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Best Web Design Company in Ahmedabad- CodeAroma Technologies.

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Grain & Mortar. ANSI Information Systems Inc.: SAP Gold Partner. Games. 200+ Free Design Resources for Startups to Succeed. If you don’t have the right tools, starting a business and running your own company can be tough especially when it comes to things like scheduling, project management, web designing and communication.

200+ Free Design Resources for Startups to Succeed

Here we have made a vast library of free design resources that help creatives to optimize their work habits and quickly transfer their ideas into visuality. With the help of right tools & resources, designers can create better products, websites, pages, content which reduce the time needed to complete their projects. Right from naming and registering a business, to managing teams, to handling marketing and customer relations, these resources can help you to get success in the process of running your business. Get the best free resource that can fulfil your business requirement from the list below. Here are the top picks for free design resources: Free Fonts + Typography TypeGenius: Find the perfect font combo for your next project. Free Icons Fontello: Icon fonts generator. Color Pickers. 10 Takeaways from SMX West 2015.

Go Easy: Create an Infographics that Boosts Social Share. Has your company been using infographics?

Go Easy: Create an Infographics that Boosts Social Share

If not, then there is a need for you to know the visual marketing like Infographics. It can actually increase your user level and expand social media engagement, especially with the fact that information and data are presented in a visual manner as compared to plain text. In addition to that, it can also boost your search engine rankings and promote brand awareness. Communicate with Target Audience In order to increase social share with infographics, you should communicate with your target audience. Collect your Data Infographic is all about data and so, the more the data you collect, the better your infographic will be presented. Prioritize your objectives List down your objectives and then rank them in accordance with their importance. Search for Inspiration. 7 Sections Your Online Design Portfolio Doesn't Need. What should I avoid putting in my portfolio?

7 Sections Your Online Design Portfolio Doesn't Need

HobbiesSchool projectsDownloadable resumeSamples for a service you no longer offerBlogResourcesTestimonials When it comes to your design portfolio, quality matters far more than quantity. Designers are often tempted to include every section they can think of, assuming their visitors will find the extra information interesting, helpful, or insightful. But unnecessary or random content makes it harder to find the most important information.

People may end up leaving your site without ever looking at crucial sections like your previous work, the services you offer, and how to reach you. My journey to becoming a web developer from scratch without a CS degree (and what I learned from it… Why Keyword Density No Longer Applies in SEO Today - GDI. The Best SEO Specialists in the Philippines - GDI. Duplicate Content: Common Causes and Practical Solutions - GDI. The Best SEO Agencies in the Philippines to Work For - GDI. 12 Ecommerce SEO Mistakes You Might be Making - GDI. Philippine Trade Training Center. SEO in the Philippines: a Key Element of Today’s Online Business In 2016, the Philippines tallied almost 45 million internet users.

Philippine Trade Training Center

Thanks to the exponential growth of mobile phones as the dominant means of accessing the web in the country. Our country is the fastest-growing smart phone market in Southeast Asia (International Data Corporation, June2016). It is also forecasted to double in 5 years (CNN Philippines 12July2016). Domain Names: The Power of Branding and How It Can Affect Your Site - GDI. Robots.txt: All You Need to Know - GDI. XML Sitemaps: Everything You Need to Know - GDI. The Power of 301 Redirects and Why You Should Use Them - GDI. Link Bait: Everything You Need to Know - GDI. Link Metrics: What You Should Really be Looking At - GDI. Using Do-follow Links to Your Advantage - GDI. Alt Tags: Everything You Need to Know - GDI. 8 SEO Specialist Problems Most Bosses Don’t Understand - GDI. 7 Must-Do Tips to Increase Open Rates. The most important KPI to measure the success of email marketing campaign is the open rate.

7 Must-Do Tips to Increase Open Rates

An email campaign manager must ensure the highest open rate before getting it live. Certain criteria can help you to ensure that since simply waiting for the open rates to increase is not acceptable. Still, if you are wondering what ascertains the higher open rates, here are 7 must-do tips to increase open rates – 1. Use Double Opt-In A long list of email subscribers is always desired but those who don’t interact are worthless. 2. ‘One size doesn’t fit all’, it means every subscriber has different expectations from you. 3. Don’t forget to shake hands as soon as you see a new customer. 4. The subject line is the foremost factor in determining the open rate.

. • Add Emojis, Symbols & Numbers Emojis and symbols stimulate the emotions of the readers while numbers arouse the feeling of urgency. . • Mind the Size • Make it Clear 5. Personalization is addressing the recipient. 6. 7. Final Thought.


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