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Prank: Two Japanese girls turn into old Japanese men. What you can do with toothpicks and some water. Dinosaur vs. School Children. Outsmarting a child the old-fashioned way. How close to a train track can you set up a vegetable market? [VIDEO] Head tracking for iPad: Glasses-free 3D display. The Cultural Crusade Against Obama, Ctd. Snow Circles. Nicholas Negroponte: in 1984, makes 5 predictions. Rapid Reviews. Tim Ferriss: Smash fear, learn anything.

Danny Hillis: Back to the future (of 1994) Clarksons Box Creator Museum Box : Editor. Student Engagement: Resource Roundup. Facebook Edutopia on Facebook Twitter Edutopia on Twitter Google+ Pinterest Edutopia on Pinterest WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation Tips and Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged New Study: Engage Kids With 7x the Effect, by Todd Finley (2014) Finley explains why ensuring that students care about the material and that they know how much you care about them is so critical for effective engagement.

Student Engagement: Resource Roundup

Back to Top Engagement Through Projects 6 Rules to Break for Better, Deeper Learning Outcomes, by Monica Martinez (2014) Incorporate deeper learning as you empower students to seek knowledge from many sources, use tools relevant to their lives, and embrace the lessons of failure. 12 PBL Activities to Engage Students in the Culinary Arts, by Sarah Henderson & Lori Holm (2014) The study and preparation of food can boost student engagement and act as a cross-curricular PBL modality in math, chemistry, social studies, history, or language arts classes. If I Die: Facebook App Lets You Leave Sweet Last Words. Facebook profiles don’t die the same way people do. If I Die is a Facebook app that makes sure, even if you die, your social self can still send out your last wishes and post messages to your friends years after you’re gone. If I Die lets “you” post a final message to your wall and loved one when you’re dead.

After installing the app, you choose three “trustees” (Facebook friends) who are charged with verifying your death. Users can then record videos or craft any number of Facebook posts to be published posthumously. When your trustees confirm your death, your messages can be published all at once to your Facebook wall or released on a designated schedule. It might be a little morbid to start recording farewell messages, but Wilook, the Israel-based company behind the app, built the app because nobody really knows when death will come: “We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us,” says Eran Alfonta, the app’s co-founder and CEO.

Browser title. AJ Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me. Infographics & Data Visualizations - Castells. The PDF file you selected should load here if your Web browser has a PDF reader plug-in installed (for example, a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader).


If you would like more information about how to print, save, and work with PDFs, Highwire Press provides a helpful Frequently Asked Questions about PDFs. Alternatively, you can download the PDF file directly to your computer, from where it can be opened using a PDF reader. To download the PDF, click the Download link above. Fullscreen Fullscreen Off. An Open Letter to Educators. TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria.


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