, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi computer can't do? It seems there isn't; recent Raspberry Pi projects include a functional smartphone, a computer vision kit, and even a movie projector for a more traditional home theater experience. KVM as a Hypervisor. Setting up a home hypervisor. Virtualization with KVM. Nowadays when Virtualization and Linux are in the same sentence, KVM is sure to appear too. Ever since its inception it has become the de-facto Linux virtualization standard dethroning Xen from its towering position. Ubuntu is one of the most popular virtualization guest AND host operating system. How to Create a Custom WordPress Login Page (Ultimate Guide) 5 Ways to Repurpose an Old PC with Open Source Software. (12) How to install an SSD - clone your boot drive without losing a thing. iPhone 6S Battery Replacement in 3 minutes (Easy Method)

How to Create a Gmail Alias. Gmail is the most widely used free email service available on the web. It's easy to use, has a clear layout, and comes with range of useful features. How to Manually Install WordPress. WordPress is well-known for its ease of installation. Under most circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete. How to Make a Wordpress Site Private. A Quick And Simple WordPress Guide On Making Your WordPress Blog Private and Hidden From Search Engines. New – Managed Databases for Amazon Lightsail. Configure Apache Virtual Hosts. What is Apache Virtual Hosts? Virtual Host term refers to the method of running more than one website such as,, or, etc., on a single system.

There are two types of Virtual Hosting in Apache, namely IP-based virtual hosting and name-based virtual hosting. With IP-based virtual hosting, you can host multiple websites or domains on the same system, but each website/domain has different IP address. Install Webmin on Ubuntu Server. The author selected the Tech Education Fund to receive a donation as part of the Write for DOnations program. How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu 18.04. A previous version of this tutorial was written by Brennan Bearnes. Introduction. ProxMox Level 1 Hypervisor. Using the ProxMox Virtualization Server. How to Use a Dedicated MySQL Server - ServerPilot. Tutorial: Connecting your WordPress website to a MySQL managed database in Amazon Lightsail. Using AWS Lightsail for Beginners (Part 4) Using AWS Lightsail for Beginners (Part 3) Get Started with Bitnami Applications using Amazon Lightsail.

Documentation for Visual Studio Code. Statement for Workstation 15.0 and earlier bein... Repair-Volume. Uninstalling the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology driver. Event ID 7, The device, \Device\Harddisk1\DR1, has a bad block. - Windows Server. How to find Windows 10 crash logs, error logs, event logs the easy way.

Custom notification ringtones – Support. PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA. How To Fix The 'Page Fault In Nonpaged Area' Error In Windows 10. Everything You Need To Know About the Blue Screen of Death. Keep getting a blue screen with different error messages on my laptop. Best 10 Free Tools to Check SSD Health and Monitor Performance. How to turn an old Wi-Fi router into an access point.