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Math GAMES & Activities

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Top 50 Math Sites and Apps. Throughout the last few years I've compiled quite a few lists of my favorite sites for a variety of subjects.

Top 50 Math Sites and Apps

Over the last year and a half one might have noticed that my lists have started to change and instead of focusing on sites I've been focusing more on apps as "mobile learning" has really taken off. It seems now a days a person can find an app for almost anything. Specializing in Ed Tech I review sites/apps all the time and decided to start posting my favorites for different subjects. Free Online Math Games. Math Games Do your students think math is a bore?

Free Online Math Games

Help them see this essential subject in a new way with these exciting math games! With adventures in every skill from counting to algebra, calculations to fractions, and much more, these interactive math games will have your students growing their knowledge while they play to win and beat their high scores. Math Games, Books, and Videos for Kids - Funbrain. Smarty Games - Free educational website for kids K8. 23 Fun Hands-on Ways to Teach Multiplication. What’s the best way to teach multiplication?

23 Fun Hands-on Ways to Teach Multiplication

The answer is different for every student. That’s why we were excited to see so many great ideas being shared on our WeAreTeachers HELPLINE group on Facebook. Here are 30 of our favorite fun, hands-on ways to teach multiplication to your elementary school students. 1. Flip bottle caps. SOURCE: Croft’s Classroom Start with bottle tops and colored dot stickers. 2. SOURCE: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas Have your students play multiplication war with a deck of cards. 3. Two students stand back to back and each writes a factor on the whiteboard (you can set a number limit, usually 1–9). 4. SOURCE: Line upon Line Learning. K-5 Math GAMES (click Curriculum) Math Archives - Primary Theme Park. Addition and Subtraction Math Game Lights Out is fun addition and subtraction math game you can rotate as a math center all year long.

Math Archives - Primary Theme Park

It’s part of my light and sound unit for kindergarten and first grade. Students may play with a partner or in a small group. I’ll even give you some ideas for how you can use the […] Greater Than Less Than Lessons for First Grade Comparing numbers in K/1 using the greater than, less than symbols can be challenging! Fun Greater Than Less Than Activities Comparing numbers doesn’t have to be boring. 2D Shape Videos for Kindergarten We recently finished up a review of 2D shapes. 2D Shapes Activities for Kindergarten This post contains affiliate links of products I recommend. Math: games, flashcards, roman numerals, prime numbers, multiplication. 50 Awesome and Fun Math Activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students. If you are on the search for fun math activities, look no further.

50 Awesome and Fun Math Activities for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Students

These activities designed for 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade students are engaging and free. I love teaching upper elementary children. Surprisingly, I love the challenge of multiplying fractions, long division, and decimals. With that said, I love the way early elementary classrooms are set up. The centers, games, and hands-on activities make me as excited as a child at Christmas time. I wanted my upper elementary math class to have the same fun and exciting math activities that our younger students get to experience. My life has changed, as I now have the privilege of teaching my own children who are in the process of memorizing addition and subtracting facts, telling time, and counting money. With that passion still burning inside me, a portion of my blog is dedicated to my 3rd, 4th and 5th-grade teachers.

Have you subscribed yet? iTools. Give Your Brain A Workout! Math Games Can Target Key Instruction Areas. Classroom games these days may seem like an indulgence, but math consultant Dr. Nanci Smith shows teachers how to use games to differentiate instruction and reinforce skills that students need to tackle higher math. Included: Examples of math games that can be used to differentiate instruction. Many teachers today feel like they have no time for classroom games, particularly when it comes to heavily-assessed math skills, but Dr. Nanci Smith maintains that is precisely where games can make teachers jobs easier. Fun and Free Printable Board Games - Itsy Bitsy Fun. Ultimate List of Printable Math Manipulatives & Games.

Printable Math Games Students, Teachers, and Parents Love. Are you ready to Play Math?

Printable Math Games Students, Teachers, and Parents Love.

Printable math games are just what you need to bring hours of fun and excitement to math learning. Lots of printable math games and resources all in one place so kids can get a kick out of learning math. Learning Decimals - Pairing: Classroom Math Activity - This is a great math class activity that will keep students engaged. After each player gets a card, they are to begin searching for the person holding the card that when added to their card will make 10.....

Math Patterns: The number world is full of patterns. Recognizing Shapes: Fun two player math activity that helps youngsters learn to recognize shapes as they identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. Counting By Twos: Have fun counting by twos with this printable math activity. Fishin' For Addition: Grade Levels 1 - 2. Tic Tac Toe Addition: Kids enjoy playing this addition version of tic tac toe. Multiplication Facts: Try this game and become an expert at multiplication facts.