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Search results. About JISC. 6 Free Online Interactive White Boards. An update to last April’s post about free web-based IWBs.

6 Free Online Interactive White Boards

Last April, I wrote a post about a few Online Interactive Whiteboards that I had checked out. That post remains one of my most popular posts, so obviously this is a topic of interest to a lot of people. [Note to readers: There is now an updated version of this post, with new links added, and apps that are no available removed, here: “6 Free Online Collaborative Interactive White Boards – 2012 Update“. – KW 11/5/12] I figured it was time for an update, to check out new tools, and to see if there have been any changes with the apps I reviewed last year. Below I have listed 6 web-based Interactive White Board applications, and provided a little info about each.

——————————————————————Click here for a PDF version of this article,which provides a clean, uncluttered copy for printing or e-mailing to friends and colleagues! Comparative GridHere’s a table comparing some of the features and functions of these different tools. Next? Página de interesse sobre elearning de Luis Manuel Borges Gouveia.


eForms: Documents to download, support and notices. Published eForms Please find here the latest versions of the on-line application forms - "eForms" - that are currently published. These eForms are linked to specific Calls and Programme Guides. If the version of the eForm posted here is newer than one you previously downloaded, please visit the Call webpage or Programme Guide webpage for the programme/action concerned to find an information bulletin on why the new version was released. This will include details of any problems identified, their impact and advice on how to proceed. PLEASE NOTE! In case you encounter an "Error message 26 – failure to submit": this may be related to Adobe settings. You can also and receive updates in real time. Test eForm: This form contains a small number of questions and functions. This Test eForm is suitable for applicants of any programme.

Known Issues Submission unsuccessful due to a 'Network Error' Network error during submission Submission successful but submission number not recorded in your form. TecMinho. No âmbito da estratégia da TecMinho para a promoção da formação a distância e do e-learning em Portugal, tem-se vindo a realizar e a desenvolver uma série de iniciativas que colocam a TecMinho na primeira linha de investigação do que se faz em Portugal nesta matéria, nomeadamente através de projetos transnacionais de investigação.


Conheça aqui alguns dos projetos mais recentes no âmbito do e-learning: Panorama e-Learning PT 2013 (2013) A TecMinho, em parceria com a Quaternaire Portugal, promove o projeto "Panorama e-Learning PT 2013", um estudo de avaliação das práticas no domínio do e-learning para a criação de uma Carta de Qualidade e de um Referencial de boas práticas, financiado pelo POAT-FSE.

Simplifying Web 2.0 Education. Simplifying Web 2.0 Education. Simplifying Web 2.0 Education. Build A Simple E-Learning Project Plan. A successful elearning project requires good planning.

Build A Simple E-Learning Project Plan

A while back, I designed a nice generic project plan in Microsoft Project. It had all of the basic steps required to manage e-learning projects. The plan showed that an elearning course could be built in about 45 days. I would start with this generic plan and then plug in the data specific to the current project. This gave me a ballpark idea as to when the project could be completed. Sounds good, huh? I do have a generic project plan. Then it struck me that I don’t really follow those steps, at least, not in a formal way. Instead of giving you a structure for a project plan, I’m going to give you some things you need to consider while you’re working on a project. Don’t view these topics as a linear progression of one step to the next. Project Initiation Meet with the client to discuss project goals. You also need to know who is signing off on your work and the decisions that need to be made.

Develop Course Content. Ict2_pt.