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Yipit Django Blog The last in a short series of Chef related blog posts Heavy Weight Resource Providers This is a bit of a backwards term. When Chef first came out, there was no Light Weight Resource Provider (LWRP) syntax and any hardcore extension to Chef had to be written in Ruby. However, Opscode saw a need to be filled and created LWRP, making it easier to create your own Resources. The problem comes when LWRP cannot fulfill all of your needs. Yipit Django Blog
Learning Python, 3rd Edition  It starts off with background information about Python. What is it, where did it come from, how do you start Python programs etc. Then it continues with the basic principles of how Python works. Python's basis differs quite a bit from other popular languages and the book makes the differences easy to understand. It then continues to the actual programming syntax. By now, you'll have read some 200 pages of background information so you'll understand how python works before you start writing anything in it. Learning Python, 3rd Edition 

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example book and screencasts by Michael Hartl

Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Rails by Example book and screencasts by Michael Hartl Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails The Ruby on Rails Tutorial book and screencast series teach you how to develop and deploy real, industrial-strength web applications with Ruby on Rails, the open-source web framework that powers top websites such as Twitter, Hulu, GitHub, and the Yellow Pages. The Ruby on Rails Tutorial book is available for free online and is available for purchase as an ebook (PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats). The companion screencast series includes 15 individual lessons (including a new Rails 4.0 supplement) totaling more than 15 hours, with one lesson for each chapter of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book. The best value is the ebook/screencast bundle, which includes the full 2nd edition book, the full Rails 4.0–compatible version, the full 2nd edition screencast series, and fully up-to-date Rails 4.0 supplementary screencasts.
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