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Best Marketplaces to Sell Themes and Templates Online | WebDesignColumn. Any plan to make more money this year? Whether you are a web designer, creative professional, artist or graphic designer you could be selling your work or themes and templates directly to the public. I think its a tough task for anyone to do. It needs huge investments of money and time for your brand awareness to reach more people and increase sales. You get ready with your themes or templates, Now the question is what’s next? A number of problems are raised at this stage deciding from where to sell your templates and which marketplace can give you more exposure as well as a good number of sales. Nowadays, it becomes simpler to sell your themes and templates online. ThemeForest ThemeForest is an Envato Market. Mojo Marketplace MojoThemes can be a marketplace for anyone to sell themes and templates. Bootstrapmade Bootstrapmade is a marketplace for premium themes and template built with a bootstrap framework.

Creativemarket ThemePlanet WrapBootstrap ScriptEden Bootstrapbay Graygrids. Go Easy: Create an Infographics that Boosts Social Share | WebDesignColumn. Has your company been using infographics? If not, then there is a need for you to know the visual marketing like Infographics. It can actually increase your user level and expand social media engagement, especially with the fact that information and data are presented in a visual manner as compared to plain text.

In addition to that, it can also boost your search engine rankings and promote brand awareness. Communicate with Target Audience In order to increase social share with infographics, you should communicate with your target audience. Know what their needs are and in what kind of content they are interested in. That way, you can customize your Infographics in accordance to their interests. Collect your Data Infographic is all about data and so, the more the data you collect, the better your infographic will be presented. Prioritize your objectives List down your objectives and then rank them in accordance with their importance. Search for Inspiration Design your Infographic. 15 Awesome Free Headline Fonts you should Use. As one of the most powerful and straightforward ways to create brand personality is to have an effective and impressive typography on your website.

It is said that “Use hand-drawn fonts to give your brand a human touch”. Generally, letterforms themselves can support the visual idea of what the message is. While designing a landing page, presentation, poster or any image, there are always some things that you need to highlight. Here is the list of free effective headline fonts that can be useful for you to design impressive brand logo and present your personality !! Zebrazil Zebrazil is a free, delicate and beautiful font. The font surely grabs attention and is great for high class, improvident messages. Anson Anson is clean and has a subtle softness in the roundness of some of the letters, and the cut outs the lowercase letters replicate a subtle serif. Promesh Promesh is a bold, serif, athletic looking font.

League Gothic Lovelo Lovelo is a geometric sans serif typeface. Airbag Summit Age. 10 Fire Ways to Increase your Facebook Fanbase | WebDesignColumn. Facebook fan pages are now beginning to show up everywhere. However, how do you get more people to join you? If you create an FB page, will fans come to you? This is the hope for most of the businesses. However, fans don’t magically show from the Facebook mist. Here are ten fire ways to increase your FB fan base. Create unique/shareable Content Posting interesting and informative content will attract more fans. Set Widgets on Your Website To attract more guests to your FB page, you can embed social plugins like Live Stream or Like Box on your blog/website.

Choose the best time to post There is no simple answer to the timing concern. Invite your subscribers You could also share the page on other friend’s timelines or privately invite anyone who would be a guaranteed fan with a link to the page inviting them to ‘like’ your page. Call to action Invite people to share the content; if you do not ask, then there will be no result. Autograph Posts Emphasize on trending topics Facebook Contests. How to Create a Powerful Brand Style Guide - WebDesignColumn. How a company or organizations do presents itself to many consumers? Using a brand style guide as a document, you are able to modify how your company showcases its name to the world. It also helps in maintaining a consistent approach when it comes to demonstrating the appearance of the brand, what it feels or sounds like. What is Brand Style Guide and Why You Need to Have One?

Your company brand is the personality of your company and yours as well. The people recognize you with your brand. A brand style guide is a form of discovery. Blocks Elements Responsible for Brand Style Guide Logo The one who is designing a logo should know the how to design an impressive logo. Typefaces In choosing a color palette, select four or a fewer number of main colors to ensure your brand logo doesn’t go out of your desired preference. Color Palette Another important element to consider is the font selection. Graphics & Photography Using creative but simple graphics gives your brand a catchy appearance. 15 Awesome Free Headline Fonts you should Use | WebDesignColumn. Smarter, Faster & Better Blogging Tools for You | WebDesignColumn. If you have been blogging for a while, yet, still feel anxious because you cannot get things done properly and easily, then this blog is for you.

These best blogging tools could cut the time required to decipher your competitors, research your market, review trends and reveal topics. Update your blog posts on a regular basis, and with the help of these tools, you’ll reap all the rewards. BuzzSumo BuzzSumo offers a list of post, which has the largest number of shares at a particular time. Portent Title Maker Portent is a useful tool to help produce blog titles. Canva Canva is a famous photo editing best tool for bloggers. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator Your headline or title is the most crucial element of your blog page. FocusWriter Oftentimes, concentrating give a struggle, particularly if you prefer to work from a public place. Grammarly If you want your content free of grammatical errors, Grammarly is the perfect tool. Flickr SEOPressor Buffer Another best blogging tool is Buffer. Hemingway. 10 Amazing Photography Genres that Photographers Would Love - WebDesignColumn.

Whenever people see photographs, a great joy and sentiments can be felt. Photography has the power to depict certain emotions and give control in capturing lots of memories. It gives you valuable reasons to travel more places and discover more things. Fortunately, smartphone technology can help you be a photographer at any time. With the help of built-in graphics engines and powerful processors, you can achieve high-quality images. You have to be aware of different photography genres in order for you to evenly enjoy your smartphone camera features and produce more beautiful images. If you wish to bring your photography skills to the next level, you can explore various techniques of photography, including styles and forms such as: Neonate Photography Neonate photography is one of the photography genres that every couple wants to capture their little one.

Fashion Photography Fashion will always be part of photography genres showing the aesthetic appeal of models, clothes and accessories. 19 Best New Portfolio Sites, August 2017 | Webdesigner Depot. Hello readers, it’s August, and that joke I made about the heat last month has come back to bite me. On the upside, we have a whole bunch of new portfolios to check out. This month, there is no real theme. Design styles are pretty much all over the place, so there’ll be a little something for everyone.

Enjoy! Laura Trouiller To start off, we have a simple, elegant portfolio that starts and ends with great type. Drop shadows. Christopher Wool There are type-lovers, and then there are text lovers. I do like the year-based calendar on the home page. Victoria Spicer Victoria Spicer’s portfolio is another classic example of artsy, asymmetrical minimalism. Tim Roussilhe Tim Roussilhe’s portfolio is kept simple and mostly monochromatic, until you start to dig a little deeper. His work includes the portfolio of Alexandre Rochet (which we’ve featured before), another site that clearly demonstrates Tim’s love of type and animated chaos.

Andre Ribeiro Pierre-Antoine Coupu Jordan Sowers Dac Davy Nguyen 7h34. Site optimization or traffic optimization: Which delivers better results? Blogs i webs. WEB DESIGN. Web Design Resources. How to Initiate Content First Design Process - WebDesignColumn. What is content-first design? Content-first signifies one of the leading theoretical views on the design process. First endorsed by Jeff Zeldman way back in 2008 suggests that, as a way to construct the appropriate design for any assigned project, it is important to know what the content is before you begin designing. Makes good sense, doesn’t it? After all, an architect doesn’t start out sketching blueprints until they’re fully aware what the building supposed to be. Benefits of content-first design 1.

If you know the functions of your website like product, help center, and also marketing and advertising pages, you can design your type hierarchy to operate across almost all functions. 2. Mobile phones still don’t own an ample space for you to work. Thinking of content-first makes it much easier for you to make the design responsive. 3. Your logo will display the brand. How to initiate the content first design 1. 2. 3. 4. 10 Essential WooCommerce Plugins for Managing Your Store. What makes WooCommerce such a compelling eCommerce platform is that, just like other WordPress plugins, it can be extended to perform more and more tasks.

For example, complex functionality (advanced reporting, rewards programs, etc.) that used to be reserved for high-end SaaS providers is now within everyone’s reach. Even so, shopkeepers don’t always need something complicated. In fact, they often need to add more basic functionality that makes life easier for both them and their customers.

And plugin authors have excelled at extending WooCommerce in this area, as well. Here are 10 plugins that you can use to build the WooCommerce store you’ve always wanted: WooCommerce Wallet WooCommerce Wallet is an interesting solution for shops who want to allow customers to keep a balance on hand. Customers can deposit funds, earn cash back and even request a refund. WooCommerce Ultimate Reports WooCommerce Ultimate Reports serves a very important need. Overall, there are 55+ reports included. Transform Photos into Art with Deep Learning | Webdesigner Depot. Life is like a camera. If things don’t work out, you can take another shot. But if you get that perfect picture, you will want to capture the moment and, perhaps, transform it into a work of art.

Have you ever seen art so beautiful and resonating that you wish you could transform your favorite photos into that style? Or perhaps you are a frontend developer or designer seeking an easier way to turn your images into something that’s more appealing, or fits the theme for a special occasion or unique scenario? Before (left) and after (right) Existing platforms like Instagram and Prisma enable users to upload images, apply different filters and effects, then produce an image with a very unique style and artistic look.

With Cloudinary, developing a platform that enables you turn photos into art is a breeze. Source artwork (left), target photo (center), and style transfer result (right) A Closer Look at Style Transfer with Cloudinary How to Implement Style Transfer But wait, there’s more! Web Design Practices: How to Supercharge your Website. An impressive website and responsive web design are helpful and economical means you can use to yield leads for your small business if it’s developed and promoted appropriately. An unsuitable website will certainly create a loss of business, and also facilitate your competitors to eat into your section of the market. However, as appealing as owning a professional website is, it’s just fifty percent the equation.

Regular supervision of how your site is performing and fine tuning your website to enhance performance is vital. Listed below are some of the best Web Design practices to help you supercharge your website: 1. Scalable Navigation Ensure your website navigation will assist visitors to come across the things they require and get exactly where they’re heading using the quickest path. It could be exasperating and also tiresome if your company’s website navigation doesn’t assist potential customers to get exactly where they’re heading. 2.

Paying close attention to details is important. 11 Tips to Design a Blog that stands out among others. Blog design can be as easy as setting up a theme and also including a couple of widgets. However you should take your site seriously, and if you desire it to Stand out visually, the starting point is knowing the fundamentals of design. As soon as you know the best blog designs, you can easily work on it on your own. Listed below are 11 best blog design tips that can ensure you get started: 1. There are numerous blogging platforms available such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost and Squarespace. 2. Running a blog for the sake of running a blog is meaningless. 3. At all times keep your site design simple. 4. (Image Source: Credit) Apart from efficiently utilizing padding and margins, the simplest means to embrace white space is to eliminate anything that doesn’t add to attain your primary goals. 5.

It might be easy to disregard the vital attributes of a blog when getting innovative with the blog design. 6. 7. How can your readers make use of your blog? 8. 9. 10. 11. 9 Ideas You Can Steal from Web Designers – Webdesigncolumn. Web design is very important not just for the sake of your website but also for those who visit it. If your site is not responsive and doesn’t meet the needs of your visitors, they may opt to leave you and look for another, thus, you will be seamlessly losing the sale. Whether you directly or indirectly make your sales through your site, it is important to have a good website for the success of your company. The designs that were working a year ago will no longer be effective today. Stay in a row with the latest website design ideas and tips so you can still be under the trend. How to do this? Keeping Page Design Simple Trust me, by having your page design simple, you are helping the visitors in a good way. Using Complex Grid Layouts In a responsive website world, complex grid layout also works.

Animation as a Part of Key Visual (Image Source: Credit) In the digital interfaces, animation has a big role and in 2017 it will still prevail. Try Creative and Unique Design Layouts Virtual Reality. Webs & blogs. Web Design & Development Service | Web Pioneers. Web-design. Web Design Blogs for Web Designers – WebDesignColmn.