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The little look see: little spoon. 24 - THE DIRTY - Dirty Laundry - {the blog} Friendship Day is 8/7.

24 - THE DIRTY - Dirty Laundry - {the blog}

So I'm going to try my hand at making some friendship bracelets for a few of my friends that have helped me SO much with Dirty Laundry over the past several weeks. I'm going to try to make some snazzy ones! Here is my inspiration. 1. Hand Printed 'Insanity' Braided Cuff BraceletThis bracelet is made with hand printed fabric and super soft sued.I just LOVE how it all comes together. 2. 3. 4. 5. I wonder which one I'm going to make?!? Update on Friday, April 13, 2012 at 5:27PM by Jeanee PLEASE NOTE: Due to the popularity of this blog post I want to note, again, that this is my inspiration and each bracelet has a link to the ORIGINAL maker giving them credit to their creations. 52 Week Challenge: #13 DIY Piñata. Chris is graduating from his film program next week, and we are celebrating by having a graduation/Cinco De Mayo party on the 5th.

52 Week Challenge: #13 DIY Piñata

I've been wanting to make my own piñata for a while now, especially since I saw this. So... I thought what better opportunity to make a Piñata? Here's what you need: Cardboard (I used a big box from a TV) Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk. By Michelle Vackar, Modern Handmade Child One of our favorite outside activities at our home is drawing with chalk on the driveway.

Tutorial: Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

You can play hopscotch, four-square, and of course draw and create silly stories. My daughters and I were talking one day as we played hopscotch about how to make chalk and I thought to myself, let’s try it! It ended up being quite a lot of fun. .. Creative jewish mom: Crafts: Teacher Appreciation Gifts. Last week at Crafting A Future, I taught my 1st and 2nd grade girls how to make beautiful collages with torn tissue paper, and diluted glue.

creative jewish mom: Crafts: Teacher Appreciation Gifts

When they returned this week, I surprised them each with a festive cannister made from a recycled oatmeal can and their very own artwork. And of course, this is a kid's craft that is just in time for Purim, as these artful cannisters can certainly be used for mishloach manot gift baskets. If you're lucky enough to have saved all of your oatmeal cans, as I clearly have, you can whip up a bunch! Of course, cannisters, or even regular cans decorated with sheets of tissue paper collage also make great pencil holders, or even little planters! More gifts... Just a notebook but it's all hopped up on cuteness. simple fun notebooks from wal-mart....with many many ribbons tied to the side. that's it.

more gifts...

Free Time Frolics: Rain{Bows} from My Sister's Suitcase. Happy Bloggy Birthday Adrienne!!

Free Time Frolics: Rain{Bows} from My Sister's Suitcase

Nat and Holly here from My Sister's Suitcase. Adrienne is a great friend and one of our very first blog followers! We are excited to be here to celebrate with her today. Fabric hearts garlands DIY crafts. Indulgy Login or.

fabric hearts garlands DIY crafts

How About Orange. Mission accomplished!

How About Orange

The antique spinach dip tile on the dining room fireplace has been successfully disguised with removable panels. Apologies, Rookwood fans. But don't despair. If someday you buy this house from us, you can pull off these sheets of embossed thermoplastic and the spinach dip will be yours to enjoy. Yum. I used Fasade backsplash sheets for this makeover, which I first saw in a rack at Home Depot. Fasade panels come in different sizes for walls, ceilings, and backsplashes in a variety of finishes and designs: modern, traditional, and industrial. I measured the swatches and determined that each repeat is a 3" square. Supplies included a cutting mat, utility knife, ruler (this plastic quilting one didn't slide around as much as my metal cork-backed one), tape measure, kitchen scissors for trimming off extra bits, and a Sharpie.

Each panel is covered with a protective plastic film you remove at the end of the job. Tedious but worth it. Crafty Cuteness / SQUIRREL. iPhone/Smartphone Holders Galore. So yesterday, as I was browsing through countless gifts for men on Etsy, I came across so many incredibly adorable iPhone holders that I couldn't decide which ones I liked best!

iPhone/Smartphone Holders Galore

They didn't all necessarily fit into the men's category so I'm dedicating this post to the super creative, cute, meticulous, and simply amazing iPhone/smartphone holders I've found. Any of these would be the stocking stuffer of your teenager/fun-at-heart's dreams. Caution - Side effects may include the experience of receiving glowing respect and admiration in the gift receiver's eyes.

Here are a few of my favorites. Craftgawker - StumbleUpon. Jungle Green. You might have seen this craft project floating around the DIY blogs lately--I know I did.

Jungle Green

I suggest you give it a go. I think this project would be the perfect art piece for a kid's room or nursery. How to make polymer clay covered pens. Dear Chicago House, Remember these lovely colorful pens that added a pop of color to my desk I shared with you earlier this week. Well here is a little "how to" on how to make them. You will need A couple of blocks of oven bake polymer clayA cheap bic type pen, the sort you can pull the ink cartridge fromA rolling pinA sharp knife Here is what you do.

Bokmärken – Craft of the Day, bookmarks. Folded Rose Tutorial. Polly Wiggins, a quilling friend in Kansas, encrusted this paper mache heart with beautiful folded roses and fringed flowers. I'm drawn to the subtle, old fashioned shades she chose, perhaps because they remind me of a silky-soft comforter my great grandmother made years and years ago. If you've been steering clear of folded roses because they seem too complicated, fear not. Just a few supplies and repetitious steps, and you'll soon realize they're really quite simple.

Supplies: Quilling paper - any width will work, but 3/8 inch or 1/4 inch are used most commonly. Directions: 1. Hammered Spoon Tutorial. Hammered spoons are a beautiful addition to your wedding tabletop. Perfect for an elegant, rustic wedding, use them as favors, escort cards, or table numbers – the options are endless. I’m so happy to have McKenzie Brickl of La La Soiree and Kate Sommers of KNG Sommers Photography stop by EAD today to share a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own hammered spoon place cards, and you can see them in action on a lovely olive green and gold tabletop they created!

Scour local thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales for spoons and make sure that they are not stainless steel – look at the handle – which appears too shiny and is very difficult to pound out. DIY Washi Tape Laptop Keyboard. How to Make a Simple Bow.

These little bows are so simple and fun-- I make them all the time. They are so versatile-- you can wear them as shoe clips, hair clips, broaches, whatever you want! I've also attached them to headbands. (Photo from last year when I was obsessively watching Mad Men and attempting the bee hive hairdo. Looks a bit like Marge Simpson if you ask me. ;) ) How to Make Simple Bows: Inspired by Yulia Brodskaya. How To: Paper Pinwheels. Do-it-Yourself DIY String Wedding Lanterns Yarn Chandeliers - StumbleUpon. Rifle Paper Co. - RIFLE blog - invitation: avi &kate. Washington DC Wedding Blog ~ DIY Origami Bouquet Tutorial. I am SUPER excited for today’s DIY Wednesday tutorial feature coming to us from Lindsey of Elusive Photo Design.

You all know how much I love the unique, different, and offbeat when it comes to weddings [especially in the Washington, DC area], so naturally, I jumped out of my seat when Lindsey sent me this: Origamis.