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Labs. Welcome to TechSmith Labs – the home for temporary trials, wacky experiments, and maybe TechSmith's next best thing.


Check below for our latest experiments and let us know what you think! Input from our customers is what makes every TechSmith project great; just don't get too attached. Whiteboard. Migrer des ordinateurs aux tablettes.


Un iPad dans le sac d'école. Des Ipad aux élèves du primaire et du secondaire dans une école de Sorel-Tracy.Le directeur de la Commission scolaire nous explique son projet. iPad - Le guide de @Lannoy29 (version 1.4) Mon_ipad_Document_johannefinal. Présentation : tablettes numériques. La Tablette Numérique à l'Ecole. iPad. Apple's handheld and tablet devices can be valuable for teaching and learning.


An iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone can be so many things: a camera, a book, a canvas, a calculator, a timer, a reference, a notebook, an audio recorder, a word processor, a camcorder, a video editing station, a videoconferencing device, a movie player, a scanner, a student response system, an instrument, a flash drive, a presentation station, and much more. Rapport des appareils mobiles - Powered by Google Docs. Tablettes numériques. Ressources diverses.