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How to cast a circle. How to Cast a Circle Find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed.

How to cast a circle

Face North and envision yourself in a dark green forest, fertile and full of life Call upon the Spirits of Earth, Guardians of the North, to guard your northern side. Face East and envision yourself on a high cliff with the wind blowing in your hair. Call upon the Spirits of Air, Guardians of the East, to guard your eastern side. Face South and envision yourself in a hot desert with the sun beating down upon you. Learn Magic (REAL magic) the Stupid.. er Fast Way. Home - Sacred Wicca. House Blessing.

Gods and Goddesses

Everyday Magic. Put one tablespoon of cinnamon and four tablespoons of parsley (not stated whether fresh or dried so take your pick) in the filter cup of your coffee maker.

Everyday Magic

Use five cups of water and allow to brew. Draw a warm bath and add one cup of the tea. As you pour it into the bath, chant: Money come from far and near. Money come to me. Completely immerse yourself into the water five times, then soak in the bath for eight minutes. Take this bath on five consecutive days for best results. (From page 220 of "Everyday Magic") Photo courtesy of gailf548. Earth Witchery.

The Spiral Oak. Wow!

The Spiral Oak

I haven't updated this site in over a year! I thought about it a lot but I didn't have internet for awhile, and now that I do I can finally update more often. I was extremely busy last year. On June 18th 2005 I got married to a wonderful man named Gregg and on July 19th 2005 I gave birth to my son Andrew. Since then we have moved to our own apartment.

Anyway, I hope to update the site more in the future. Thats it for now, I'll be back in a few days or so and do some more updating. -Rowan. Book of Shadows. This Book of Shadows was found at #WICCAN WAY listed as 'Public Domain'.

Book of Shadows

Most of the material contained here is from ourbooks EIGHT SABBATS FOR WITCHES, WITCHES WAY (Also published as THE WITCHES BIBLE), and several other of our works, although some of it is also from other published sources, and 'traditional'. We've 'reclaimed' the bits which are ours and added to it to our own Web Pages - after all, we did publish most of it in our books! We're therefore not breaking any 'craft secrets' by placing it on our web pages as all of it can be found on the bookshelves of any Occult Shop or somewhere else on the Internet! We've had several bits of mail from confused individuals regarding the fact that the festival dates seem to be 6 months out!

Listing. Welcome to Whispering Woods " As my head reach's the sky, and my feet extend through the earth, I am one with Akasha" It is our intention that the information that you find here will enhance your pagan studies.


Your host is Crick, a simple witch and student of Shamanism who is dedicated to the love and worship of Mother Earth and all She contains. Crick is the founder and retired High Priest of Whispering Woods (after 10 years of service), a Celtic/Faery witchcraft coven. Crick now serves as the Senior Elder of Whispering Woods clan. » Altar Devotion - The Sacred Paths: A Spiritual Journey. The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft. Wicca: For the Rest of Us. Magic Protection Defence Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel. Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel Hexenspiegel have been used as a major defence against the dark arts for as long as people have been around.

Magic Protection Defence Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel

There is something about the flowing, reflective, smooth properties of metal that makes for a natural defence against incoming bad energy, which is by nature, disturbed, impure and chaotic. In the olden days, people used to use mirrors made from highly polished pieces of silver or gold, sometimes also copper for reflecting the intention back on the sender of the black magic or evil eye - that's both a defence as well as an attack all rolled into one. The more the bad witch or bad person tries harder to send more and more negativity, the more it is reflected right back at them - and that's already happening with a fairly plain piece of reflective material. A true Hexenspiegel (witch mirror) reflects things back at least thrice - ouch! A_New_Golden_Dawn~Metaphysical,Psychic,Magic Spells, Voodoo,Spirits. The Wild Hunt » Neopaganism. Free Witchcraft Downloads: ebooks, pictures, movies.

Read Dr Ruickbie on witchcraft and magic in Paranormal magazine. What is Witchcraft? That's what this website is here to find out. is the website of WICA - the Witchcraft Information Centre and Archive - founded in 1999 by Dr Leo Ruickbie as a research and education provider specialising in the areas of Witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Magic (Magick) and the Occult. We have been online continuously since 2000. WICA Recommended by: Thanks to Leo Ruickbie and his staff for a wonderful learning experience. From Visitors: The United Herbal Archives. Ritual Format. Book of Shadows, Celtic Magic, Witchcraft, Pagan, Moon Phase Resources, Fairy Lore and Magic, Herbal grimoire, Wicca, Candle Magic, Free Spells, Rituals Herbal Magic Recipes and Enchantments.

2014 Barbara Morris / for the modern pagan weaving an ancient magic.

Book of Shadows, Celtic Magic, Witchcraft, Pagan, Moon Phase Resources, Fairy Lore and Magic, Herbal grimoire, Wicca, Candle Magic, Free Spells, Rituals Herbal Magic Recipes and Enchantments.

All Spells, Rituals Incense, herbs, Amulets. talismans, blessed candles, smudge kits are rooted in White magic earth based beliefs and created by practicing Celtic Witch / Pagan. Although not currently for sale, you will find SOME of my secret recipes FREE through out this site and on Facebook as well. Book of Shadows. The Celtic year was traditionally divided into two seasons; the light and the dark.

Book of Shadows

While Beltane, celebrated May 1st, welcomes the light half of the year, Samhain, celebrated by the Celts on November 1st (beginning on October 31st), marks the most magically potent time of the year. With the rise of Christianity, Samhain was changed to Hallowmas, or All Saints' Day, to commemorate the souls of the dead who had been canonized that year, so the night before became popularly known as Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Hollantide. November 2nd became All Souls Day, when prayers were to be offered to the souls of all who had departed and those who were waiting in Purgatory for entry into Heaven. Cauldron Magic - Mystical Weekends Away, Spells, Potions, Wicca & Witchcraft. Elen sila lumenn. Publishers of specialist books on the Occult, Magick, Spirituality, Mythology and Folklore. Children of Artemis - Witchcraft & Wicca. Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide.


Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide

Cleansing Yourself Although cleansing is often considered as a physical action, it' is also important to cleanse yourself on a spiritual level, shaking off any psychic debris. An important part of the cleansing is bathing and anointing your body, but as a ritual calls for a calm peaceful mind then a meditation may also be necessary. 2. Cleansing a Ritual Area When performing a open air ritual, cleansing of the space is not usually necessary, but inside a apartment or home it is needed. The besom does not have to touch the floor, the motion of sweeping combined with visualization will remove any negativity and/or spiritual remnants. Sacred space can be also cleansed by sprinkling salt or combination of protective/purifying herbs over it. 3. Some wiccans define their ritual space by small circle which is formed of different things scattered around in to the shape of a circle: Herbal powder, sand and salt, cords, sticks or visualized energy. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Spellcraft Menu. Home Page. Magick, wicca, paganism and other esoteric knowledge. Articles on Daily Life A Cup of Hemlock: Dealing with Conflict in Coven and Congregation There have always been those folks who point out our foibles, and make us take an uncomfortable look at our world, as well as those who simply had the misfortune to point out the obvious when it was unwelcome.

Magick, wicca, paganism and other esoteric knowledge

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